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You got me before I could edit and clarify.

I don’t claim it isn’t true as a blanket statement. I said I would hesitate to make that claim. I’m not making any positive claim here, I’m in fact stating that I don’t make blanket statements if I don’t feel I have enough data.

I’m sure that’s true for some, but I would hesitate to make that as a blanket statement.

“The third world is not poor. You don’t go to poor countries to make money. Most countries are rich. Only the people are poor. Ordinary people pay the costs of empire. These countries are not underdeveloped, they are over exploited.” -Michael Parenti

“Freedom of speech” went out the window faster than Superman when Lois Lane is falling from a 10th story window.

“Scaled to a timeline.”

This is one of the wildest and scariest consequences of capitalism. The sheer volume of mass death under capitalism means nothing because life doesn’t matter to capitalism defenders. One just makes up 100’s of millions of deaths, declares an equivalence, and continues on down the line.

Twitter is also censoring Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, but the dude that stoked a coup attempt in the States is cool apparently.

I think that looking at marriage as a “market” is the wrong approach from the get go.

I experience it. It’s funny you mention the electric clippers, that was my first experience with it too. It was never anything I sought or thought too deeply about, but those electric clippers buzzing next to me head always produced a pleasant, tingly sensation in my head.

I discovered the term ASMR and the videos on YouTube maybe 4 or 5 years ago, and I have been known to enjoy them from time to time. I noticed pretty quickly that different triggers, voices, sound quality, etc produced (or didnt produce) different results. Very few things are as strong and tingly as those electric clippers IRL, but tapping, rain and various sounds definitely relax me, make me feel somewhat “hypnotized,” tingly or sleepy. It’s nice! Too much of it does seem to dull the sensation so I don’t use it regularly anymore.

It could have been taken during lockdown. It also could have been taken at the new Dunkin in my town on any weekday since it opened, post-lockdown.

Greta is correct, but I fear that the full power of the continued red scare will be brought to bear and inflict the final blow on her having much sway in the States.