The cockroaches in charge of undermining other countries will be back though. They’re never gone for long, no matter how many times they are humiliated.

what could be the answer to the failure of a “democratic” person like guaido in winning the hearts of "oppressed venezuelans?

Background info: The US government under Trump had declared that Guaido was the legitimate interim president of Venezuela under the excuse that Maduro is not fit for president under Venezuela law. Guaido’s proclaimed plan is to act as an unappointed president to recover Venezuela for one year with technocracy and anti-corruption slogan. After the planned recovery, Guaido’s team will hold another election under the supervision of the USA with free riding agenda, Spain who was the former imperialist power, and UN which need agreement of USA government to take action.

The pro-imperialist party boycotted the 2017 election and then lied that Maduro chase out the opposition. Guaido was unknown to most of Venezuelans during the 2017 election, but he claimed that he would win the 2017 election. Guaido also seemed to have an obsession with winning election according to his joke in social media post. Despite his anti-corrupt slogan and his scapegoating of Maduro for corruption, two of his party members were found of corruption by a Colombian official, and Guaido’s team reframe the whistleblowing as evidence that Guaido is taking action against corruption within his party. Despite the claim that Maduro will murder all dissents in the average of one death per day of the riot, Guaido can freely enter and leave Venezuela without fear of violence. The only report of attack against Guaido in Venezuela was when a gunman suddenly appeared in front of Guaido’s crowd and showed hesitation before he carefully shoot a non-fatal area of a person who is not Guaido. Guaido once boosted that he have the support of the Venezuelan military, but the only evidence is a small group of people who stand by his side and who cannot operate a the turret of a tank although Guaido’s gang of thugs did manage to know how to drive the stolen tank to roll over a group of citizens in a false flag massacre in a video which is the first reported use of military weapon in the Venezuelan riot.


excuse that Maduro is not fit for president under Venezuela law

OK, even putting aside the obvious imperialist agenda, this excuse is just stupid on its face. You do not get to enforce another country’s laws! You do not get to say that their interpretation of their own law is wrong!

Why? Well other than the fact that you literally do not have jurisdiction in that country under international law, the law is nowhere near as simple as being purely dictated by the words in this one special book. That’s why we have courts, supreme courts, ministries/departments of justice, judges, justices, prosecutors, district attorneys, attorney generals, common law, case law, legal procedure, precedents, etc etc etc etc. All of those are responsible for interpreting, and yes, differently adjusting and applying the law, and the end result could well not match how you think it should be.

Get rekt gusano

I wonder what he’ll be doing now

US needs that sweet Venezuelan oil to not crash and burn along with the EU, after they both turned the Russian gas taps off.

US now recognizes Guiado as president of _______

Juan “King Arthur” Guiadó of Camelot.

The Void?

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