Publically identify as socialist

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Opinion on Houston arkanas
It’s the most racist place in America or something like that

Idk got any good sources but my dad listened to them but I asked him to stop and he did

What do you mean apolitical they are engaged in politics

What’s worse libertarians or conservatives
I would say conservatives are worse on social policy and libertarians are worse on economic places

Canada Austrila all the Nordic countries and the former empire uk

They always have been holding back progress of humanity

A journal for British millionaires

The spy ballon is really funny to me

So JFK was the 1st non racist president damn America took 35 presidents to have non racist leader bruh moment

You’re right found the video through google images though

A extremely stupid liberal guy

Is it possible to use on iPad

I hate military ads
Reddit keeps giving them to me even though I blocked the us army ad accounts but still won’t fucking stop

Cringe if you name your kid Israel or Ukraine

Do you think more countries will become socialist if China wins

How is it better for torrenting

What’s worse a paleoconservative or a neoconservative
A paleocon is a extremely right wing conservative and Islanoist and a neocon is a very imperialist conservative