Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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no, I don’t think it’s strong enough for stains, I use a dishwasher

Google Pay, that used to be Android pay that’s what I meant

Best alternatives to Google Pay
This seems like a long shot but any suggestions are wanted.

what would you like to see?

once a week, its all political stuff and not much that’s interesting tbh

Best Music Streaming Alternatives to Spotify
It should be an app like Spotify Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC because I want recommendations on what I should try within the app, and offline downloading. I like the idea of using a front-end for the other service if no Foss option exists. Any opinions?

I fucking die and cannot leave the small island, enemies surround me as I hunker down in the middle of the snow, my small 2x1 getting blown up by 25+ people with me side it.

Have a Go-Bag ready, and move to New Zealand a week in advance

Then what is says is true, or it’s lying about what it’s saying is true

Less of equality and more of having respect, all things being equal respect is what holds family relationships together, if you are (as a son) constantly rude or disrespectful to your mom and dad don’t expect to be treat as an equal. (Because you’re not their equal. Who pays the bills? Who keeps up to the house?)
If all family members have respect for each other, equality can be reached.

“Children deserve the same rights as adults” “Keep out reach and sight of children” because a child of 10 years doesn’t understand that meds are not sweets and bleach is not juice. This is parallel to a parent guiding a child to adulthood. Children are not adults so cannot be treat the same. “Not exercise dictatorial control” is common sense parenting, though many parents fail at it.

Its easier to block communities on the lemmur app for android, click on post, click on the three dots and block.

No, because they make sense to YOU when you get them.

The playstore version might be outdated, I just updated my fdroid version and the infinite spinning while trying to login was fixed.

Identity politics no, but people who say they are communist yeah, I imagine that most of them live in a western country and only know their country’s culture intimately, so don’t know what communism feels like as a citizen, or worker. I think that if they had the opportunity to integrate into a collectivist country they might find it better, but the economic impact of communism wouldn’t give a high standard of living.

Should Cities Have More Cycle-Lanes?
I was recently thinking about buying an elecrtic scooter/bike to get from point A to point B, with everything so close in a city, and traffic being bad. What are your thoughts on cycle-lanes, and cycling/scooting in general?