Become friends with someone, and they may allow you to take certain items from their home.

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Eliminating reasons to boot into my windows partition one by one

its okay. its really hard to have a joke like this come across over the internet lol

you ever tell a joke that just doesnt land

Furiously checking every account’s join date to find the CriticalResist alt

What? impossible. they would never do maintenance

It’s a little hard to tell what it is without clicking on your profile

Paradoxically this means you’ve got to go as well

I hope this comes sooner rather than later, this would be a huge blow to the US

I cant wait until the “feature posts sitewide” feature from hexbear comes here so this thread can be mega active

Because jerboa is still a very new app and they haven’t implemented a lot of features yet

I can’t believe wisconcom keeps coming back LOL guy’s a little unhinged

I remember this post. It was a little cringe, if well-meaning

Its a repository of leftist essays from various times and people

That was my first thought, any time something based happens in this country its usually a chud doing it for the wrong reasons

It was for sure set up to scrape reddit, i would be on SLS on reddit and then come on here a few hours later to see the exact same post with the exact same title

Its probably just cause hes old af. He had to be escorted into the summit a few days ago and Xi had to remind him to sit down. He’s 80 by now

I have not thought to try that, I’ll give that a shot next time I’m looking for something

It’s a great resource, unfortunately there are a lot of broken links on some of the more finer details

Lenin, famous for basing his opinions on feelings rather than anhthing scientific

I really love this animal

The bourgeois

I know we’re all joking about the US but can we talk about how alarming it is that the concept of an “uncivilized human” has just rocketed back out into the open? That people are just brazenly admitting to thinking like this?

This is so sad, can we hit 5 likes

It’s Britain so it would be her morning beans on toast

My neighbors are flying their upside down US flag and “we support the police” flag at half mast today

Great posting everyone

I know some British people who will be REALLY unhappy about this, I can’t wait to see their reaction

This is a very stereotypically leftist post, and by that I mean mucho texto

It started as an ironic leftist joke about how dark joe biden was going to actually accomplish good things (sort of like the “evil X” doing the opposite of their personality meme) but unfortunately liberals found it unironically funny so its theirs now