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I’m just Aru, I think the name is short enough to not need pronouns. The berber text in the pfp means “goodnight” and the arabic means “we’ll be back soon”

Mental illnesses: depression, schizophrenia, liking men and anxiety.

Gone for now.

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They’re so ahead of the rest of the world new year is now

To anyone saying Karl was a pacifist who wanted socialism through non violent democracy: why does he hold a gun here

It’s 3 am here and I’m seeing shit,don’t fuck with me

Nonsense noway this works west will never do this you are a dummy dum dum

Speaking of their treatment of maids here’s this vis //TW death

For the passport thing I remember a contreversy in kuwait when they were implementing a law against taking away the maid’s passport and actual influencers were complaining.

Also those countries have like 50 uses bases or someshit in them, what western imperialism do they stand against?

AGM countries sometimes offer Algerians opportunities to live there and every single person who went there that I know of said something about everything being unofferdable.

Also they were predicted by the prophet, a hadith says that the hour will not come unless you see bare foot sepherds showing off tall buildings. Pretty cool ig…

My g, I don’t think you get it, I am rn in the break, I have something important to do in June and I must be ready for

I’ll go touch grass (books) and disappear until mid June in a few days

USA doesn’t need nukes to be an international threat, dprk uses it to defend itself from the international threat

America has 50 gazzilion social credits, there’s the obvious credit score but also star bucks points and whatever else has a point system based on "nnngfseee

I’ve talked to one who was against the Cuban revolution because they lived in a dictatorship and that the US was fair in the embargo because “what should’ve castro expected insulting his strongest neighbor”

Best days where when I walked my grandma around,worst is when she… 💔

Edit: I seem to have misunderstood the assignment,anyhow the whole gas crisis in Europe and Algeria using it to bully European countries.

Ok then, change of plans, blind pillow fight where both of us will have blindfolds beat off each other with pillows

I need how tall are you to buy a right sized coffin and how much you weigh to see if we’re taking you in a hearse or a semi

If I watched the vids without subs I’d still understand the cringe


Some American congressmen want to sanction Algeria for purchasing Russian weapons, Thoughts on that?
Which is an ironic thing considering [America itself bought helicopters from Russia](,States%20did%20not%20handle%20the%20purchase%20and%20delivery.) what are they going to do? sanction themselves now? The bill hasn't been passed (yet) but it was earlier just a call from [Marco Rubio]( I want to hear your opinions on the matter, do y'all think it'll escalate any further? Also, it's interesting they want to do it now after blowing up that Nord pipeline.