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I’d agree with that. Both hardcore fascists and communists are going to be growing fast in number in the West for the next decade or so. Personally I plan to continue to be fairly public in my political beliefs, but I can see why others don’t have the same privileges that I do in this respect.

Seems like it would be fine to get “caught” leaving these things, no? I don’t know, I wouldn’t be afraid in the US, for example, to get “caught” leaving things like that.

I guess they could charge you with littering or something, but seems unlikely. More likely an asshole might kick you out of the store or w/e.

No one considers Pol Pot a communist, but go hard at revealing your obviously propagandized mind.

Because this place is based and people here can read. Illiteracy is the best weapon of anti-communists because if people can’t read, they often can’t educate themselves that communism is the obviously better system.

It’s so good! Eugene Puryear definitely appears on the Socialist Program pretty frequently.

Great recs! And to add:

  • The Punch Out with Eugene Puryear

lol, blaming tankies for this is hilarious.

Are you like 12 years old? You definitely act like it.

Ok, you’re still just one anecdotal source and therefore it proves nothing.

Even if it did, none of this proves the original OP’s claims that it is Xi’s dictatorial powers that caused it.

It also wouldn’t prove it’s true throughout the entire country.

But feel free to keep jacking yourself off over having some anecdotal claims and expecting anyone to take it as if it’s reliable information to extrapolate throughout the country.

Yeah, I think you’re right here, and I’ll make recommendations accordingly in the future.

To be clear, I mean no offense here, but I have no clue who you are nor any reason to trust your anecdotal experience. You might full well be telling me the truth, but it hardly qualifies as evidence sufficient for the claims being made.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, though, you must understand that we are so heavily propagandized here in the West, that literally nothing we hear about the anti-imperialist parts of the world is trustworthy. Unless it’s good. We can be pretty confident that anything they say about China that’s good is true, but any responsible analysis of the Western media requires a close eye.

As the thread elsewhere stated, we still don’t even have a problem with the works being mandatory, but the fact is that the sources provided simply do not remotely prove the claims. Especially the “dictatorial power” nonsense that’s just patently untrue. That’s not how the CPC works. It wasn’t how the CCCP worked in the USSR either, and the West always claimed the USSR worked with “dictatorial power.”

Admittedly, Stalin had additional powers during WW2, but in order to defeat the Nazis, that seemed like a necessary and justifiable step. FDR also had additional powers during WW2, and he trampled all over the rights of innocent Japanese people living in the US, for example, putting them in concentration camps by another name, internment camps.

Personally, I’d love to have a book from the owners of JPMorgan Chase and such that explained what they’re trying to do with the current rendition of capitalism. I bet it would be hilariously contradictory. At least in socialism people can set reliable plans in motion that persist and don’t wander every 4 years from one calamity into another.

For sure, I honestly wouldn’t care, but showcasing that there aren’t reliable sources making these claims helps to dispell the Western myths about AES.

Imagine if I complained every time my Western education forced me to read some stupid propaganda. It’d be a lot more problematic than something like The Governance of China by Xi Jinping.

Stuff like 1984 and Animal Farm, literal garbage written by George Orwell, the traitor so dumb that he effectively spied for British intelligence. Nonsense like “States’ Rights” as an explanation for the US Civil War.

Cool, so this supports that it’s being integrated into the curriculum, but I’m not seeing any mention that it’s mandatory. Thanks for adding that source, though, it definitely illuminates some detail.

So do you have any on it being “mandatory” and “his dictatorial powers” or were those assumptions you made?

If, for example, I integrate a chemistry book into the chemistry curriculum, it’s only “mandatory” if it’s a required class and only for the category of people for which that class is required. So if this is being integrated into college Marxism courses, it’s only mandatory for people who are required to take those Marxism courses.

That might be everyone - I’m not saying it definitely isn’t, but just because it’s integrated into the curriculum does not provide evidence that it’s mandatory.

They are absolutely an attempt at socialism. To be clear, no one is saying criticism is unacceptable. To deny them as being socialist is just dogmatic. They’re no more authoritarian than any Western country anyway.

Sure. I’ll edit the original and list them here, too:

  • Capital by Karl Marx
  • On Authority by Friedrich Engels
  • Principles of Communism by Friedrich Engels
  • Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State by Friedrich Engels
  • Blackshirts and Reds by Michael Parenti
  • State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin
  • What is to be Done by Vladimir Lenin

Source on him using his supposed “dictatorial powers” to suppress and censor this meme?

Source on it being compulsory education?

Incredulous claims require sources to be taken seriously.

Probably because calling Xi Jinping a tyrant is entirely un-Marxist. And I assume this is at least a Anarchocommunist community that agrees in some part with marxism and not some bourgeois ancap subreddit.

You’re obviously allowed to critique anyone you want, but calling him a tyrant is just laughably dogmatic. For all its flaws, the CPC’s leadership over the State does not operate that way.

Depends on who we’re talking to. For Anarchists, On Authority by Friedrich Engels since it provides a useful argument in favor of less decentralization. The principles of decentralization and anarchism are good, but I’d argue that dogmatically pursuing only decentralization isn’t necessarily productive. State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin is another good one in this case.

For propagandized Western anti-communists, Principles of Communism by Friedrich Engels is useful since it shatters many of the myths and more generally describes communism.

For baby leftists: State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin, What is to be Done by Vladimir Lenin, etc.

For burgeoning leftists, Capital by Karl Marx, “Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State,” by Friedrich Engels etc.

Edit: Blackshirts and Reds by Michael Parenti is excellent for all leftists and Anarchists as well since it does such a good job of setting the historical and materialist context to previous and current attempts at socialism.

While I agree with the overall sentiment here, with respect to organization, be careful not to alienate yourself from the masses.

If you’re not discussing illegal or quasi-illegal activities, I actually encourage you (and myself) to use sites that are not privacy-oriented. Get on TikTok, get on Reddit, get on the apps, sites, and services where the masses congregate.

I understand the impulse to try to pull the masses away from these admittedly toxic places, but we can’t help them on their journey of radicalization if we move onto obscure platforms where they can’t see us anymore. That doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to join these platforms, but we can’t lock ourselves in to these platforms.

And for shitposting obviously post wherever you want.

Haha some desktop background I saw on here.

It’s Kim Jong Un on a cool looking industrial platform mounted to a hydraulic extender inspecting a reanimated Lenin with a reanimated Karl Marx in the background. The reference is to Juche necromancy, which is used as an internet meme for all the people in the DPRK who are claimed to have been murdered but then they turn up fine. The joke is that they’re being reanimated by juche necromancy.

Yes, always. Shoplifting from anything but a good worker-owned enterprise is entirely supportable assuming it’s not just like a mom and pop with zero employees other than the mom and pop.

The entire existence of capitalism is tightly coupled with mass worker exploitation through the theft of the surplus value generated by workers.

Edit: I don’t even care if they aren’t in poverty, I still support them, especially from trash like Target.

Slavery is a systemic problem and there aren’t individualistic solutions to these types of problems. You either seek to overthrow capitalism and build socialism, or you’re complicit in modern slavery. No one is complicit in modern slavery for buying the things they need, bargain or otherwise, to survive and have a pleasant existence.

The system which enables people to directly exploit others in order to extract surplus value, whether by slavery or wage labor, is the problem, not the individuals compelled to participate.

I’m a masochist so I moved to a hyper-capitalist country to try to help build socialism here.

No one with a brain thinks that anarchists are ops, but rather that the hyper-online anarchists who overwhelmingly spend their time criticizing AES are benefiting imperialists by both undermining existing attempts and failing to build their own. For any anarchists reading this, if you are one of the people out there building organizations, you are not in the center of the venn diagram of people who subscribe to anarchism and people who are exclusively contributing criticism against AES.

When I’m not doing it to liberate workers from the toil of redundant automation without undermining their acquisition of the means of subsistence. So always.

I haven’t finished reading this, but this is one source on land back that I’ve seen recommended by good comrades. https://pa-cp.org/land-back-and-revolutionary-socialism/

Dude, just shut the fuck up. Seriously. Stalin was a great leader for his time, and I celebrate him more than most communists, but he’s not someone we need to copy/paste into every other situation. He made excellent contributions to the movement and saved us all from the nazis, but his analysis was still rooted in the early to mid 20th century. And he lived in a completely different historical and material context. The historical and material context of the United States is nothing to be patriotic about.

Patriotic Socialism that doesn’t put land back front and center is literal reactionary garbage. If the core tenet of your plan isn’t to facilitate land back to the indigenous and black populations, you are literally my enemy. Additionally, the symbols of the Imperialist trash that is the nation of the United States are absolutely unacceptable and must be thrown out. Like the confederate flag, they represent a force of intense reaction and oppression.

Lmao, Star Trek producers are going to steal this from you for the next time they put a Borg Cube in an episode.

Smfh, tankies not realizing that the existence of squares is inherently oppressive. The only allowed shapes are circles and polygons that don’t have 4 equal sides.

In case anyone wants it without the text.

I worry about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea constantly.

I worry that shit-ass Western countries will try to fight them again.

I don’t worry about them being based because I already know that they are.

Agreed. It’s the individualistic suburban yards that are the problem. Shared spaces being well maintained is a boon to the community.

Edit: And just to be clear, no one is saying you can’t have wildflower fields, which are excellent for our pollinator kin, also.

Anyone know much about the International Marxist University?
The contact who reached out to me is a Trotskyist, apparently. He said "We are Trotskyists" so I'm wondering if the whole organization is. Their English [home page](https://university.marxist.com/en/) doesn't seem explicitly Trotskyist. Their [reading list](https://university.marxist.com/en/reading-list) contains Trotsky, which isn't necessarily an immediate indicator, but the absence of anything by Stalin is concerning. It seems they're using Plekhanov for Dialectical Materialism. I'm not familiar with him.

What are your favorite leftist podcasts?
I'll start: * Revolutionary Left Radio * Red Menace * Guerilla History * The Socialist Program * Empire Files * The Red Nation Podcast