Anyone else notice that there are tidbits of uncomfortable truths being couched in neutral or positive news/propaganda? I saw this in the Washington Post article by Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates. They said Ukrainian military has performed brilliantly then admitted the military is totally dependent on the West to be functional.

it’s not Russia vs the Ukraine. it’s Russia vs the usa. it’s a traditional proxy war. the Ukraine is just the place where the superpowers are fighting/ravaging.

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Yeah, I find there are more and more admissions that things aren’t actually going well being squirrelled away in recent articles. If you just read them casually it sounds like the same old, but if you look closer you start seeing that there is panic setting in.

Not completele destroyed, but heavily damaged, and population crippled because emigrants


I wonder how this will end. Western economies are starting to get absolutely wrecked as well with never ending inflation it seems. There are a few Ukranian refugees employed at my place and they don’t seem to be much optimistic about returning to a stable country. But they also don’t want to stay that long over here.

On a side note, they get treated disgustingly as expected. The people at my place of work are of course working and earning their own income, but they get constant calls from social security departments from the city who are saying they shouldn’t work and instead just should collect welfare. The reason for this is that said departments get money for every refugee they provide welfare to. Welfare is a bit lower than what they earn right now (around 2-300 euro per month lower) but they wouldn’t have to work. Our company wants them to stay employed and they feel no rush in leaving the company. It’s a place where they can integrate into society, but the government would rather have them sitting at home in their own segregated part of town.

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I think the most likely outcome is that Russia will incorporate territories where there is dominant pro Russian sentiment. This would include Odessa and Kharkov regions. Taking the region around Odessa will also create a land bridge to Transnistria and block Ukraine from sea access.

The rest of Ukraine would become west’s problem. It’s going to be a rump state without any agriculture or industry to speak of, which means it’s going to need a constant flood of money to prop up. The west will have no choice but to pour money into it because if it falls then there would be a flood of refugees coming. Since western Ukraine is vehemently anti Russians the refugees will necessarily flee to the west.

There are a couple lessons here: (1) don’t trust the West, and (2) DON’T LET NAZIS INTO YOUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT.

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good rules to live by

Original article (probably) and version for anyone else who can’t get to load

It’s really interesting to me how they’re still reporting all this as if the Russians are losing. The media isn’t allowed to talk about what’s really happening but it’s impossible to hide the sheer scale of Ukraine’s nearly collapsed military. At some point, I expect the Biden admin is going to “officially” send over more mercenary units to cover up the fact that NATO is essentially boots on the ground right now.

When government admits ukr lost, all hell will break loose on the media

You should have seen months ago where, during Pentagon weekly press meeting, at least one reporter get a bit angry because Pentagon spokesperson pointing out how the Russian were making “small and uneven” progress (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean) and the AFU weren’t really kicking ass like they’ve been reporting.

Are they not dumb orcs like int LOTR, sir?

Biden is gonna start sending Canadian troops soon

Meanwhile, although Ukraine’s response to the invasion has been heroic and its military has performed brilliantly, the country’s economy is in a shambles, millions of its people have fled, its infrastructure is being destroyed, and much of its mineral wealth, industrial capacity and considerable agricultural land are under Russian control. Ukraine’s military capability and economy are now dependent almost entirely on lifelines from the West

Then Ukraine’s military hasn’t performed brilliantly if they can’t function on their own.

I have been hearing this same contradiction multiple times in Western media.

The Liberals say that Communist failed only because the Communists do what the Communists said that they will do and not what the Liberals and Fascists say that the Communists will do, like when the USSR followed the Liberal principle more faithfully than the USA which led to the end of the Cold War.

I could also guess that “Russian control” means “Ukrainian rebel’s control” and that the focus on military violence by “Ukraine” means that Kyiv puppet government is entirely dependent on violence and foreign support. The only thing that Zelenskyy could do is false stage flag terrorism to gain foreign sympathy. The NATO fake news say that Putin only want peace now becuase Putin is losing, but Putin had been calling for peace ever since the Kyiv puppet government stage massacre against civilian in rebelling states 8 years before the Russian military intervention and the only factor that restrict Putin’s invasion is his unwillingness to wage war unless it is for the defence of the rebelling states in Ukraine.

There’s this idea floating around, both in anti-Russian and pro-Russian circles - that since Russian military didn’t steamroll all the way to western borders within a week, it has failed and that it is due to “heroic AFU fighting spirit”. An acquaintance of mine from Germany) said the following in spring: “I am suprised the Russians got their nose so bloodied”.


“west said you would steamroll in a week, so since you didnt we won”

bro mature

All sprinkled with claims that “Putin planned to do it in three days/week”, offered with such confidence as if it was said on live tv. Ask for when it was said and by whom - silence.

“russian troll!!! how dare you doubt”

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The mental gymnastics there are just amazing.

This happened in the Iraq invasion too. First media reported what the US government wanted everyone to hear but over time, it becomes harder to not admit things went awry.

They also hype up the capability of things like A-10 so much that they have to atribute every single air-to-ground tank kill to A-10 during the war. It’s not until decades after the SECOND war, during the Afghan campaign, that it’s revealed how inflated those number were.

(what is it with all fascists regimes that they have tendencies to overinflate military equipments performance.)

F-15, F-16 and Aardvarks taking out most enemies:

A-10 claiming all kills:

It’s even worst when you look at their friendly fire rate. A-10 has such terrible situation awareness that it’s easy for the pilot to misidentify friendly targets as hostile. Combining with the fact A-10 pilot have far less brutal qualification criteria than fighter pilots and…well, you can see where this is going.

Not to mention, as quoted from a US army personal from Afghanistan, “The A-10 usually took their sweet time getting anywhere. When we call for air support, we usually have a reason to require them as son as possible, so speed is a real issue for CAS aircraft.”

“You say friendly fire, I call this a 25 killstreak”

B-but muh brrrt! Muh plane-built-around-the-gun!

Ah the good old “superior german steel” myth forever alive and even mutating.

They look in the mirror and see what we see of them: a paper tiger. They just won’t admit it to the general population.

it’s been nearly a year. the sooner this ends, the better.

Well nobody in the high corridors seems keen on ending it.

Never doubted it for second.

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

Same, it’s really interesting to see these sorts of admissions increasingly appearing in western media. Optimistic reading is that this could be a shift to prepare the public for US withdrawal from the proxy war.

I wonder what happens to the massive propaganda apparatus they’ve built up. Like NAFO and the Ukies on Twitter. Will they quietly slink back into their holes or turn on us?

Propably fizzle out. Individual members may radicalize further.

They will claim it was nevertheless a defeat for russia. Wikipedia will be “strategic russian defeat” for sure.

No. That propaganda apparatus was a money well spent so they wont stop. They will change the tune, some will definitely disappear when the funding disappear, but some will stay, further polluting everything with nazism. Or most probably they will just change to next target, undoubtedly China, just replace UA flags with Taiwan, Tibet, Uyghuristan.

Luckily province flags don’t exist in emojis lol

Soviet Snake

Or do they… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Ok 2 exist, my bad


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