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Gonna miss that sub, I wouldn’t be an ML if it wasn’t for r/GenZedong r/GenZhou

Before 2019 I swear I saw some libs use this map of China

or Western Xia

So i just found a bug, when someone makes a post and deletes it i can still see it even when its deleted

To that Hungarian person

Yeah I"m a fan of Ukraine

Downvoting lib is back

r/NonCredibleDefense as well

Comrade rose & Rattete, I don’t know why they disappeared, as for Aru, This was there last post.

::: spoiler Full Speech “Mexicans, Mexicans, long live Independence! Long live Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla! Long live Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez! Long live Ignacio Allende! Long live Leona Vicario! Long live José María Morelos y Pavón! Long live Vicente Guerrero!”, Said the Mexican president before thousands of people. Long live!”, Was the response that he received again and again. “Long live the anonymous heroes! Long live freedom! Long live equality! Long live justice! Long live democracy! Long live sovereignty! Long live universal brotherhood! Long live peace!” continued the president. Just at that moment, and to the surprise of those present, the Mexican president changed "long live them" to "die them." “Death to corruption! Death to classism! Death to racism!” López Obrador said. Before concluding and ringing the bells, he launched three more “alives”. One for the indigenous peoples, another for the cultural greatness of Mexico and for the country. ::: [sound](https://i.imgur.com/jVdYXz6.mp4[]())

Not an Accelerationist or a fan of Nick Land btw just thought this edit was cool.