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That’s how I did it except I had a Lemmy account from the ol Chapo days and had forgotten about it.

Oh I agree for the most part. I think the 2025 date, while being originally predicted back in 2015,is more of a “this is the last possible chance the US would have at going toe to toe” of sorts. I don’t think anyone wins at this point but as 2025 closes in I think it goes from MAD to the US fails completely as Chinas capabilities go into “We can now completely (or at least near completely) put down any initial assault you try and will own the retaliation. We no longer have to play nice.”

Japan wants to get their shit pushed in in 2027 more like it. The fucking feds themselves have stated Chinas military will surpass the US by 2025 to a degree the US will never be able to catch up. Imagine waiting till 2 year AFTER China surpasses the capabilities of the world’s largest military to want to provoke them.

Libs literally cannot think in any way other than money is everything. People don’t fight wars, money does. People don’t solve problems, money does. People don’t provide labor, money does. They cannot fathom a world in which whoever throws the most money at a problem wins by default.

It’s not that they are stupid. It’s that their narrative is stupid from our perspective because we know better. From the viewpoint of pushing the narrative to the unwitting masses, who gobble this stuff up, it isn’t stupid at all. That’s the thing about propaganda. If you know the truth then it makes the reports look like they were written by morons, because YOU know it’s wrong. But it’s not meant to convince you. It’s meant to reinforce the narrative everyone else believes.

The cartels that are friend to western powers won’t be considered cartels and will be given munitions, manpower, money, etc to use against the “cartels” that aren’t friendly to western powers. Like for instance the current President who is pushing for resource nationalization.

Building on the other two comments they are using this excuse to go after the Mexican government due to their push to nationalize the lithium mines.

Yeah, the hypocrisy is thick enough you’d need a plasma torch to cut it.

So what actually happens if they invade Mexico?
Seriously starting to look like they going to try something. Could this turn the global community fully against the US? The lib mental gymnastics is gonna be insane.

The really sick part is the severity of how out of touch they are. Like “$400 emergency”??? In what fucking world is an emergency situation going to only cost you $400 in shithole America? lol What? You energy company could just decide to gouge you one month and fuck you bill for that much. That’s not even an emergency that’s just something that could happen. And half the country couldn’t handle that. Let alone a real, actual fucking emergency. A fucking ambulance ride alone is gonna be at least twice that.

Not shitting you I know a guy that’s gone full circle and says now that China has it so good it’s going to make them weak and then compared it to millennials. I was absolutely astounded by their mental gymnastics of being able to both admit they are doing better than us while someone still feeling superior and also looping in the millennial hate. Also the guy is actually a part of the millennial generations but, you know, not “those” millennials. Lmao.

Xi please end my pain.

USA when it can’t just indiscriminately slaughter the competition and instead dhad to compete with them.

Big industrial powerhouse with lots of oil and natural resources that’s connected via land, not across a whole ass ocean.

It’s all theatrics because that all they know how to do anymore. It’s all what US politics is now. It’s a show to entertain the libs. It’s what’s her face wearing a dress with “eat the rich” on it to a party with a bunch of wealthy donors. It’s every single statement that is made on any campaign trail. It’s what they do. Yapping Chihuahuas except it’s an army of them driving everyone crazy.

Coupled with western “for profit” medicine that’s barely tested before hitting the market and long term side effects most likely not known. They don’t actually care to cure you just treat the symptoms forever. Anything news, that would show a profitable medication doesn’t actually do what it says it does or actually makes things worse, is suppressed.

I will always have extreme doubts of any western medication. Especially for mental illnesses like depression or anxiety. I have never had one that didn’t make me crazier or make me want to kill myself or turn into an empty shell of a human being. I ended up cutting it all out then grew my own magic mushrooms and tripped balls and it did more for my mental health in one 3 hour trip than years of prescription bullshit. That’s about as “alternative” as you can get. Lol

I’m not saying it’s all like that. But I’ve been messed up several times from that kind of shit. Also over prescriptions on antibiotics that really messed my gut up. So I’m am extremely critical now. I don’t trust capitalist medicine with anything anymore.

West will blame China for everything bad. Saying the only way to fix things is to sanction. Things get worse because of sanctions. West blames China even more for worse conditions. Says only way to fix things is more sanctions. Rinse and repeat.

Libs will wear rags and eat bugs so long as you keep spamming the tank man picture. Which I have seen posted repeatedly all over Reddit a lot recently.

Remember all those posts and comments people have made about how “As the empire falls it will lash out sporadically in an attempt to maintain power”? Well…

The West cannot afford to keep pumping supplies into Ukraine AND turn all focus onto China. A proxy war with Russia is one thing. Russia can hold its own but China’s military is booming and accelerating. With tech that, in many cases, is starting to, or already does, surpass the wests.

Since there is no way for Ukraine to hold on without western supplies then they will loose regardless when the west pulls out. However the “harder” they loose the less there is for the western oligarchy to plunder. So they are trying to shut things down as quickly and painlessly (for them) as possible.

They gotta have a reason to pull out so they can focus on starting a war with China. They know the clock is ticking to stay in power. They threw away too much resources on this. They have to try and find some way to hold onto their power.

Yup, this is it. They want to pull out so they can focus on starting a war with China before 2025 when they predicted China’s military will surpass them to a degree the US will never be able to catch up. I’m hoping though that it is already to that point and when things do kick off the US forces will get demolished.

They will drop it and immediately ramp up the anti China propaganda because that’s the whole reason the want to pull out of Ukraine in the first place. They failed to do anything of major significance there so they are going to change course and push action with Taiwan in order to start a war. Libs won’t care about dropping Ukraine because it’s been long enough that they have lost interest.

I was just about to ask about this. lol. What if there is no more Ukraine? But here’s the thing, I don’t think Russia will ever take ALL of Ukraine. They stated before they don’t want it all. Just these two areas that have proclaimed themselves Russian and to eliminate the Ukrainian Fascists. The US is banking on this. So they will just pilfer what’s left. Although it would be pretty great for the US to get burned even harder than it already is.

Something something the cost of empire.

So I have a buddy who I have been working on turning into a communist. He just read China’s latest report on US atrocities and spent like 6 hours, all on the clock at his shitty IT job, fact checking it and confirming the details. He was like “there were only a few things in there that could be misconstrue but the vast majority of everything was accurate.” I was very proud.

Another one of my buddies recently talked about some tweet where there was “some petty bourgeois in the comments saying [bunch of stupid shit]” then ended with saying " eat my ass" to said bougie. This is unrelated to the thread topic but I was also very proud.

This is why I support China’s “golden firewall” or whatever they call it. Imagine being somewhere where going online and calling for genocide has actual repercussions.

Ones of the comments is a gif of Xi raising some kind of mug and it’s adorable and I need it.

Just about any anarchist forums you come across is gonna be a Fed run psy-op. It’s not even worth it to talk to them because the majority of the user base is probably working out of an air force base in Virginia.

I really want China to just build hundreds/thousands of shitty weather balloons and release them slowly over time just to cause western countries to freak out and waste their munitions on them. Release them form shipping vessels and stuff, all over the world so it’s not immediately obvious where they are coming from and who’s doing it.

This is 100% it. In a society that has moved past capitalism into socialism/communism there won’t be sex work because people won’t need it for income.

Is choosing not to empathize really any different from not being able to empathize in the long run? Neither will result in caring for those that suffer. The only difference is choosing not to is actually worse. It’s like saying “I could have reached my hand and pulled up this drowning person but I didn’t because the paraplegic sitting next to me didn’t try either.”

Personally, I feel they just turned that switch off. Any time they might feel guilt or empathy they replace it with anger or the belief that whoever is hurting either isn’t human enough for them to care or deserves it. This is the whole point of tribalism and racism. To remove your ability to care about hurting others outside your little circle, and the smaller capitalism is able to push your circle the fewer people they have to worry about actually giving a shit about anyone else.

It’s like the Ohio train. Want to take bets on how many people outside the effective range are more relieved they aren’t affected then they are worried about the people that ARE? And if they ARE more concerned about the situation is it concern for the people or concern that “what if it happens to me?” The point being, there is a fundamental lack of empathy/caring for other in this country. Those that do are nearly driven mad by it. That’s why we hide away in places like these trying to find at least one other person that actually gives a shit.


How the US government is dealing with train wrecks now I guess.


This is an older video but I think some of you might enjoy it quite a bit. A little bit of a dive into the US surveillance state and how we utilize satellites and such for surveillance. Watched this back when I was just a lib bidding into Socialism and "US may be evil" thoughts. Was reminded about it earlier today and had to really dig through my shit to find it.

“This one-two punch from the two political parties is despicable,” according to RWU General Secretary Jason Doering. “Politicians are happy to voice platitudes and heap praise upon us for our heroism throughout the pandemic, the essential nature of our work, the difficult and dangerous and demanding conditions of our jobs. Yet when the steel hits the rail, they back the powerful and wealthy Class One rail carriers every time.” RWU believes that railroad workers need to explore options other than the existing two political parties since neither appears to have our backs. RWU also believes that railroad workers need to consider doing away with the archaic and divided craft union system that hampers our unity and solidarity, and initiate the process of building a single and powerful railroad workers union that can win in future rounds of contract bargaining. According to RWU Organizer Ron Kaminkow, “We have been played for well over a century by politicians and union officials alike. The fiasco of recent months will show that perhaps the time has come for railroad workers to push for a unified and powerful labor organization of all crafts, together with a political party that will better serve the interest of not just railroad workers but all working-class people.” https://twitter.com/railroadworkers/status/1598695487380795393?s=20&t=FAUtdkHd4uFo7sPpSGuc-A

NATO absolutely slavering all over themselves trying to get the EU to completely eradicate itself. lol. Like I imagine the pure essence of the coomer meme as the fascists at NATO go insane with ecstasy imagining the complete destruction of the EU by their own hands. Millions starving and freezing to death just to inconvenience China.

Anyone have insight into the whole Xi having Hu Jintao removed from the summit that the westoid media is screaming about right now?
There's videos going around of Hu being removed from the summit as he's talking with Xi. They claim it's because he voiced objections to Xi taking a 3rd term or something? I generally support Xi and the direction the CPC has been going but idk much about Hu and what he did. My "China bad" deprogramming only started a few years ago and I haven't really read much about the CPC before Xi yet. I don't trust anything the western media says for obvious reasons. I do however trust your all's insight into these matters. I'm just bad at finding sources on this stuff that is outside of the western sphere of influence. Edit: Fixed CCP ➡️ CPC

Libs crying like they trying to refill all the aquifers Nestle drained.

Saw on r/sino. Wanted to share. Seems pretty awesome. Obviously would have to be toned down for human passengers uses. For automated uses though that acceleration would be bonkers. Rocket level momentums with no actual combustion fuels. Maybe those futuristic space slingshot things we see in some media. Long ass ramp that shoots a craft straight up then this uses it's engines to maintain momentum instead of wasting half it's fuel just getting off the ground?

Look up the dollar milkshake theory for a more in depth of how fucked everything is.

I like the end where someone just runs up and chucks the box of stuff in the window like "please take snacks, thank you."

Not sure if the decrepit old ghoul got her words mixed up or if she's trying to get sanctions removed. lol

Article link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1iW4y167Vf Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/ve4a8z/003_fujian_launched/ From the comments section: "Also for reference as to how groundbreaking it is, it is China's first Catapult Assisted TakeOff But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) carrier, and its catapults are EMALS (Electromagnetic) - on par with FORD Class. The only countries in the world with CATOBAR and France (Charles De Gaulle has 2) and the USA (Ford and Nimitz classes have 4), both of which are nuclear. China has not only leapfrogged Steam Catapult Technology, but has also has its first CATOBAR carrier with 3 EMALS catapults, without doubt the most capable conventional carrier platform. Catapults will allow the J-15 (the heaviest carrier aircraft) to fully utilize its platform capability by increasing takeoff weight with full missile payload, increase sortie rates, and enable KJ-600 AESA AWACS to provide more situational awareness for China's CVG to operate further from the coast"