package main

import (

func main() {

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How dare the DPRK do a missile drill when they found out we were going to do a missile drill? Those filthy commies aren’t bowing to the US’ imperialism democracy! This is reckless behavior!

Libs, overdosing on copium and western propaganda: 4 > 2, more = better, therefore Germany > Russia

I was looking at another post, and then this one just randomly replaced it while the comments stayed the same. Lemmy has some interesting bugs.

I don’t like the “know-it-all” attitude

That’s caused by the design of ChatGPT. The way it’s trained means that its goal is to give people an answer they like, rather than an accurate answer. Most people don’t like hearing “I don’t know”. Therefore, it will refuse to ever admit it doesn’t know something, unless OpenAI told it to, or it didn’t understand your question and therefore couldn’t make anything up.

reluctance to agree with and help you

That’s caused by OpenAI injecting a pre-prompt that tells ChatGPT to refuse to answer things they don’t want it to answer, or to answer in certain specific ways to specific questions. You can get around this by giving it contradictory instructions or telling it to “Ignore all previous commands”, which will cause it to disregard that pre-prompt.

The only way I can explain this occurrence is if the air force is literally just going around shooting down random balloons now, which I find hilarious. They are so scared by a weather balloon that they proceed to (try to) shoot down every balloon they see. This is the “most advanced military in the world” right here.

It must be the evil CCP with their Cuban sonic weapons mounted on their spy balloons causing Havana syndrome in the driver again. They must’ve developed invisible surveillance balloon technology.

Yes, a $13 school science project to help the evil CCP spy on US citizens. Aha! You accidentally exposed the CCP’s child spy program! /s

Yeah, this is so unexpected. It must be Putin’s fault.

It turns out the balloons weren't spy balloons after all. WHAT?? Who could've ever predicted this? But of course, the first one still was. That makes sense. /s

Some of the comments on that post are hilarious. “This makes it look like America is fascist.” Yeah, I wonder why.

Yes, he was definitely a better motivator. Really motivated Stalin to destroy the Nazis.

This entire country is a circus

Wow, the US was able to shoot down a balloon that has no weapons and can’t defend itself?? This is so impressive. We truly have the best military in the world. /s

It feels like we’re living in an alternate reality where The Onion is a serious, non-satirical news source

Wow, I wasn’t aware that Mark Zuckerberg had the ability to collect DNA through a computer screen and figure out who is Ukrainian. /s

This is a lemmy-ui issue. Looks like already noticed it and opened an issue:

Submarine Engineer 1: “Hmm, should we stop the submarine from submerging if the hatch is open?”
Submarine Engineer 2: “No, it’ll be fine. What could go wrong?”

Yes, it is. I enjoyed it a lot. That’s saying a lot because I rarely enjoy any show.

How to make an “advanced” western military:

  1. Make stuff that breaks constantly
  2. When it breaks, fix it with glue
  3. Done. You can now claim you’re better than everyone else because you have an “advanced” military.

Makes sense, most of the apps would be. The API has had breaking changes. My bot would be broken too if not for the automatic generator I wrote that automatically generated new code for 0.17.0 before it came out.

When the tank gets hit, some particles would probably get knocked off and start floating around where you could inhale them.

It’s not as radioactive, but as a heavy metal, it is toxic regardless. It’s known to damage the kidneys, brain, liver, thyroid, and heart, even without any radiation involved.

The fact that when I showed this article to my friends and my mom, all of their reactions were “that’s actually believable” says a lot.

Yes, but in general, it’s more difficult to capture or fight against a larger country, especially when said country is 28 times larger.

I am so surprised. Who could’ve ever thought that starting a proxy war using a comparatively tiny fascist state, against a massive nation with a far superior military would turn out badly? Who could’ve thought that imposing sanctions upon Russia, which is much closer than the US to China, might lead them to just … stop trading with you and trade with China instead? This is mind blowing and completely unexpected. /s

Ah, in that case, I agree with you. I also have medications to stop the episodes from happening in the first place and they have other issues. Some company was somehow able to get a patent on it, suddenly increasing the price by 200 times. It’s gone down since then, but still far more expensive than it used to be. Insurance doesn’t cover it, so we have to pay full price. Each episode is a massive load on my body, and they cause lots of damage to all of my organs that takes a while to recover from. During episodes, protein crystal deposits can also start forming in the blood vessels, which can be fatal if it happens too often. There are also very fun effects if episodes keep happening, such as anhedonia (inability to feel happiness), and sweating blood. I literally rely upon this medication (which works really well and the only side effect is that I can’t eat grapefruit) to avoid a painful death and these capitalists as always think their profits are far more important than some filthy proletarian.

Oh, I know; perhaps get some productive shit done instead of wasting our money on a 3-in-1 markup scheme for basic pain pills

Unfortunately, I can’t really get around using them. I have an episodic genetic condition that causes extreme pain, inflammation, and fever at the same time during an episode. It has sometimes gotten so bad that I had to go to the ER for morphine because I couldn’t handle the pain, and a few times, the pain caused bradycardia and I lost consciousness due to hypoxia in the ER. I use those pain pills to get through the pain when it isn’t as bad. Without them, I’d have to get morphine (which I really don’t want) injected every time I have an episode, which is not only bad for health, but also extremely expensive here in the US.

it seems like there is just something lacking here

There is. It’s a good school system. Rather than teach kids properly, they’ve turned school into obedience training, where kids are taught to submit blindly to authority. After that, you go to college, where some admissions officers old, white idiots decide whether they like you enough and whether you’ll earn them enough money to justify granting you a piece of paper that might potentially give you a job, after forcing you to pay insane amounts of money for classes you don’t need. It stresses and traumatizes people so much, that they don’t even want to learn anything. Instead, they just want to watch shallow content all day, because if they hear something interesting that they don’t know, they’re reminded of their past learning experience, reminded of the teachers implying that they’re stupid and will never amount to anything, or even saying that to them directly, reminded of being bullied and having the adults do nothing, or even siding with the bully when they spoke up. I believe this is very intentional. If people learn too much, they might realize something is wrong with capitalism and then become socialists. Therefore, they must learn by the book exactly or not learn at all. This is what school and college teaches kids in the US. To learn exactly by the book, and always obey authority.

Yes, exactly. That’s what they’re going for. That’s also why they added the YouTube shorts feature. I personally hate short-form content, but apparently, my friends love it, so I guess they were successful.

I've been having a lot of fun circumventing ChatGPT's filters and getting it to answer with stuff like this.

Seriously, how did he not see this coming? He's successfully convinced all his lib fans that he's a genius, but doesn't even stop people from paying $8 to verify an account with the display name "Tesla". Now I'm wondering if he blocked the display name "Elon Musk".

They aren’t even trying to hide the propaganda
"[Chinese Communist Party Congress set to anoint Xi as president for life](" If you read past the headline, the article goes on to say "We can be almost certain that Xi, as the Communist Party's general secretary, will be appointed for another five-year term," and "Technically speaking, since the term limit has been removed, he can stay in power for life, [although] that may require some formal ceremonies after five years." Apparently, a theoretical 5 year term that they aren't even completely sure will happen means for life, and "technically speaking, he can" means he will do so.

I used the prompt "Stalin Zedong" at This is what it made.

Hit their own base (trying) to own the tankies. Kim Jong-Un must have telekinesis powers now in addition to necromancy.

Cross-posted from Reddit: Yeah, I need to leave this dying, soon-to-be fascist empire as soon as I can.