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Welcome. Sure, Linux Mint’s WebApp Manager or Peppermint OS’s Ice are here for you. But jokes aside, sadly, no. Lemmy does not have a native Linux application as of now. But you can make use of the fact that the browser UI is a PWA which can be installed like a regular app as well.

Btw., the community tag you posted has a typo (neehaw should be beehaw). Is that a typo here, or did you mistype it in the search field as well?

But, try to search in the webapp / browser with the full HTTPS link. That should work. But using !programming@beehaw.org works in my browser without a problem.

There are bugs in Jerboa and federated community searches seem to be one of them.

You are right, you are commenting here to a Lemmy community called Chat on the instance beehaw.org. Thanks to federation, all seamlessly works. So seamlessly, that one even cannot distinguish between different platforms any more, or so it seems ;)

This is myself with my colleagues. I use Lazygit and GitUI daily, otherwise I would spend a lifetime typing out numerous Git commands every day. And it is amazing how much one can do and how fast with these TUIs. But if a colleague needs something, and of course, they do not have these programs, all I can is just shrug and point them to the internet, as I have already forgotten all the little flags and parameters for more advanced commands. It is incredible how easy these TUIs make Git to use.

You gave me quite a scare, too. It is unrealistic for Arch and its derivatives, but the few seconds before a brain starts working again were terrifying. But I believe there truly was some mistake somewhere along the way, as I am pretty certain no such thing is happening in the close future. Make sure to treat yourself to a good night sleep tonight for all the hard work you do ❤

You can see this short part of Lemmy documentation for how the integration with other instances works.

I fully agree. It is the reason I never had an account on Reddit, for example. I much prefer the small community that Lemmy is. I feel like that the conversations here are more real and people are willing to wait for a reply instead of immediately move to another topic.

If by main network you mean the largest federated network (the largest number of federated instances together), then it is precisely that.

It is then up to each user to decide where to create an account. On any single instance? On multiple instances where some might be federated with only a small subset of instances and others might be more general instances federated with multitude of instances, for example on the largest federated network? It depends on what the user comes here looking for. Whatever works for them is great.

Sure, they would. But for that, you would need to implement them first, and implement them right, which is a highly challenging endeavour. I could imagine that this is on a backlog for Lemmy development, but it will take a while before any usable implementation is applicable.

Alternatively, you can use Lemmy progressive webapp (PWA) installed from your favourite browser. But as already stated, as of now, there are currently only Jerboa, Mlem and this webapp.

That is a great variation to the abbreviation! :D

Ah, wait, you get the deleted error message from your instance as well? Then it seems as a bug to me. That would be worth reporting.

I have no idea how can this exact picture happen. Unless you block the IP for lemmy.ml entirely, I do not understand what is happening here. It could be that deleting your account somehow poisoned your browser cache and now everything on lemmy.ml fails to load because of that. You can try to clear it. Otherwise, I am clueless. Sorry :) You can try to create an issue to ask for instruction from more knowledgeable people, if you wish.

Just to explain, each instance can make their own decisions, but then they risk being defederated by other instances for their decisions. On their own instance, they can still function however they want, though.

As I replied to another thread, that would be possible. You can try to create and issue for it.

You are completely right. Disabling the approval feature equals unmoderatable instance (when the bots come), because a human (a moderator) simply cannot compete with a Python script posting spam every few milliseconds. Such instances are therefore instantly defederated by others in order to protect themselves.

That is possible, implementable a clear in its functionality. You can try to open an issue im the websites GitHub repository and see what the developers and others think. Alternatively, you can try to implement this functionality yourself and create a PR for it.

It was. Again, you could do with the slur filter whatever you wanted as an instance admin. And admins of other instances can defederate with your instance for your decision, too.

If someone implements it on the per-instance basis, it works and is not resource heavy, great. But it will be a while, before someone actually gets there.

It is not invite-only. Most instances are approval-only. As I said earlier, as of now, it is a necessary evil.

I disagree. That would not solve the issue with spam bots. Furthermore, the word centralization is forbidden in conjunction with Lemmy in a single sentence :) You cannot create a decentralized self-hosted federated platform and have a centralized account approval server. That goes againts everything decentralization stands for.

This manual approval of new accounts was implemented to battle spam and floods of newly created bot accounts. Sadly, it is a necessary evil as people do not seem to be able to behave themselves (and create bot account to spam), as is always the case.

Yes. I should have clarified. If a post does not have a body, there is nothing to expand, so the option is not visible. It will thus not help if you do not put the GIF in the post body.

As I said, not many use GIFs here, it seems.

Of course, you can always expand the content of any post with the book icon at the right of every post. This will show the GIF in a picture-like mode, too.

It is definitely not optimized for GIFs, like you said. But at least you can fullscreen if you want to without having to click on the post.

Yes. When I move the mouse over it, I can play the GIF, enable sounds and make it fullscreen from the feed or /c/memes, for example. But, as you said, it does not expand below the post (still in the feed).

I can see the GIF from my feed on web UI with basic play/pause buttons without a problem.

I had no idea. Never saw a GIF on Lemmy in all the years :D

AFAIK, seeing what you have shown that you have tried, the cause might be that your instance lemmy.one does not know that something as a !tf2@lemmy.ml exists. That is because nobody from your instance have ever subscribed to that community, so your instance does not download content from this community to your instance. You would have to be the first one to subscribe to that community in order to start federating that community content to your instance.

If pasting https://lemmy.ml/c/tf2 in Jerboa community search produces any results, you would have to go through the web interface first. Subscribe there, and only then you will be able to see its content in Jerboa (on your instance).

This is a mechanism for preventing downloading unnecessary quantities of content from communities nobody on a new instance is interested in and wasting bandwidth and storage space. If someone wants to start federating with a new community, they need to explicitly request to start federating it as describe above.

AFAIK, it is more of a bug than server load issue. This have been going on for a while in Jerboa. Will be hopefully fixed when someone has the time to find the cause of the issue.

That would be greatly appreciated by many, I am sure. Good luck :)

I believe that this is not implemented yet. You will have to go unblock the community on a Lemmy website with a browser. The user profile options are not finished in Jerboa.

I especially like that if you put Firefox and Thunderbird logos next to each other, the mascots are looking at each other. Or deliberately ignoring each other. Depends on the order…

Nevertheless, Lummy sounds cute. It could be used as a name for something related to Lemmy, such as another app or UI (front-end), for example.

Same here. I am eager to test the new Thunderbird/K-9 update, but I believe I will stick with Thunderbird and FairEmail. Just because they are both exactly what I need.

I am so proud of myself that I can read it.

They continue to amaze me… Then again, this is the kind of things one should expect from such projects with such companies behind them. The undergoing “discussion” is a good laugh at the very least.

I personally use Bitwarden as a cloud solution and KeePass (KeePassXC for desktop and KeePassDX for mobile phone) as a local solution (I sync KeePass password database with Syncthing across all my devices).

If you do not trust Bitwarden, you can always self-host your own Bitwarden server (I would use vaultwarden, an unofficial Bitwarden-compatible server written in Rust).

Alternatively, if you do not want your data to be stored on any server whatsoever, KeePass with decentralized synchronization between devices with Syncthing works really great for me.

I hope you find what you are looking for.