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It’s a same. Other companies are probably gonna follow 😔

I use Variety to change my wallpaper each day. I have a wallpaper folder with a bunch of wallpapers, so it doesn’t repeat to often. I (mostly) only pick wallpapers that are not to distracting.

If cheap laptops become a trend, I think Linux laptops would do pretty good. You don’t have to pay for Windows (laptops would be cheaper), and Linux would run better anyway. Or if Linux gets more features not possible on windows. Like maybe easy syncing, file sharing with other Linux computers (maybe over LAN). Almost every non-pc smart devices run Linux, so some kind of interoperability seems logical. One of the most annoying thing is that every device or service has its own ecosystem. The Chrome cast feature on Netflix, YouTube, Odysee, etc. Works fine. But only works one way, and i don’t think I can do it from my laptop to tv, or my phone to laptop, or laptop to my friends laptop. Or even if I’m not on the same LAN.

Another thing is that I feel like almost every Linux program can also run on Windows. If there was a Linux only program that got popular, more people will try Linux, I think.

It’s kinda funny that he did so many things with backups, password manager and so on, to then be locked out of everything. It must be so frustrating.

I think every job will be replaced at some point.

I switched to pipewire about a year ago. There was some small problems in the beginning. Today I don’t run into any problems or bugs at all.