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Personally, I think she shouldn’t be on YouTube for a completely different reason. The internet is actually unsafe for children that young and there are a lot of disgusting pervs on YouTube. You’re not supposed to be on social media till you’re 13, and I think even that is too young, a safer age is probably 15 or 16.

And as we’ve seen here, if you’re from a country the west hates, you’re a target. Even if you’re a child. Not against people in the DPRK posting to YouTube, obviously, but for their safety it should be limited to full adults only.

Wait, I thought those were banned! The west would never lie about countries they hate!

Are they going to write a “why are people racist to Russians all of a sudden” op-ed later?


It looks like a high altitude weather balloon, has typical hardware and sensors for a high altitude weather balloon, and is rated for the height of high altitude weather balloons?

By god! It is a spying tool!

Failure to provide your child an extremely low risk and proven to be safe over many decades preventative medicine for a horrible deadly disease that affects not only your own child but everyone around them, and barring any allergies or other conditions that legitimately exempt your child from receiving it, should be considered a textbook case of child abuse under the law and an instant “you’re not fit to be a parent” ruling with foster services getting involved. I’d even say this is not just child abuse but negligent homicide/attempted homicide of both your child and anyone else they come in contact with.

There is no room for tolerance of antivaxxers here. It takes just one antivaxxer to potentially kill hundreds or thousands of people, or in the worst case set humanity’s medical advancement back decades. You take the proven safe vaccine, period.

His parents need to be charged for murder.

They’re trying to rebrand it and take it away from socialists.

Republicans are a disgrace on the colour red.


Also, how much do you want to bet that most of that food is unhealthy as fuck for dogs?

Dogs shouldn’t be eating people food, their bodies are different from us and they require different nutrition!

[!iamveryedgy@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/iamveryedgy) So I noticed that a lot of content on /c/shit____say communities is pretty clearly just people trolling or deliberately saying terrible things trying to get a reaction out of others. Obviously that's still reprehensible behaviour, but IMO, those don't really fit as "shit" a certain group says, because it's specifically intended to piss you off as opposed to a completely serious argument that's a bad take or factually wrong. So I created an alternative community for it!

Still waiting for Dielectric Materialism

That’s not even green! If you shut down nuclear and go back to fossil fuels, that’s worse!

Like, there’s some pretty spicy debates in environmental science on whether nuclear is better or worse than renewables (there are many arguments that it’s better, for example, solar panels and batteries require a ton of harmful reagents to manufacture, way more than the volume of nuclear waste being produced) and whether we should be building new reactors or investing in all renewables, or whether existing ones should be shut down once renewables have replaced everything else, but everyone agrees that it’s way better than fossil fuels and between nuclear and gas, nuclear is better.

It’s more new users I’m worried about. Someone on a communist community goes “hey anyone knows what Lemmygrad is?” without specifying the domain, people could well assume it’s lemmygrad.com, go there, and report back “just checked it out, don’t bother with it, it’s a MAGA site”.

This could actually be really harmful to Lemmygrad. .com hijacking is a very real thing, because when people hear the name of a website they automatically assume it’s a .com domain. Like, name-they-heard.com is just what they’ll instinctively type into the browser. Tons of websites have been seriously affected by domain flippers buying the .com of their site name and redirect it to porn or shock sites, and basically try to get the website to pay ludicrous amounts of money to buy the .com off them so half their clients aren’t getting porn shoved in their faces.

With this, it might be even more insidious because people who don’t know anything about lemmygrad could see their site, and genuinely assume it’s the real Lemmygrad.

Like most anti-femminists, they almost certainly think the words means “female supremacist”, not “please treat female humans like humans”

It’s like Netflix. If you try to watch a show online and you’re not located in China, they just won’t let you.

I think most Mainland stuff is still accessible from HK, but not all. Again, copyright and licensing are to blame.

It’s easier for Chinese people to watch “banned” US media than it is for Americans to watch Chinese media from within freedom land.
First of all, consider that most major media content from official sources like TV shows and movies are geolocked to approved countries. This has way more to do with copyright and licensing than censorship, but it's what it is. Second, consider the fact that *every* VPN around the world advertise that "if you're in China, you can use us to get past censorship" in their marketing. Now, how many VPNs that Westerns use have an actual endpoint inside Mainland China? Totally legal to do btw, but how many prividers actually do it? Which, fun fact, the simple act of jumping the great firewall isn't illegal. It's only illegal of you commit a crime while bypassing the firewall, like if you were posting on a Western porn site or something, in which case it could be used to increase sentencing in court. Technically you can only use VPNs by Chinese companies (many of which still let you jump the firewall BTW), but as far as I know they don't enforce it that much considering how prevalent Western VPNs are over there, and the fact they if they really cared they would have blocked all the major foreign VPN endpoints. Watching even explicitly state censored stuff isn't illegal, it's only illegal if you make, advertise, duplicate, or distribute it. Actually, additional fun fact, access and possession of porn is *generally* legal in China, they only criminalize, again, making, distributing, duplicating, or advertising it, that's just their general philosophy when it comes to banned media. Third, consider piracy. How often do you see Chinese media on western torrent sites or illegal streaming sites? I dunno about you, but pretty much never for me. Meanwhile, plenty of Chinese illegal streaming sites have all the Western shows you could want, and Chinese people torrent stuff all the time. Piracy is technically illegal in China, especially since torrenting counts as distribution, but I've personally never heard it enforced for regular Western movies and TV shows, only for porn and stuff like that. (Source: Am Chinese, lived in China) And there are tons of Chinese streaming sites, hosted in China, which you'd think would be pretty easy for them to shut down if they actually cared about it. All in all, Chinese people aren't starving for Western "freedom" media. The West is starving for Chinese media.

Yup, they’re upgrading existing tracks to higher top speed as well.

Also, China’s newer high speed tracks are all built to allow top speeds of 400 kph or higher, whereas lines, even new ones, in Europe often cap out at speeds in the 300s, with 400 tracks being less common.

Just because people believe it doesn’t mean it’s correct. People believed the sun revolved around the earth too, that was an obvious fact for the longest time.

That’s the whole damn reason papers exist my dude. If you want people to take you seriously, you better justify your views with evidence. This isn’t the middle ages anymore.

Look, can we all agree that it doesn’t even look good? I know a lot of Nazis like to cover their true intentions with “I just think it’s stylish, I didn’t even know it was a Nazi symbol!” With some of the more abstract and lesser known symbols. But this? This looks like a cheap sticker from the goodamn fascist dollar store. Or fascist ShutterStock and someone fired up Inkscape and doodled it in five minutes while not even looking at the screen!

Until they start arresting communists just for identifying as communists. Like in Nazi Germany, or, like Poland and Ukraine currently do.

If proven, then this is the same situation as how the Spanish Flu got its name. It started in the US but Spain was the one most proactive in documenting it (like China is now) and ended up involuntarily getting their country slapped on it.

Take your bets guys! Was it “we don’t even want to know” or was it “holy shit we actually found something in these!”

According to capitalist states, we’re promoting terrorism (aka, socialist revolution). They see us as on the same level as ISIS or Aum Shinrikyo, so probably not.

Just as a rule, we’re not allowed to call out who else did a mod action, but I do tend to self-report my own mod actions just for transparency.

Also: does that mean you’re only ever allowed an account on one instance? If you have accounts on multiple instances (one per instance) and get banned on one, you’re evading a ban by having the others?

I wouldn’t call it ban evasion unless you were specifically using your other account in that way, rather I think most instances will ban all of a person’s known accounts if they’re banning them, but that’s definitely not a hard and fast rule. Pretty sure there are some instances that don’t even prohibit ban evasion.

Not allowed to say who, but I will say that the beehaw ban was not by the Lemmy.ml admins.

Guarantee he wanted to personally start rounding up and gassing the Muslims.

Hey, can I get a preprint of that counter-paper you’re submitting to the Lancet?

My high school’s student council elections had a larger voter turnout.

South Korea has a person that’s literally called the crown prince of Korea.

“I had a dream last night that China slapped my dog. All of China, the landmass, vs my chihuahua. Wham! That’s why Xi Jinping is evil.”

# Text Mirror: >What does decolonization of Hawaii, and the US look like? From one Native Hawaiian's perspective (me) > >The US military is destroying our islands along with the 12 million tourists under foreign billionaire-owned tourism. Too many Americans are buying up our lands forcing us out by jacking home prices to $1.5 million etc. > >But the solution in places like Hawaii, North America is not as simple as everyone who is white or non-indigenous simply leaving. > >If the people in Hawaii & North America could repair the inequities with the indigenous people there, respect treaties, allow indigenous and ethnic minorities to exist as equal yet different - the way Vietnam, China have 50+ ethnic minorities who co-exist, allow them to speak languages, don't mass-arrest imjpoverish, etc - then everyone would not need to leave. > >If the colonizer-mindset people in Hawaii leave and go to N America, that pushes the problem to Native Americans. If they go to Europe, at least you don't have re-settler colonialism. > >When the French colonizers were defeated and kicked out of Vietnam, they were < 5% of the population, had clearly delineated 'us and them' lines, and so decolonization was more straightforward. Most French chose to leave Vietnam, because they were there to extract resources and labor from their 'coolies' and when they couldn't anymore, they went back to Europe. > >At the same time, all people of French/white heritage were not *required* to leave Vietnam after the dismantling of colonial yt supremacist rule. > >As an example, my Vietnamese friend Luna Oi has a white American husband in Vietnam, and he is not required to 'go back to America' because he's white. He simply has to follow the rules of Vietnam, its socialist anti-imperialist country, and co-exist peacefully, and it is fine. Vietnam is 98% indigenous. > >Bolivia is ~60% identifying as indigenous, with a unique history, but they have had great successes with their indigenous-led socialist plurinational - meaning many language, many peoples, coexisting within one state - in the Western sense. > >They do not require the 40% white/non-indigenous identifying people to leave Bolivia and go back to Spain, Europe, US, etc. but over time, they will need to learn to co-exist in actual equality with the indigenous. > >The US is 98% identifying non-indigenous, with ~20-30% non-white identifying. > >The US is the worlds' largest European settler colony by far with 330 million people, and the worlds' capitalist superpower that dwarfs and puppeteers its parent Europe itself. > >The process of undoing colonization, and healing the broken people and ways (including indigenous and non-white people who have had our ways and languages severely harmed by colonization) will not look identifical to either Bolivia or Vietnam, and will be unprecedented in human history - but we can learn from each of these struggles. > >Education, listening to the marginalized, indigenous etc. and implementing that education in concrete ways is certainly an important part of the process. Which is why the US is banning CRT, anything that makes white people 'uncomfortable' from schools. Because it would indeed be the undoing of the US over time. > >Long story short - it will be a long story and there is no easy shortcut out of it, lol. > >If you appreciated this thread, consider helping this Native Hawaiian and family keep doing this educational / decolonizational work with ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/silverspook Or consider becoming a Patreon patron! https://www.patreon.com/neofeud

Life Magazine from 1943 is pro-USSR in a way that seems like alternate history fiction given the Anticommunist hysteria that came soon after
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/695f00ed-112d-4bce-a5c4-39f53b572a5c.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0a30b73c-04ed-47eb-97f2-6b527d67989a.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c677b49f-dc27-45fb-82ee-2cab257ff639.png)

Okay, to be clear, I'm not actually saying you should do drugs. I just found this picture funny and kind of insightful. I intended the title not to be a command, but as an 'if this then that" observation.

What communist/socialist torrents should I seed?
Here's the situation. I have an old 1 TB hard drive that based on it's SMART report, I no longer trust for reliably storing my personal data. It's one of those things where it probably won't give up the ghost for quite a while, but has just enough of a chance of failing tomorrow, that you wouldn't want to risk it. I figured I'd get all the use out of it by storing torrent data until it actually dies, got some Linux distros and some SciHub on it already, but also want to seed some communist or socialist stuff. Anyone got any ideas on what I can put on it in that vein? Send me your magnet links!

Has YouTube been recommending more propaganda lately for anyone else?
I swear, I'll be watching a video about Linux, or cooking, or science, or cute animals and BAM! "Why China is the Devil" or "We Should Nuke North Korea" video smack in the middle of the recommendations! I don't even watch *any* political stuff on YouTube (*because* it's a shitshow), and I have my browser set to auto-delete all of Google's cookies as soon as the browser is closed. Doesn't matter if I'm on the actual YouTube website, NewPipe, or Invidious. Prey tell, YouTube, how is "Top 10 Reasons Why China Should Be Mainland Taiwan" at all a *related* video to "Maintainable Object Oriented Development in PHP, Part 4"? Especially when you somehow always fail to fetch the next part of the series for me?