Firm believers in Marxism Leninism, cartoons, and the need for Gulags (I will re-educate you ❤). A disillusioned ex lib and ex mormon, and resident of occupied hawaii. The Empire must burn.

They/Them (She/Her if youre on my good side)

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recent shooting done by a trans person

ignore the rest being white supremacists, its the trans people who are the problem apparently

Americans are accusing all trans people of being terrorists depopulating our schools

I fucking hate this country

Ronald Fucking Reagan. American Fascist but americans thinks hes great

How is this idiot the head of the American Anti-war movement

I feel so tired that I might not want to wake up

it could be passing

maybe not

Walking forward is all I can do

Da book that everyone (even non coms) say they’ve read but they definitely did not understand

we have this specific fight a lot and its nice to see a firm party line on the question being represented. I got tired arguing the last one too lol.

Ivermectin is a sus one, as the chuds in america showed that it doesn’t work nearly as well as one may think. Covid was planned would be strange, since american plans are always for the economy, and this destroyed it and they knew it was going to be destroyed. The broad US government may be more foolish, but engineering a virus is CIA shit, and the CIA are fucking psychotic, but uphold anti-communism and economic growth just as much. I doubt it. The response to covid would have had far better propaganda campaigns prepared (even though the ones here were okay).

okay these dudes are wacks with a glimmer of sense. Masks are a good measure for conspiracy brains, telling if they are just idiots or really trying to know the real deal.

there is also a palestine in Texas

TLDR colonizers are bad at making up new names

In my experience, its far better than Lemmy in every way, I do not like this comparison in the least

The US can’t help but reflexively attack every palestine

Oh no, now they’re starting on his daughter…

Cute Hello Kitty balloon!

Unless its not but still cute kitty ballon

this is just an op to make sure we know how to self purge

I like it

never has anyone predicted this or has historical precedent ever possibly shown that the USA could ever do this fr fr


the ones getting porn probably get it from western sites too

so yes I support the horny police

Horni-gulags are being built

finally, the war is being won

Ive become less visible online and off

But touching some severe grass, getting out there, picking up my life

things aren’t great, but okay, and thats nice.

Death, and It is entirely impossible to fully stress it enough, to the United States and its western puppets

As one who was in it. I hate it. They partner with the religious right to basically train kids to have toxic masculinity issues and further bring them into the church. I hate them.

Socialist scouts would be very cool tho

Marx is going to turn into a singularity with how hard he is spinning in his grave

If you are found without them, you will have books thrust upon you! For example: I'm currently reading through "Killing Hope", which basically clears up any reservations I had about destroying the USA. I thought I knew how bad American Intervention was during the Cold War, but by god was I wrong. Its insane how fucking evil the USA is. I'm also starting my foray through "Capital" and right now its just Marx bashing my head against the definition of a commodity.

It used to be my table, now it is spoopy ghost and also a bunch of other stuff but this is the important one

She made the ultimate sacrifice to dunk on some libs. A true commie.

normies be like: "stalin should have pushed all the way to france!" smh

what do ya’ll use to create your memes?
I've been looking for something better than Imgflip.

cross-posted from: > Stand in rage as wind and current clash > > rile lightning and thunder > > fire surge and boulder crash > > Let the ocean eat and scrape away these walls > > Let the sand swallow their fences whole > > Let the air between us split the atmosphere > > We have no land No country > But we have these bodies these stories > this language of rage left > > This resistance is bitter > and tastes like medicine Our lands > replanted in the dark and warm there > > > We unfurl our tangled roots stretch > > to blow salt across > > blurred borders of memory > > They made themselves > fences and bullets checkpoints > gates and guardposts martial law > > They made themselves > hotels and mansions adverse > possession eminent domain and deeds > > They made themselves > > shine > > through the plunder > > They say we can never— They say > we will never—because > because they— > > and the hills and mountains have been > mined for rock walls the reefs > pillaged for coral floors > > They say we can never— > and the deserts and dunes have been > shoveled and taken for their houses and highways— > > because we can never— because > the forests have been raided razed > and scorched and we we the wards > > refugees houseless present- > absentees recognition refusers exiled > uncivilized disposable natives > > > protester-activist-terrorist-resisters— > > our springs and streams have been > > dammed—so they say we can never return > > let it go accept this > progress > > stop living > > > in the past— > > > but we make ourselves > > strong enough to carry all of our dead > > engrave their names in the clouds > > > We gather to sing whole villages awake > > We crouch down to eat rocks like fruit > > to hold the dirt the sand in our hands > > to fling words > > the way fat drops of rain > > splatter off tarp or corrugated roofs > > We remember the sweetness > > We rise from the plunder > > They say there is no return > > they never could really make us leave

Read one Marxist Leninist essay by the end of sunday, then post your analysis if you finish. You can also post what essays you want to read, then edit the comment to include your analysis. They can be from any Marxist Leninist, and you can do a book if you want. Theory only though, not a history book. This is laid back, but some regular challenges to encourage more theory reading is always okay. If you find the Essay you read too short, then you can read multiple! I'm going to read "[Guerrilla Warfare](" by Lenin, and "[One Step Forward, Two Steps Back](" also by lenin.

Remember to first try to post in other communities!
Diversity and multiple active communities is a good thing! I already see many branching out, so this is more of a small reminder for either new people, or just something to soothe the itch to post said reminder.

Footage of the aftermath from the American bastard’s “freedom operation” in Vietnam. Remember why they must pay
The fuckers have the **gall** to start using their white savior bullshit on vietnam again? I'll fucking burn down their houses and buildings if they want to go warmonger on the Vietnamese. They have no shame, so maybe they should feel fear. America needs to be put in a prison and re-education camp, and all army men sent to beg for an apology from the people they burned.

Any good Soviet World War 2 books
I always hear all the western novels about hitler's rise and whatnot, but any good ones by non-western or soviet historians?

If you're a fascist, you deserve nothing less than the fires of hell to scream for the rest of your days, scum.