I think this is fake, only source I could find is a single Twitter post.

It seems like an “artisan” petit-bourgeois sort of thing instead of a massive operation, hence the “A print shop in Kiev”


Dude right wing or left, that’s not heroic or cool. It’s a biohazard. I thought we learned from Belle Delphine that it’s a bad idea to sell things containing human fluids.

What do simps and libs have in common? Weird fetishism (?)

They should remove all 5 liters of their bodies so that they fulfill their “martyrdom” to its fullest. I’m sure they have no other need for this blood, it’s not like there’s a war in the country or something

Pretty sure more than one would be voluntary, seeing this level of cultism.

As a thanksgiving for victory, Saddam supposedly wrote out the entire Koran (or some verses from it) in ink mixed with his own blood. I rather doubt it ever happened, and I’m not sure that Islamic law would even allow it, but the idea is still kind of badass.

This Nazi Bible thing, on the other hand, is just stupid and blasphemous.

As a thanksgiving for victory, Saddam supposedly wrote out the entire Koran (or some verses from it) in ink mixed with his own blood. I rather doubt it ever happened, and I’m not sure that Islamic law would even allow it, but the idea is still kind of badass.

I’ve never heard of this before, sounds pretty funny (and fake). I don’t think there’s something specifically against using human blood as far as I know.

Usual context i hear about this copy of Quran is when westerners going on a rant how stupid islam is because this book is blasphemous and they hate Saddam, but it is sacriledge to destroy a Quran so they are supposedly losing a lot of sleep and risking Allah’s wrath in eternal limbo of uncertainly ending up in hell just for existing blah blah blah. Or something along those lines.

In reality, nobody serious really believes this is blood of Saddam, even western invaders were unimpressed and dismissed it back then.

Fun fact: guy who made it now lives in USA… in Virgina no less.

This nazi Bible is most probably a normal Bible, nothing special, and as badass and dumb as the other idea, to be honest.


How do you even come up with this? I sometimes think I have weird thoughts but I am Galactic levels away from this kind of shit.


If I wrote this in sci-fi space communism universe with talking intelligent fennec foxes flying spaceships I’d still get people saying I’m being campy and edgy.

I feel like this is sort of something I’d expect out of some hardcore edge lords. I also feel like many Nazis are also edge lords. I am not surprised in this overlap.

hopefully they’ll make a lot of copies, maybe some of those “living martyrs” will drop the first half

Nobody told me there was a sequel to Positive Christianity in the making!

Positive Christianity

The what now?

It was the Nazi’s very own flavour of Christianity, now with 100% less reference to Jews~!

Under Hitler’s regime, in the Reich Protestant churches the New Testament was also altered; by removing the genealogies of Jesus that showed his Davidic descent, Jewish names and places were removed, quotations from the Old Testament were removed unless they showed Jews in a bad light, references to fulfilled Old Testament prophecies were removed, and Jesus was reworked into a militaristic, heroic figure fighting the Jews using Nazified language.


I’m completely devastated right now. Everyone should know Jesus was a Pole? Right? RIGHT?

Except maybe some heretics saying he was a Russian and was named Jesus Ipanienko (according to polish christmas carol).

Turns out every culture has their own version of Jesus.

Jesus is an international figure at this point.

Which is super funny, that they portray it so mythical when it was allegedly during his time on Earth as a living man lmao.

I think people don’t get the Ieus Rex part lol

Well, except he wasn’t just an ordinary everyday Joe, so…

Ieus Rex? First time hearing it.

Iueus*, sorry. “Jewish” in Latin.

Yet the character was described as “son of man”, and… Oh, sorry, I forgot the many contradictions in the Evangelions.

But surely… he was not… a Jew? And even if he was a Jew, the jewish god is also not… jewish???

Just what our continent did in the last two millenia?


Well, at the very least we can’t deny that Jesus is of Middle Eastern origin. He could’ve been Jewish, I can’t say; as Bethelhem (where he was born) is part of Palestine; and I honestly don’t know if Historical Palestine had Jews in it.

CW: Personal Criticism of Christianity and the Abrahimic God's Origins

As for the Abrahimic God, well, it turns out that he was just one of the deities of a Pagan Religion. The God of War, in fact. (No, it’s not Kratos unfortunately; it’s Yahweh). And this was before Judaism was a thing, too, so, I guess technically he’s not Jewish???

Though honestly all this has probably happened simply because Mary Magdalene had secretly cheated on Joseph; and then - in order to avoid execution, lied when she gave birth to Jesus; claiming that she didn’t fuck anyone and that it was simply a miracle birth. And people just bought it.

The three guys that showed up at her doorstep to give her gifts were probably people that she fucked dated at some point in her life; or at the very least, were her simps.

Oh, did you know that YHWH (Jesus daddy) is a Canaanite god of metallurgy?

Yeah newer archeology finds strongly suggest that exodus never happened, ancient Hebrews were just one of the canaanite tribes that gained domination over their region and per usual for that time and place, placed their own tribal deity over all others. Notably the most popular local god of harvest, and natural cycle Baal (all the vilification of Baal in bible was certainly scrap of that propaganda left). Yahweh even stole Baal name, meaning only “Lord”. Yahweh being god of war also fits by all accounts. Judaism was formed after ancient state of Israel fell so that’s how the victorious god of war gets to hate his people, they just lost lmao. And most texts were compliled at their lowest point as independent culture, in Babylon, which also explains some peculiarities - city rabbis living in richest city in the world were depicting the past they couldn’t really imagine.

About Mary and Joseph it starts to click if you would assume she was not just a poor girl but daughter of a local notable - she get pregnant (Pantera? lol maybe, he did existed, his tombstone was found) in a tender age of 13 or 14, scandal is brewing, but her family found her an older and respected guy to marry, Joseph, who would take the child for his own. Some hand polishing later the Holy Family is created (now that is sheer assumption by me without single proof but probably better than the official version).

The three guys that showed up at her doorstep to give her gifts were probably people that she fucked dated at some point in her life; or at the very least, were her simps.

XD local pedo convention, how did this turned to 3 kings.

Well, Jesus was nailed to some poles, so it tracks.

Nazis never change

If they were capable of changing, they wouldn’t be Nazis. Or Right-wingers, for the matter.

You don’t need to tell me! I was born into a Christian cult, which made me an “apolitical” extremist-right winger, LGBTQphobe, sexist, and whatnot. And me being capable to change, made me in the completest opposite of that, or at least I aim to be. I’m no longer an LGBTQ phobic sexist asshole, of course.

That’s some shit the Emperium of Man would pull. With other words: if someone tries to tell you Ukraine is in fact not Christo-fascist you are legally required to bludgeon them to death while screaming “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!”

Ukraine is pagan

Well a lot of Imperium’s aesthetic was inspired by Catholicism apparently, what with all the sepulchres and skeletal saints and all that jazz

Medieval christian aesthetics be quite wild compared to modern.

And decadent. All Catholicist aesthetic is decadent as fuck, everything is skulls, bones, blood tears and cadaveric faces.

This iconography was probably taken from ancient roman cults. I’m not an expert on decadence in art, but death cults are creepy.

I’m an artist and student of arts and history of arts, etc. Most of time, portraying decadent elements makes the watcher to be into deadly desires and be more fanatical to serve, I have no source here, but the more you look at this elements, you’re gonna see it. Then, there’s also chantings about accepting death and causing it, causing a run of adrenaline and even oxitocine/dopamine on it. There’s a famous Christofascist song in the Spanish army called “I’m Death’s boyfriend”, which os sung while carrying a Jesus or a Virgin Mary on a pole.

How modern? There’s a saint’s remains somewhere around Vladimir (I forget where), and apparently the church had to put it under glass, because pilgrims kept trying to pinch a bit out of either the body or the coffin. Sometimes even trying to bite out a piece

Well in Poland this happened.

TL;DR: Huge old tree was growing at the pilgrim trail to Jasna Góra. On the nearby church wall there is portrait depicting st. Apollonia, saint of aching teeth. So, pilgrims started to literally bite the tree because it supposedly helped on their teeth pain… And it wasn’t just few cases, there was solid fence erected because they significantly endangered the tree (and this did not stopped some of them)

So even the really silliest superstition remain strong despite XXI century and all the science and reason.

I was speaking rather about change in mainstream culture where they abandoned the creepy memento mori and such. Frankly pretty understandable since it does follow general western aesthetics and beside how many times you can whip you sheep into doomerism frenzy after it was absolutely clear the messiah is not in much hurry to come again.


According to the top thread in Lemmygrad right now, we are not allowed to attack this, this is perfectly ok :(

“The more religious the more communist” Lenin.

how can you go writing a bible in blood and considering a “good christian soldier”?

“Oh, comrade, this is reactionary, comrade, like totally, comrade. Showing how religion is political is not good, comrade, actually this is really progressive, comrade, they are spreading communists against other communists because communism is when religion and when more religion more communism comrade, for real, comrade, trust me comrade, I have evidence for Christ in this random boat, comrade”

Because Christianity is already a blood obsessed cult. What did you expect with a book that screams “blood of the holy/saints/martyrs” on it? To not be written in blood by their own fanatics?

then he gets an autoimmune disease cuz he’s type o and the blood in there is type a good going banderite

How does someone reach this level of fascism

Least Christofascist Christian involved in Ukraine

Step 1: have US state department involved in your coup and subsequent build-up

Exactly like post WWII Francisco Franco :O

Given how making something into a “holy war” completely removes any level of “middle ground”. Fascists just have to convince the average person that they are on the “holy” side, and are therefore “solders of God”. It is a very quick and effective way to not only take power, but to be handed power willingly. The group or at least top leadership doesn’t even need to be religious believers. Just have to play the classics and go for the cheap-pops. At which point even if there are “scandals” they just do what literally all the Evangelical (or other far-right/prosperity gospel) leaders do, and just really lean into it and just claim to have been just as weak as any other person. Then just be seen doing surface level atonement theatre. As it is only the “evil” people that must be attacked and purged. Religion can go from something that helps people, to something that most certainly can lead to WW3 real damn quick.

“Hi we’re fascists and don’t believe Jewish people should have rights, anyway, 😊👐”

A sentence that can only be from Ukraine.

Well, you may find something simmilar in Abrahamic text that aren’t the Tanakh, except for the word “fascism”, if I’m honest.

Try to find the emojis, I dare you

Wh… Which emojis? I’m scared 😭

Hope to see some more dead martyrs soon.

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