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Greece’s former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis explains the US system of “neo-imperialism” based on the dollar, an “IOU issued by the hegemon”, which finances a huge trade deficit by letting foreign capitalists “extract colossal surplus value from their workers and then stash it away in America’s rentier economy”.

Good response to that western lib .

Respect . 👍🏼

China urges the United States to properly and prudently handle Taiwan-related issues, and abide by the basic norms governing international relations, said spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Mao Ning in Beijing on Thursday. Mao Ning made the remarks at a regular press briefing when answering a question on Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen's meeting with U.S. former Indo-Pacific commander Philip Davidson.

Freedom of religious belief is the universal consensus of the international community, and the faith of Muslims should be respected, Mao Ning, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Thursday.

Numerous mainstream media outlets have reported that the US military is preparing for war on China, as soon as 2025. Japan is re-militarizing and collaborating closely in these war plans.

سپاسگزارم Tankie Bot ☺️🤝🏼♥️

The European Union Commission for Fundamental Rights angered far-right extremists in Fr*nce after it published an advertisement featuring a number of women, including veiled women.

I completely support this 😌👍🏼

When in the Donetsk People's Republic recently, I visited the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works plant, a sprawling Mariupol plant which was secured in mid-April last year, when over 1,150 Ukrainian Marines surrendered or were captured by Russian forces. Even now, sappers work to clear the vast plant which Ukrainian forces littered with left behind explosives, as well as boobytraps, tripwires and mines. Boobytrapping areas they fled from is something Ukrainian troops did elsewhere in Mariupol, including in apartment blocks. It's something terrorists in Syria likewise did, both with the intent of killing or maiming still more civilians, as well as soldiers—but given that such explosives were left in doorways and areas of homes civilians wouldn't think to be boobytrapped, these were particularly insidious acts of terrorism by both the Western-backed terrorists in Syria and the Western-backed Ukrainian forces and Nazi battalions in the Donbass. Also found at the plant were still more evidence of Ukraine's Nazi problem, paraphernalia from the Misanthropic Division & Azov Battalion, as well as US& Canadian Anti-sniper Fighting instructions, a US combat manual, and a UK Advanced Surveillance and Reconnaissance Course. Some were in both Ukrainian & in English.

As China and several Arab states are enhancing broader cooperation amid the ongoing China-Arab States Summit, people from Iraq also expressed their growing enthusiasm for collaborating with China in more areas. Saud Saadoun Al-Saedi, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, told CGTN in an interview that Iraqi citizens are hoping their government will work with the Chinese government in more areas under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He has launched an initiative, which he said was demanded by the Iraqi people, inside the Parliament to provide a legal basis for the memoranda of understanding and agreements reached between the two countries. With this new initiative, he hopes to boost broader collaborations between the two countries. He further explained that the decades-long war in Iraq has brought severe damage to basic infrastructure, education systems, and healthcare systems which has had an adverse impact that lasts still today. He hopes getting more involved in the BRI will help reconstruct Iraq. On December 9, during the ongoing China-Arab States Summit in Saudi Arabia, China vows that it will continue to support Iraq's economic reconstruction and help it restore industries, improve people's livelihood and achieve sustainable development.

This is just sad 😢

I hope they can overthrow this facist regime and kick the amerikkkan forces out of Okinawa too from the country .

Edit : F*ck Fascism !!!

Update on the ongoing conflict in and around Ukraine for January 8, 2022: - The US announced a major military aid package for Ukraine including 50 Bradley fighting vehicles, 18 M109 self-propelled 155mm howitzers, additional MRAP and Humvees as well as additional ammunition for various systems; - Despite the relatively large size of the package compared with the last several months of aid, the weapons and ammunition fall far short of replacing even Ukraine’s losses let alone granting Ukraine the ability to match or over power Russian forces; - Ukraine will likely use many of these systems to patch up elite units within its deteriorating brigades; - Germany and France are also sending armored vehicles, the Mauder infantry fighting vehicle and the AMX-10 RC respectively; - This is likely paving the way to send additional heavy weapons like main battle tanks; - These systems collectively are less-than-ideal for Ukraine, logistics, sustainment, and maintenance issues will hinder their effective use in combat, they also will not be arriving in the numbers necessary to replace Ukrainian losses or outmatch Russian forces;

China's optimization of COVID-19 response is proactive and efficacious rather than being a reactive approach, as the country moves to another phase of its epidemic response, said officials and experts from the country's top health authorities on Friday.

A couple of months into Elon Musk's control of Twitter, it's fair to say that from an anti-censorship, pro-transparency perspective there have been a few positive results of the platform coming under new management. The revelations from the Twitter Files about US government involvement in influencing a massive social media company's policies and actions have been indisputably newsworthy information that's absolutely in the public interest to have, and some anti-establishment voices have been saying their accounts have been noticeably more visible since the changeover. It's also fair to say at this point that Musk has allowed far more negative practices to continue than he has ended. In an excellent new article titled "Under Musk, Twitter Continues to Promote US Propaganda Networks," Fair.org's Bryce Greene breaks down the many different ways that Twitter is still manipulating the information its users see in ways that serve the interests of the US government. Greene contrasts the wildly unbalanced way media coming from empire-targeted governments is suppressed and labeled "state-affiliated media", while US-aligned accounts which would deserve such a designation are not given it, and are often amplified and aided. "In short, Twitter is serving as an active participant in an ongoing information war," Greene writes.

3eid Milad sa3yed alorthodhoksiyah ya rafiqi 😊

The situation in Shanghai, while under control, has deteriorated since I posted my fever clinic debunking video on December 20. Hospitals across the city are packed as patients – some with mild conditions and some with life-threatening conditions – head to the city's largest hospitals. This is despite advice from the Shanghai government to stay away from the big clinics if you are only suffering mild or ordinary COVID symptoms. Today I'll show you an exclusive video shot inside one of Shanghai's largest hospitals, and you can see close up the stress the system is under as COVID rages through the city of 25 million. Today I'll also share a France24 report about my fever clinics video, and update you on new guidelines from the Shanghai government outlining which patients should head to hospital and which should just stay at home or go to one of the city's 2,500 community clinics for help.

Correction my beloved Comrade : it’s called Isn’treal or the Zionist entity . Not “ Israel ” . 😌

Ukrainian refugees are being sexually abused by Isn'treali as the occupation police ignore the complaints and reports made by Ukrainian women, forcing thousands of refugees to leave "Isn'treal."

May G-d’s curse be upon this dajjal of man Hadi Al-Modarresi 😌

It wouldn’t be an underestimation to say that COVID has literally torn through Shanghai since China pulled back from its strict COVID Zero policy last month. Some experts estimate that as many as ten million could have picked up COVID in the last few weeks alone, sending this massive city basically to a standstill. But many, including myself, have recovered from the initial stages of the virus and are getting back to work. My colleague Sophie, who you might remember if you watched my daily Shanghai lockdown live streams early last year, has been out on the streets interviewing ordinary people about their experiences. Sophie was one of many Shanghainese who tested positive for COVID during the city’s strict lockdown last year, and as per the rules at the time was sent to a central quarantine site for around nine days while she recovered. Obviously that’s a completely different story from what those of us who test positive for COVID are experiencing today, being given the seemingly simply luxury of recovering in peace and quiet at home.

The Zionist Entity will never gonna change no matter what . It should be wiped out of the world . No peace should be done with the Zionist mofos ever . No matter how many good façade they put they are literally lying and they are not honest about almost everything . That is what the Zionists want you to think . i will never gonna fall for their fashist games and their f*cking hasbara propaganda machine . And remember my beloved comrades . Never trust a Zionist .

Edit : A rule from the Palestine community of lemmygrad : ‘ We always take the sides of Palestine and Palestinians and are unapologetic about it. Israel is an occupying power whose “defence force”'s (note the contradiction) sole purpose for existing is to push Palestinians out so they can resettle their rightful land. If you have anything positive to say about Israel we do not care. ’

And i completely agree with what is been said in this rule and i stand by it no matter what.

Edit : thanks to the one who give me a downvote .

Death to Isn’treal ! . 😤

"We will be firmly and courageously striving for the construction of another world where we can live together in peace," he stressed. During an interview with the Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet on Sunday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took stock of the political, economic and international situation of his country during 2022. "Last year, we consolidated the climate of harmony, peace, and coexistence that Venezuela enjoys today," he said, recalling that his administration also took the necessary steps to recover Venezuelan assets seized abroad. "In 2022, we stimulated the dialogue with the opposition through agreements... We are always willing to talk with all sectors. Dialogue is the key to peace and coexistence in the country!," the Bolivarian leader pointed out. On the failure of the coup attempts, Maduro explained that institutional destabilization was not possible in his country because "the claim to impose parallel governments and powers in Venezuela was not based on reality." The Venezuelan president then recalled that some opposition groups imagined that they could arbitrarily decree the existence of their "government" with the support of the United States and its allied governments in Europe and Latin America. "They did not understand Venezuela. They did not understand Venezuela’s republican institutional strength. They do not understand the popular strength of the Bolivarian revolution," Maduro emphasized.

The latest surge of COVID-19 cases in China is "a tough fight" for medical staff, but the "hard time will pass," said a key health official. "The staff got infected. Their families got infected, too," said Jiao Yahui, head of the Bureau of Medical Administration under the National Health Commission. "They were under pressure both physically and mentally." However, Jiao has confidence this COVID outbreak will pass soon.

Chinese health officials have responded to questions surrounding the country's COVID-19 policy shift, death rate and medical supplies. China is to lift nearly all travel restrictions starting early January. So how is the COVID-19 situation in China? Is China prepared to cope with the outbreak, and in particular the treatment of vulnerable groups? And are we seeing the country returning to normalcy after a three-year practice of dynamic zero COVID policy? Guests in this edition of Dialogue are Einar Tangen, independent current affairs commentator; Dr Alice Hyunkyung Tan, internist at MizMedi Women’s Hospital; and Hu Naijun, associate professor at the School of Public Policy and Management at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Thank you very much Comrade 😄❤️👍🏼 I don’t have words on how to thank you . Me thanking you is not enough for the good and basic explanation ever read in my entire life 🤣 if more people where like you really . the world will be a better and wonderful place ☺️🤝🏼 שלום עליכם ❤️

Viva La Revolución Cubana ! .

Muerte a Los Yankees ! .

Hmmm 🤔 , really is there no more numbers like for example here : there are over 50,000 to 80,000 characters , can you please give me a list of the numbers of 汉字 that i have to learn ? .

Here are the ones a lot of learners were talking about :

  1. 3,000

  2. 4,000

  3. 5,000

  4. 6,000

And more .

So another question is : how many number of 汉字 have you learned by weeks , months and years ? .

just to make sure that i am learning the “ correct ” amount of daily 汉字 😁

Awwwh , thank you Comrade 😄 ❤️ 我有一个问题 : how many number of 汉字 should i learn ? .

A Chinese Comrade told me (这里 , Lemmygrad.ml) that i will be ok on learning 1-2000个汉字 , but . I don’t know how many 汉字 i have to learn and what are the day to day 汉字 that i have to learn . for example the numbers of 汉字 that i found on the web are this ones ( please check out this website so you can understand what i am talking about 😅 ) :

Here : https://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/article/chinese-characters-learning-tips/how-many-chinese-characters-do-you-need-to-know/

哦,好的😊 ❤️ And sorry if i ask you this question 同志 :


The nation with the largest proven oil reserves is now shifting to a non-oil economy. In this no-holds-barred edition of "Leaders Talk," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro describes how U.S. sanctions and blockades have forced the oil economy to focus on the real economy instead, with non-petroleum sectors expanding for the first time in 120 years. The former bus driver who became the "driver" of the nation also talks of the U.S. treating Latin America and the Caribbean as its own backyard and the over 100 coups the continent has suffered in 100 years. But Venezuela will not be deflected from its development path, which includes improving neighborly ties and South-South cooperation. And China gets kudos for sending its "best experts and scientists" as well as vaccine doses and test equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the U.S. prevented drug sales to Venezuela and Europe was busy hoarding masks and vaccines for its own use.

BTW 同志 , 你懂中文吗?and 你是来自中国人民共和国吗?

Happy New Year , to you too Comrade ❤️

新 年 快 乐 2023 🧧🐇🎇🍎❤️

"Knesset members, I don’t have to hear your shouts to know we have some disagreements," Netanyahu said, addressing his opposers, accusing them of rejecting the results of the November 1 general election. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9f5f73b0-77a8-4397-b9d4-6d762362daf1.jpeg)

For example :

Dogs in Ladino is Perros in latin writing system but in Hebrew writing system would be like this פירראוס

Ladino have two writing systems one in latin letters and one in hebrew letters

Ok let me explain it here this one was supposed to be my first account to begin with and in case something bad happens i have this one just in case. And the admins and mods know that i was trying to join lemmygrad.ml in 1 month ago but i couldn’t join because some technical problems that where happening at that time until yesterday and now i have this one that supposed to be the first account and the other in lemmy.ml the second account but yeah that’s how i have two accounts instead 😆

In this end-of-year special, The Hub with Wang Guan talks to Jeffrey Sachs, professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University to discuss the main events that made the headlines in 2022. With the conflict in Ukraine dragging on, are we heading towards a negotiated peace in 2023? After a bumpy year in China-U.S. relations, is there still hope that both countries will shift toward a more structured, strategic dialogue? Sachs also hails the successful outcomes of the 20th CPC National Congress and heaves a sigh of relief after China's easing of the COVID restrictions.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year address Saturday evening in Beijing to ring in 2023. During his address, Xi reviewed the country's achievements in 2022, saluted ordinary people's extraordinary efforts in fighting COVID and called for unity among the 1.4 billion Chinese people to overcome hard tasks and difficulties.

Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan argued Pakistan should have been non-aligned in the first cold war and in the new one between the US and China/Russia, as well as independent in the Ukraine proxy conflict. He also praised Beijing's historic poverty reduction program.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday addressed a gathering organized by the country's top political advisory body to ring in the year of 2023.

Dragon TV: Recently, several US media including the New York Post revealed cases about how the US Department of Defense and the FBI had meddled in social media platforms to disseminate disinformation and manipulate domestic and international public opinion. What is your comment? Wang Wenbin: We have noted relevant reports, which revealed that a division of the US Defense Department had set up a large number of sham accounts and asked Twitter to whitelist a batch of accounts to shape public opinion, conduct deceptive propaganda, continuously meddle with the public perception in the Middle East region, and whitewash the illegal military activities of the US and its allies in the region. The reports also revealed that, in the wake of the pandemic, the US government had been pressuring Twitter to suppress and even shut down user accounts that contradict the official position of the US government on vaccination and other issues. The US always claims itself to be a champion of freedom of the press. However, as the world has witnessed, US politicians have turned social media, which are supposed to be a platform for sharing and accessing information, into a tool to propagate disinformation and manipulate international public opinion and a weapon for the US to stigmatize and demonize other countries. From Operation Mockingbird which bribed and manipulated news media for propaganda purposes in the Cold War era, to a vial of white powder and a staged video of the “White Helmets” cited as evidence to wage wars in Iraq and Syria earlier this century, and then to the lie of the century made up to smear China’s Xinjiang policy, facts have proven time and again that the US is the primary propagator of disinformation and bearer of double standards on press freedom.

AFP: The US military said that a Chinese fighter jet flew dangerously with the US air force aircraft over the South China Sea last week. Do you have any detail on this? Wang Wenbin: I would refer you to the competent authorities for the specifics. Let me point out that for a long time, the US has frequently deployed aircraft and vessels for close-in reconnaissance on China, which poses a serious danger to China’s national security. The US’s provocative and dangerous moves are the root cause of maritime security issues. China urges the US to stop such dangerous provocations, and stop deflecting blame on China. China will continue to take necessary measures to resolutely defend its sovereignty and security, and work with regional countries to firmly safeguard peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday reiterated the country's "objective and just" stance on the Ukraine crisis in a conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin via video link, urging Moscow to continue peace talks. The road to peace talks won't be smooth sailing, yet with continuous efforts, the prospects of peace are there, Xi stressed, expressing appreciation that the Russian side has never refused to solve the conflict through diplomatic talks. The Chinese president also vowed to work alongside the international community in playing a constructive role in solving the crisis peacefully. The leaders also discussed further cooperation between the two countries, and exchanged New Year greetings with each other.

As you all know, China has pivoted away from COVID Zero this month, after three years of extremely strict monitoring and control. At least for the past two years, Western media and governments have been trying to pressure China to give up on that strict policy, claiming it was draconian, damaging to the economy, and so on. This year, the bullying got stronger, and those in the West started poking fun at China for still taking COVID so seriously. Literally I would get comments every single day saying “OMG, I can’t believe COVID is still a thing in China! It’s nothing now, get over it!” Wow, how the tables have turned this month! As always, China can only do wrong in the eyes of the Western elite, and that includes doing what they have been telling China to do for the past two years. As soon as China decided to end COVID Zero, the narrative suddenly changed. They didn’t try to be discrete about it, they didn’t try to hide their clownish hypocrisy, oh no! They don’t need to, because their audience is already fully blinded by the media machine. Let’s have a laugh together at some amazing examples.

Let’s f*cking goooooo !!!

They ( BSB News ) are not only being ripped apart no no no

They are being Massacred by the comment section below . aha !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yo the comments are disabled but why ? . Do they don’t want people to scold them like 8 years later and come to the comment section and saying that there where literal fcking n@zis in ukkkronazistan since 2014 to this day ! . Doing Killings and genocide against the innocent roma , jews , poles and russian ethnic groups in the east of Ukronaziland and people in the fcking west din’t give a f*ck about it ! To this day ! . how i hate the west and their Hypocrisy and double standards ! . They made me sick 😠.

oh but now they ( western world ) give a f*ck ! ?

F*ck western exceptionalism ! .

But they ( the western world ) din’t give a single fck when arab children where been blown up and shot by them ( Amerikkka , EU , Australia ) and no one of them sadly give a fck while my people in Puerto Rico where the ones to send medical help, food and water and what not we the people of Puerto Rico send to those children in west asia !

( my people sended help in 2013 to 2016 to west asia and you know what the hell happened with all that help that we give to those people ? The Amerikkkan Regime turned them back !!! 😡 And no child in the arab world could receive all of our help just because of the regime installed in the island send it back and din’t let it pass by . But some of the help supplies that where send from my people could go. but the 91% from the supplies of food , water medicine , personal stuff and what not . din’t get to west asia but at least 60% or 50% of what was sended could go and was send to west asia . That is why i hate the west so much and i despise them all just for all the atrocities they committed and still they are doing right now to this day sadly ) 😤

( I will stop my rant and go to take a rest for now )

الموت لأمريكا ، الموت لإسرائيل ، اللعنة على الصهاينة

Aha ! Ahora no pueden decir ni negar nada lo malditos nafo trolls que se caguen en su puta vida y también incluyendo a los Yankees y sus mercenarios de mierda también , incluyendo a la puta basura de la Otan y sus secuaces . Para el carajo se van todos ellos . !!!

Aha ! Now they can’t say or deny anything this f"cking nafo trolls fck their damn lives and also including the Yankees and their fcking mercenaries as well , including the fcking scumbag nato and their minions . fck them all . !!!

Death of Abe Shinzō in July 8


rest in 地狱 Bozo . you will never be missed you 恶魔 , imperialist piece of 狗屁 。