‘The political desperadoes and ignoramuses, who say they would “Rather be Dead than Red”, should be told that no one will stop them from committing suicide, but they have no right to provoke a third world war.’ — Morris Kominsky, 1970

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Good grief… if the U.S.S.R. was the Reich’s ‘ally’ then so was Poland, France, the United Kingdom, and every other piss bucket in Europe.

To quote my thesis:

It was no doubt disgraceful that Soviet Russia should make any agreement with the leading Fascist state; but this reproach came ill from the statesmen who went to Munich. […] [The German–Soviet] pact contained none of the fulsome expressions of friendship which Chamberlain had put into the Anglo–German declaration on the day after the Munich conference.

Indeed Stalin rejected any such expressions: “the Soviet Government could not suddenly present to the public German–Soviet assurances of friendship after they had been covered with buckets of filth by the [Fascist] Government for six years.” The pact was neither an alliance nor an agreement for the partition of Poland. Munich had been a true alliance for partition: the British and French dictated partition to the Czechs. The Soviet government undertook no such action against the Poles.

They merely promised to remain neutral, which is what the Poles had always asked them to do and which Western policy implied also. More than this, the agreement was in the last resort anti‐German: it limited the German advance eastwards in case of war, as Winston Churchill emphasized. […] [With the pact, the Soviets hoped to ward] off what they had most dreaded—a united capitalist attack on Soviet Russia. […] It is difficult to see what other course Soviet Russia could have followed.

— A.J.P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War

The Kremlin wasn’t staffed with amnesiacs; they had the common sense to know that the capitalists were going to reinvade Soviet Eurasia. The question was when; intelligence reports were often contradictory, which was why Moscow hesitated before fighting back.

See Molotov’s explanation.

[I]t was impossible not to miscalculate. How could you know when the enemy would attack? We knew we would have to deal with him, but on what day or even what month. […] We are blamed because we ignored our intelligence. Yes, they warned us. But if we had heeded them, had given Hitler the slightest excuse, he would have attacked us earlier.

We knew the war was coming soon, that we were weaker than Germany, that we would have to retreat. The question was, retreat to where—to Smolensk or to Moscow, that’s what we discussed before the war.

We knew we would have to retreat, and we needed as much territory as possible. We did everything to postpone the war. And we succeeded—for a year and ten months. We wished it could have been longer, of course. Stalin reckoned before the war that only in 1943 would we be able to meet the Germans as equals.


On the whole, everyone expected the war would come and it would be difficult, impossible for us to avoid it. We delayed it for a year, for a year and a half. If Hitler had attacked us half a year earlier, you know, bearing in mind our situation then, it would have been very dangerous.

So it was impossible to begin obvious preparations without revealing to German intelligence that we were planning serious measures. We took many serious steps, but still not enough. We didn’t have time to finish very much. Some think Stalin should have to answer for all this. But there was the people’s commissar for defense, the chief of the general staff…


Also, that Wikipedia link does not support the Redditor’s claim.

For some reason lately I’ve been fretting over something in particular that I said several years ago. I wrote ‘Third Reich analogies are shit and they should not be necessary to get a point across.’ I kind of regret saying that; I feel like it was too harsh and I only said it because I was angry at the time.

While I agree that Reich analogies can be a crude way of getting a point across (being rhetorical shortcuts) and I prefer that nobody overuse them (like the right does), I don’t want anybody to scorn lower‐class people for using them against their oppressors either. In general, I believe that the ways in which we respond to our oppression should preferably not be controlled; that can only make an unpleasant situation worse, and anyway, we have legitimate grievances.

At one point in 2020 I became acquainted with a communist on Twitter who compared the U.S. police force to the Wehrmacht. I found that inaccurate, personally, but given how the police oppress us I didn’t bother nitpicking. In fact, it was a nice opportunity for me to share examples of antisemitic neofascists in the police force.

What pisses me off is when somebody equates the oppressed (e.g., Palestinians, lower‐class communists) with the Reich instead. That is when the analogies go from being mildly questionable to enraging and make me regret the very phenomenon of Godwin’s law. On the other hand, that is probably a slight overreaction on my part.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on myself?

“seven taboo” topics that are banned from discussion in classrooms, including freedom of speech, universal values, civil rights and past mistakes the party made.

Sounds legit; I’m sure that Bloomberg isn’t misrepresenting or grossly oversimplifying reality (again).

A 2002 report from The Lancet said that the DPRK actually pursued ‘aggressive and unsustainable strategies to maximise the output of its land, only 15% of which is arable’, which blatantly contradicts the ignorant (or willfully dishonest) anticommunists’ claim that the land is ‘underutelized’.

Now, regarding the malnourished millions factoid:

[D]espite a precarious economy, the end of systematic government provision of food to the population, and a decline in assistance from international organizations after 2001, the data shows that by the mid‐2010s, national levels of severe wasting, an indication of famine‐like conditions in the population, were lower than in other low income countries globally and on a par with those prevailing in other developing countries in East Asia and the Pacific.

Finally, seeing as how these anticommunists admitted that they ‘don’t want to deal with the population after the Kim’s are gone’, I have a sneaking suspicion that they would resort to something like this so that nobody would have to deal with the population ever again.

Lewis saw how many Angelenos were attracted to colorful yet dangerous demagogues such as Gerald B. Winrod, the far-right Kansas evangelist known as the Jayhawk Nazi, who was later shown to be in the service of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda; Father Charles Coughlin, whose weekly anti-Semitic rants reached 14 million people; and William Dudley Pelley, head of the Silver Legion of America (commonly known as the Silver Shirts), a fascist and anti-Semitic organization whose members donned uniforms much like the ones Brownshirts wore that they sewed themselves so as not to wear anything touched by Jews.

(Emphasis added. Source.)

I bet that they’re all constantly thinking, ‘Thank God that I live under a neoliberal state and not in a commulist country like China or Cuba.’

To any lurkers: you’ll likely have to download a third‐party application to access that video now.

Anyway, that is a good video. It should have been harsher with regards to the scientific inaccuracy, but given the limited length I would say that the response is adequate; it covers some very glaring issues.

In 1907, a peasant uprising erupted across Romania. […] The Conservative government was replaced by a Liberal one on 12 March, which declared a state of emergency. Concerned that infantry regiments might sympathize with the rebels, the Romanian Army primarily relied on cavalry and artillery regiments to fire on peasant crowds, leaving thousands dead and wounded.


Liberals courting peasant voters, who now made up most of the electorate, blamed social, economic, and political problems on Jews to divert anger away from the party’s failure to deliver on promises of a better life in Greater Romania. The reality that many Jews barely eked out a living in rural towns or working-class slums was irrelevant.


If this so called “jews” ( probably zionists )


I almost never think of Zionists as Jews.

I know that a substantial number of them are, yeah, but it almost never crosses my mind; it’s like how people in general either don’t notice or don’t care that somebody is righthanded or lefthanded.

George S. Patton was a scumbag
>Patton seems to respond to a combative press conference that took place just two weeks prior in which Patton was blamed for the appalling living conditions at many camps for Displaced Persons, many of whom were Jews. > >As a result of this press conference, General Eisenhower reportedly ordered Patton to improve [the camps under his area of command](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/317643) and to attend a Yom Kippur service. > >The letter, all but confirming the poor conditions of the Displaced Persons camps, reads: “So far as the Jews are concerned, they do not want to be placed in comfortable buildings. They actually prefer to live as many to a room as possible. They have no conception of sanitation, hygiene or decency and are, as you know, the same sub-human types that we saw in the internment camps." > >The letter also refers to the people of the Soviet Union as “the degenerate descendants of Genghis Khan” and says the envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness in Europe "passes beyond belief."

:::spoiler Transcript >According to Mises (1951 [1922], 87, 104, n1), ‘Waking and dreaming, man’s wishes turn upon sex.’ His fiancée (1976, 28, 23) recalled: > >Sometimes I did not see him for weeks. But I knew very well that he was in town. At least twice daily the telephone rang, and when I answered there was silence at the other end of the line — not a word was spoken. I knew it was Lu … I was so tormented, so torn to pieces that the children must have felt it. > >**Mises also gratified himself by feeling Margit’s six‐year‐old daughter: ‘I wanted to touch Gitta’s hair and think of you.’** (Emphasis added.) ::: \ ([Source.](https://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=64DED654DFB1FE6B9B370196DE915C51))

Good video; this is the best critique that I have seen of him. I myself suspect that he was a utopian socialist for a (very brief) period in his life before becoming an ex‐socialist, which is not that unusual of a development among reactionaries. See Karl Popper, & alii.

“All I knew was that I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against the evil‐spirited little beasts who tried to make my job impossible.”

Damn, he was both‐sidesing in life earlier than I thought.

Honestly, Putin is a conservative dick; screw him. The only reasons that I don’t say that more often are A. we all already know that, B. we can easily read and hear that anywhere else, and C. I think that it would only end up drawing attention away from the Western ruling classes that provoked this conflict in the first place. It would be more‐or‐less analogous to repeatedly criticizing Haile Selassie during the reinvasion and occupation of Ethiopia: it wouldn’t exactly be wrong, but it would miss the point.

Which of these is the WORST COUNTRY on EARTH?

  • A. America
  • B. China
  • C. Israel
  • D. Japan

TRUE or FALSE: Giving food and shelter to the homeless will not force the enslavement and genocide of middle‐class billionaires.

  • True
  • False

Which of these countries HAS NOT banned FREEDOM?

  • A. Russia
  • B. America
  • C. North Korea
  • D. Africa

These are (presumably) Poland’s ‘national heroes’
>Other testimonies not only expressed fear but recorded stories of Home Army violent crimes against the Jews. One of these was the account of Karolina Kremer given in December 1945. […] In the spring of 1944, Kremer recounted narrowly escaping death by a man she described as a Home Army fighter. “AK bandits tracked us like wild animals,” she testified, continuing in the following manner: > >>I came across a wall of AK people. [The leader] asked me to come closer to him. He came up behind me with a rifle. “Now you’re a dirty Jewess who has [fallen] into my hands. From my hands you will surely not escape.” I started to cry horribly, pleading with him to spare my life. I knelt down and started kissing his legs in hopes that he would spare such a young person. “No one will help you. Your dead body will be lying here,” he said, showing me the place. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, got up and ran into the nearby shrubs. He shot at me several times unsuccessfully. I was terrified but ran further and vanished into the forest. > > […] > >The story of Henryk Herstein, born 1921 in Kraków, was similar. Henryk and his brother escaped from the Płaszów ghetto outside Kraków in April 1942. They traveled some 23 miles north to Walbrom where his brother, using false papers, joined the Home Army partisans. The brother told the author the story that one of the partisans confessed that he had taken part in the killing of Jews. I couldn’t read past this point.

It would help, yes. I was unconvinced with his argument against anarchism, but the rest of the book is still very useful. It’s also a compelling case that the destruction of the U.S.S.R. caused far more harm than good.

I can’t promise that these will persuade them too, but I can speak from personal experience when I say that reading Inventing Reality and Human Rights in the Soviet Union strongly reduced my negativity regarding the people’s republics, even if I was still unsure that state socialism was the best way to go. My view on state socialism (‘state capitalism’, I preferred to call it) evolved from it being an obstacle to it being an acceptable alternative (if not inevitability).

>From 1966-68, John Singlaub commanded the Studies and Observations Group, a top secret “joint unconventional warfare task force” during the Vietnam War, which apparently made him “one of the on-site commanders” of Operation Phoenix, the CIA’s secretive assassination program that murdered thousands of Vietnamese civilians. 20 years later, after the Iran-Contra affair spilled into the open, journalist Peter Tarr reported for the *Los Angeles Times* that he “turned up evidence that the counterinsurgency strategy advocated by Singlaub and other private American citizens on the far right for use in Central America now had taken firm root in the Philippines.”

>[Marek Jan] Chodakiewicz, who describes himself as "a Christian conservative of Polish ancestry," **has written favorably about Francisco Franco, the late anti-Communist dictator known for his brutal suppression of the Spanish left. He is an admirer of the late shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, an autocratic leader who criticized American Jews for "controlling" U.S. media and finance. He sees gay rights as a threat to society**, has linked President Barack Obama to communists and domestic terrorists, and is a voluble critic of what he sees as Western "political correctness." > >**But it is Poles' killing of Jews during and after the war, and Poland's image as a result, that commands much of Chodakiewicz's attention**… "*The guy is an ideologist of the radical right,*" says Jan T. Gross, a Princeton University history professor and the Polish-born author of two acclaimed books about the Poles' murder of Jews during and after World War II — books that sparked a political firestorm in Poland because they suggested a high level of Catholic anti-Semitism. "I don't have any doubts that he's anti-Semitic." > >University of Toronto Polish history professor Piotr Wróbel is less blunt. Chodakiewicz, he says, "has spent almost 30 years in the states — he would never use a phrase or adjective that would clearly identify him as an anti-Semite." But, he adds, "There is no doubt whatsoever that he doesn't like the Jews." Charming.

One more push will fill a container of solidarity aid for Cuba!
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Elon Musk is actively taking suspension requests from right wing provocateur and neofascist mouthpiece Andy Ngô, and has suspended @crimethinc.

Yes, I know that CrimethInc. is postleftist trash, but that’s beside the point: this is going to set a precedent for cracking down on dozens, if not hundreds of other antifascist accounts in the previsible future, while neofascists like the example that you shared are going to go untouched. Expect Twitter’s audience to undergo further homogenization soon.

That’s not good enough. The reason that the German Reich temporarily arrested him had nothing to do with his antisemitic fascism (pg. 248):

In accordance with an order from Heydrich on 13 September 1941, a number of leading OUN-B members, including Bandera and Stets’ko, were arrested on 15 September, the reason for which was the assassination of [OUN‐M members] Stsibors’kyi and Senyk on 30 August in Zhytomyr.

Furthermore (pg. 286):

The Providnyk was released from Zellenbau on 28 September 1944, and was kept in Berlin under house arrest. Shortly afterwards, the Germans also released Stets’ko, Mel’nyk, Bul’ba-Borovets’, and about 300 other OUN members who had been held in different camps. While under house arrest Bandera could move about the city and meet other people. In a bulletin on 14 November the OUN announced that “the Leader Stepan Bandera is free.” The Nazis had released Bandera and some other special political prisoners from Zellenbau because Germany was losing the war and wanted to organize Russians, Ukrainians, and other Eastern Europeans for the last struggle against the Red Army.

Quoting Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe’s Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist, pages 171–2:

In his autobiography from 1959, Bandera also wrote that he demanded that the policies of the OUN should be less dependent on outside factors, by which he meant cooperation with Nazi Germany. This claim from 1959, however, corresponds neither with the OUN-B’s actions in 1940–1941, nor with what Bandera expressed in an undated letter to Mel’nyk, written in August 1940, when he was outraged at the rumor spread by Baranovs’kyi that Bandera was hostile to Nazi Germany.

That suggests that there’re anticommunists who find him especially troublesome. Maybe he can take pride in that. Raiders and prank callers usually ignore me because I am so boring that I’m not even worth the effort.

I honestly believe that most self‐identified anticommunists would agree with that, even for victims who were little children, which many were (NSFL). Despite their repeated mentioning of various body counts that they assign to us, anticommunists not only normalize violence; they openly glorify it.

If you try to show them atrocities that their movement committed, your chances of receiving as little as one concerned response are pretty low. You’ll be lucky if you even get a half‐assed apology like ‘maybe some mistakes were made’, ‘nobody’s perfect’, or ‘sorry if you were offended’.

Their default excuse basically boils down to ‘at least it wasn’t communism’.

Otherwise, they rush as fast as possible to find a single possible ‘flaw’ somewhere in the accusations: usually something that they could have easily understood themselves by being more patient, taking their research seriously.

Whoa whoa whoa, look, just because anticommunists have human rights violations in their own countries doesn’t mean that they’re insincere when they focus on ones thousands of miles away! I’m sure that they care deeply about the recriminalization of abortion in the U.S., just not now, and not here, and not the ones who recriminalized it.

That’s a good point to raise. ‘Taxing the rich’ certainly sounds like a good idea at first, and I can sympathize with it, but ultimately it’s nothing more than a short‐term solution that can address the symptoms, but not the causes, of capitalism’s consequences.

Fascism has surprisingly little stigma in Italy. Fascist statues are left alone, the Mussolini family is politically active and well respected, and very little attention is paid to Italian Fascism’s (atrocious) history in Africa and its complicity in the Shoah.

Obviously the Chicoms forced him to say that.

I’m sure that his death sentence will go into effect soon. Who knows, maybe it did immediately after they shut off the camera.

Poof. Argument invalid.

Yeah, this is not how you draw people in. First of all, the message does not need to be in ALL CAPS. Second, the message either needs to be abbreviated or less noticeable than a larger one that can quickly entice the passer‐by. Finally…a mere flier is unlikely to suffice. Demonstrate yourself doing something good, like giving a sleeping bag or food to a houseless person, explain that you are doing this because you are anarchist/socialist, and if they become curious, then you offer a flier.

I can understand why these anarchists would immediately pick shortcuts like this one—I’ve certainly been there myself—but as they accumulate experience, they’re going to learn the sad truth that these brute‐force tactics rarely work.

Because it was a casual environment (rather than something more formal like a school or a funeral) and the video likely wasn’t addressed to any Fascist officials either (being a mere home video), so there was no ceremonial obligation to perform one. The possibility that they did it mostly to amuse themselves wouldn’t contradict their profascism, of course.

It could be, as @Aru@lemmygrad.ml said, a ‘Roman’ salute, which was already standard in Fascist Italy. (It’s highly unlikely to be a Bellamy salute: a U.S. phenomenon.)

I’ve researched this before and it’s highly likely that it was a heil (albeit maybe done ‘just for fun’ judging from the casual setting).

I certainly won’t scorn anybody for taking joy out of this, but for me personally, another toff biting the dust excites me about as much as a swatted fly does.

You may be thinking about this piece by Mike Bedard & al., where at the end they offer some counterpoints to the exaggerations about the Versailles Treaty. The problem is that ‘the reparations burden continued to fall on Germany — and the German ruling classes naturally passed it on to the workers’, as @juchebot88@lemmygrad.ml said.

Simply put: the Versailles Treaty was awful, but not for the reasons that many think.

It’s obvious that the CCP is deliberately influencing Pokemon to brainwash millennials into believing that everybody is equal, hence why an Eevee can hold a glass of juice just as well as a human.

This is not a glitch.

They call themselves ‘national-anarchists’ and yes, they want to be taken seriously.

There goes the last of the giants, now comfortably settled in with Reagan and Thatcher. He probably wasn’t as malicious as either, but he was almost definitely more useless than both.

See you, space cowboy.

deported German settlers from the country

I remember getting into an argument with an antisocialist on Reddit years ago who said elsewhere that I was justifying ‘ethnic cleansing’. I was enraged reading that.

Capitalists have always liked synchronizing class with ethnicity when possible, as we can see in Apartheid South Africa. It isn’t the decolonizers’ fault that it looks like an ethnic issue.


Soviet famine (of 1932–3). ‘Holodomor’ is a dysphemism coined by Ukrainian ultranationalists.

Nazis argue that literally no one died during the Holocaust

Not exactly. Most of them prefer to argue that it was ‘only a few’ Jews who died and that they probably died by accident anyway.

How Stalin defeated Nazi Germany
A little-known fact about Joseph Stalin was that one of his superpowers was slowing down time. This means that he could do everything at a rate faster than Superman and the Flash combined. He was zooming around everywhere on the Eastern Front, firing every single Mosin–Nagant and T‐34 that was lying around, and the anticommie invaders were all suddenly falling down like dominoes because they couldn’t possibly keep up with him. The entire Red Army was just chillin’ out on their lawnchairs, sipping lemonade and watching the spectacle as Stalin was there in person to do all the work for them. It’s true; I was there to witness all of this myself and I was born in 1939.

Why do modernistic antagonists always have to be foreign terrorists?
Maybe the answer is more obvious than I think, but I don’t know how to explain it. It seems like since at least the 1990s (if not the late 1980s) the default antagonists in realistic, contemporary settings have not been governments or nation‐states, but foreign terrorists. You can find this trope in almost anything modernistic, from *24* to *Bad Boys* to *Call of Duty* sequels to the *Diehard* series to *James Bond* sequels to obscurities like *Nuclear Strike* to the *Soldier of Fortune* series to *Syphon Filter* to Lady‐only‐knows how many Tom Clancy books/films/games/shows/songs/baseball cards. Hardly anybody seems to find anything weird about this. What is so fascinating about foreign terrorists?