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I haven’t read this yet, simply skimmed a few sentences here and there. This is really insightful helpful info that every American (and everyone with interest in America) should absolutely check out. The info covers last year, 2022, and how America is changing, spoiler alert, it ISN’T for the better. The writer really didn’t pull punches. This article is essentially China’s version of 2pac’s Hit Em Up. And instead of Notorious B.I.G. as the target, it’s the USA.

Maybe a tough one, but how would you describe the Russia-Ukraine situation to somebody who’s on the Fence, or living under a rock so to speak?

Someone once said the entire population could fit into Grand Canyon so maybe. There’s plenty of food wasted all the time, and if there was more well-funded local gardening and agriculture I’m nearly positive it’s possible

I would say it’s a vulture anyways but tbh the USA preys upon growing economies not dead ones

The eagle is paying upwards of $500 for that IV bag, just a tiny small part of me feels sympathy

Definitely, its been a while since I’ve read the correspondence between the 2, but Marx praised his recognition of the fact that labor created value more than anything else.

Also speaking of US Presidents that were better than others, Lincoln used to write letters to and from Karl Marx

I agree alienating Bernie supporters is not a great idea, there aren’t many lefties in USA, and as a former Bernie supporter I can’t ignore the fact that these people CAN change and become spectacular agit-prop-spreading comrades

I’ll go with Reagan because he did all the worst shit in recent history and would very likely have owned slaves if he was born a few decades earlier

I actually saw the Irish President in person on my short 1 week visit to Ireland. What are the chances lmfao I was taking the train from airport to Dublin and so did he. I took a video of him I said hello to him. It was really really cool. He was also apparently a Poet and at a certain place in Dublin they have a statue garden with one of his poems. Whoops its sideways

Any time I hear about an arrest warrant, I know like 3 Trump Supporters that LARP as law enforcement and say that they’d shoot the person on sight if they saw them. Perhaps Putin wouldn’t be one of their targets

It’s an open invitation for Maga fanboys with Ford F-150s to strap up and take down an oligarchy

Yea I remember a clip being posted and shared around in which some Russian politician essentially suggested switching to a form of socialism citing the popularity of Western Neoliberalism and Fascist Banderists as evidence of the evils ruining Russia’s economy and financial stability. Putin and a few others smirked and basically said “yes sure lol we’ll ToTaLLy ThInK AbOut iT”

Not sure exactly how Saudi Arabia having diplomatic relations with Iran will meaningfully affect BRICS YET, although I will say I think it will be pretty beneficial to BRICS overall

I’m currently listening to Richard Wolff discussing how crises in capitalism occur every 4-7 years give or take a few years. He gives a few American examples (he was on Chapo so that makes sense) has Russia had similar economic crashes in the late 90s and 2000s and 2010s? I don’t know as much about Russia but I know that capitalism has inevitable consequences that it wreaks quite often

Yea he’s taking some sorta pills pretty heavily as evidenced by his posting lately, he’s a MESS

And ignore the fact that many of the planes have serious design flaws despite costing millions to produce. Also please ignore the fact that they aren’t even used most of the time and just collect dust in a top of the line hanger

If anyone is interested, I HIGHLY suggest checking out the movie FTA (Free The Army, based on the 60s 70s Imperialist US Army Motto FTA, Freedom, Travel, Adventure, they also made a song in which FTA stands for Fuck The Army) it’s a movie about the anti-war military shows Jane Fonda was involved in on military bases in Vietnam. Really interesting stuff and pretty funny sketches and skits throughout!

THIS is why I defend China when it comes up in family convos! Nbc and CNN can shit-talk ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY, but tbh China is so advanced and diplomatic like go ahead try making fun of them, let’s see some diplomacy out of the US or Israel

I’ll have to read a bit of Stalin and Luxembourg today, I have one of each of their books at work with me. What are the odds lol

Idk if India should be partially filled in at the bottom part to represent Kerala but if they only mean full countries being communist I’m cool w that

Smh Lenin is there in Red Square just waiting for Juche necromancy and nobody’s answering his call 😒🤦‍♂️

Holy crap, it’s Mitch Whiting!

Good point, I’ll post it there instead, I forgot the name of that community lol

Hitler didn’t have modern technology he had 1930s and 1940s technology /s

Best I can do is “x” number of tanks

Tbh there are lots of copycat city names in the USA, my gf used to live in St Petersburg Florida lol(should be Leningrad, Florida but whatevs)There’s plenty of weird ones like Athens Ohio, Berlin Wisconsin, Budapest Georgia, Dublin California. Not very creative but I wouldn’t be either with how large the US can be, and at the very least it makes Americans know other places in the world bc lord knows our education system isn’t

As Gommunists we have to do our No Food Praxis

I in no way mean this as being crude, it’s literally just the best way I can describe it. I feel like prostitutes that have no pimp that essentially owns them and their labor, the ones that sell their sex by themselves, I view it almost like a street vendor that owns their own stand on the sidewalk of a busy city, insofar as they are not selling their labor to any other individual but they still further a market economy nonetheless. Obviously I still take issue with my comparison as these street vendors DO (like I mentioned in another comment before) have standards that they must adhere to. If a street vendor has a rat in their ketchup and cockroaches all over their buns and hot dogs, they will be shut down and have their permit removed. The same protection does not exist for prostitution as it is a black(some would argue gray market due to “meet-up services” that duck the law by promising an encounter rather than promising sex which is illegal, but obv those are just bourgeois routes of legality, it’s still prostitution but under another name of companionship) market and the law treats the sex worker as a criminal rather than a small business owner that would be revoked for lets say getting an STI, I still don’t really know what “sex work advocates” want when it comes to STIs, which I imagine are unfortunately common. If they are tested and are positive for an STI, under this legal market of sex, either it becomes a very dark dystopia where you pay extra for “clean prostitutes” while the “infected” ones go broke while still legally working and spreading STIs all the while suffering through their exploitative job, desperately needing a cure but not being deemed worthy enough by the market to afford to live, Or is this regulated better and you just lay off the ones with STIs? Then the people who had turned to prostitution because they have no other viable alternatives(I.E, most of them), they probably go homeless if they aren’t already and they most likely die. In any legal situation for prostitution I just see things going horribly wrong in so many ways. And that’s just dealing with the topic of STIs, I don’t even wanna talk about how they would have to go about dealing with abuse. Sorry for the long rambling message, it’s just that you brought up good points and it made me think more. Thanks comrade

Lol I was just joking, my head is fine, but I WAS serious about not being horny bonked😈 /s

Also I completely agree, a mom and pop restaurant, while not entirely socially necessary, does have a standard to follow, if they have rats running around the kitchen they get shut down, if a prostitute is lied to by a client and receives an STI, they are hampered by their new health risk and they are likely not able to leave their corner because they need to pay for treatment. It’s a sad reality but how can we as humans make an excuse for this by saying “sex work is work”? I personally think there are too many glaring flaws in prostitution and sex work to support it.

My head is hurting today so please nobody Horny bonk me but I kinda missed it lmao

When you type my username into the search bar on Lemmygrad, my top comment from r/genzedong is literally on this topic😂🤣it’s about how Sexting is not a problem imo, it’s just 2 people fulfilling a kink and since no money is traded, why make an imaginary issue of what is essentially just people sending pictures to one another.

Maybe it’s different here in the US, but my gf has filmed us together before. It wasn’t my idea but I didn’t care, its what my partner wanted and I trust her. it’s a personal thing and as long as we both know we aren’t sharing it, why not? it harms nobody, it fulfills a kink for 2(or more) consenting adults, I don’t think we should instantly be saying that all video is commodified, we aren’t uploading those videos anywhere and to 99.9999% of the world, that video doesn’t exist. But to me and my gf(and probably a small handful of FBI, NSA, CIA perverts) the video means something and it means so much more when we both know it is personal and not for commodification or profit. Just my 2 cents as someone who has been involved in this without making any money or views off of my “content” if you can even call it that since only 1 person sees it.

I see it as quite different to coal-mining in many ways. The coal miner never digs coal in their personal lives just for fulfillment or fun, sex is absolutely a human interaction and any commodification of that special human connection is fucking disgusting. I’m no “sex is between a loving couple” type, I could give less than one single shit about who is fucking, if people are putting out quickly or not, I don’t care. But when sex becomes a way of making money, and sex is obviously a private thing, abuse is inevitable. And that’s not even to mention how prostitution’s consent works. I am absolutely not a “Sex work is work” person. Yes it is work, but is it socially necessary or even helpful to the people that do it? I would argue that it doesn’t. It’s an illegal industry(I in no way want it to be misconstrued or misinterpreted, I absolutely support the prostitute’s struggle and they should not be arrested for this) that has no testing or training whatsoever, it has no basis for wages or benefits or unionization. I absolutely hope all prostitutes can get to a better place in life, because I don’t think anyone should be in the sex industry. Obviously some people DO get into this industry on purpose, hats off to them I suppose but if it meant kicking out all the consenting prostitutes in exchange for freeing the marginalized masses that are forced ( “voluntarily” or totally involuntarily) into sex, the answer is pretty obvious to me.

At first I was a bit skeptical about the 14/88 thing, admittedly it did sound like it could plausibly have been 2 random numbers of tanks(maybe it is anyways it doesn’t really matter tbh it’s still being used to defend a client state of Imperialism) but after seeing this comment, idk. This almost makes me double down as illogical as that sounds. The entire analysis is ridiculous and I almost thought it was a joke.

I hate these tiktok edits where people put in random “aesthetic” or “satisfying”bullshit in a video. However this may be the way to make communism trendy again lol

Marxist 127 Hours lol.(ik its dumb😂)
Capitalism is the rock trapping you and slowly killing you. The act of cutting the arm off is the act of Revolution. The act on its own without any context to prompt it is brutal and unnecessary. When the rock traps the arm however, in order to survive, you need to cut the arm off. Socialists, much the same are not violent people wishing for Revenge and riots, but if these are the actions that free the Proletariat, it is necessary. Liberals deny this fact and let themselves die trapped in the rock.

I’ve said it before and I will again: Too many decades in too few weeks! Slow down for a sec!
Damn Lenin said some weeks contain decades of change but damn this is crazy. 2 coup attempts in Peru, now I think something is happening with Serbia and Kosovo or something and not to mention the many things going on in Russia and Ukraine. US elections happened but I shouldn’t even mention that, nothing major happened tbh, Pelosi’s getting replaced by a (slightly)younger version of her. Hakeem Jeffries vows to not bend to the Squad or “far left” so no change there. Griner was exchanged for an arms dealer lol. Japan is targeting the Unification Church for greasy donation involvements(prompted by the makeshift gun toting assassin of Shinzo Abe)I’m sure I’m missing a lot more but damn these past weeks are crazy

Good quick skit about how Anarchists will always be fighting some form of authority and how it will never pan out the way they want it to.

I was getting dressed to vote Blue to SAVE AMERICA today and suddenly as I put on my Biden tee and laced up my Buttigieg shoes and donned my Obama cap, I heard a loud zap sound in my ears and a bright flash! Someone yelled in Spanish outside my window whispering loudly saying “Zap him, now!” and I was SO close to spotting the assailant, and I searched to no avail. The Cuban trickster is gone and just like that I can’t vote today. I’m tired from ~~not getting nearly enough sleep~~Havana Syndrome, I’ve lost all faith in American democracy and I feel like I need PTO and alcohol. Man, this is awful 😞! If anyone tells you that CIA agents are faking, lemme tell ya you can’t make this up. I felt so sick that I even took off my Buttigieg shoes, resigning myself to a day of rest and sleep. Oh I DO hope I can get better today and VOTE but the authoritarian Commie Regime decided to Silence me! Don’t let this happen to you too! [Pictured above👆,Me suffering from Havana Syndrome, Warning not for the faint of heart. /s]

Intruder came in yelling “where’s Nancy!?” and hit Pelosi’s husband with a hammer. Agent 47 possibly? This shit is crazy, I know the Lenin quote about weeks and decades happening and shit, but holy cow this is too many weeks in a row, can someone full-on Minecraft Schumer or DeSantis next lmao

I have a “Comrade Lenin cleans the Earth of scum” postcard and I put my garbage right below it, now it looks like Lenin is sweeping them into my garage can lmao, see ya later Monarchists and Bourgeoisie🗑

So, this is my ML Reading Guide So far. I ABSOLUTELY intend on expanding this for important topics once I understand them more. I will add in a section on Black Liberation, Intersectionality and more
``` 1.)Intros to Marxism and Basic Origins 2.) Historical and Dialectical Materialism 3.) Scientific Socialism 4.) Philosophy of Marxism 5.) Marxian Economics 1.) Introductions to Marxism and its basic origins A. Principles of Communism by F Engels B. 3 sources and component parts of Marxism by VI Lenin C. Why Socialism? by A Einstein D. On Authority by F Engels E. The Communist Manifesto by K Marx & F Engels 2.) Historical and Dialectical Materialism A. Anarchism or Socialism? by JV Stalin B. The German Ideology by K Marx C. On The Origin of the Family, Private Property and The State by F Engels D. Dialectical and Historical Materialism by JV Stalin 3.) Scientific Socialism A. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by F Engels B. Critique of the Gotha Programme by K Marx C. What is To Be Done? by VI Lenin D. Reform or Revolution by R Luxembourg E. The State and Revolution by VI Lenin F. Imperialism and the split in socialism by VI Lenin G. Left Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder by VI Lenin H. Combat Liberalism by M Zedong I. Foundations of Leninism by JV Stalin J. Marxism and the National Question by JV Stalin 4.) Philosophy of Marxism A. On Practice by M Zedong B. On Contradiction by M Zedong C. On correcting mistaken ideas within the party by M Zedong D. Oppose Book Worship by M Zedong E. Serve The People by M Zedong F. Quotations from the Chairman by M Zedong G. 12 Recommendations by HC Minh H. Theses on Feuerbach by K Marx 5.) Marxian Economics A. Value, Profit and Price by K Marx B. Wage Labor and Value by K Marx C. Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by VI Lenin D. Das Kapital by K Marx``` I will add more in the future, I just want to gather more texts so I can put it in an order that makes sense. For example, I would still like to add in The Green Book, Bloodlies and Khrushchev Lied by Furr, Sakai’s Settlers, Blackshirts and Reds somewhere and if absolutely necessary I can add in more Marx and Engels and Lenin, but I feel that I have a good amount of them already. If you have any suggestions or any essential texts that could pertain to Black Liberation, Intersectionality or historical overviews, lmk, I’m tweaking this list to make the most sense to both a beginner and an experienced Marxist, i.e, Don’t make the rookie mistake of skipping DialMat, but also don’t bore people with DialMat before you explain the basics. Any suggestions lmk, thanks

In case you’re bored and have a minute to spare, kinda fun video I just saw, I haven’t checked the comments yet but I don’t plan on doing so

Hopefully this can curb some of the international influence that the US has by a bit
https://multipolarista.com/2022/05/10/cuba-mexico-amlo-us-blockade/ Mexico’s AMLO is pushing for more Latin American solidarity while the US economy is faltering.

What’s the best way for us, as communists, as supporters of AES, to control the narrative?
The convo WILL come up. China bad, New Putin just dropped, Save Taiwan, other stupid shit. So my question is how do we control the narrative from start to finish on this one before the media takes a strong hold? I.E, convince your friends and family about China and how they are the better ones in this situation. But I kinda wanna be more resolute in my beliefs, lmk if there’s anything that will change a lot of people’s minds(before the MSM brainwashes them and creates one acceptable narrative, like with UKR rn) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/dd80c4e0-2598-400a-8b70-ff59056365a0.jpeg)

I hate the “don’t punch Nazis” argument. It’s ignorant of what Goals they have for society and whitewashes them as “Free Speech Fanatics” when they aren’t.
A lil context for why I get so worked up about it more than most. My grandma lived in East Poland(current day Belarus) and when Nazis came, my grandma’s family fled east while her father fought. Long story short, the kids(grandma and siblings) were the ones that survived and were split up across the globe. That’s the Super streamlined version. So when Bill Maher says “oh I didn’t like Nazis either but you can’t punch someone who’s not doing anything” I want to punch HIM too. The implicit support is a lesson to learn from. Also why didn’t the US kill the last Nazi collaborator living in Queens,NY instead of deportation? Watch the part where Chuck Schumer explains the deportation if you wanna cringe. https://youtu.be/nW8sC9JA2Is https://youtu.be/KzW8NYeQbo4 These are the 2 vids that inspired this. I think the main reason people should workout is so that when they punch a Nazi, they don’t get back up.TL;DR: My grandma was affected by Nazis, now libs are “tolerant” of them.

A 2 picture tragedy 🎭
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6e2437ac-f5ad-467e-835c-a71cae4e2cbf.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5c185627-3363-4144-9e4c-cb046eda93f0.png) OP said they weren’t Pro-Russia, but wanted to show both sides.

I Fucking hate American Politics.
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/233463 > I grew up as a democratic Blue No Matter Who type. I voted in 3 elections so far, and now that I’m 20, I seriously don’t think I will ever vote again. I know there are certain rights that were fought for with good intentions, like allowing black people to vote, avoiding Voter ID requirements and other policies that give a greater degree of democracy. But, I don’t see how it helps. Best case scenario, I vote La Riva for president and she wins. Ik, ik, it’s utopian, but she wins in this scenario. Now what? USA is still a haven of fascists and war crime-oriented militarism. I had been a Bernie fan in the past(I don’t hate him and I think some people are too hard on him considering that this is like one of the furthest right nations on Earth. He is pretty genuine and believes what he says and doesn’t get bought and sold) but his policies are not Left, this isn’t new, he’s a Soc Dem, not a very far left one at that. But EVEN if Bernie won, what for? So the Dems and Reps can spitroast him from each side? He tries a simple tax reform and he would get shut down. If he tries to do anything like nationalizing the energy/power grids(like he had suggested once before) he’d be called a communist and possibly ousted. The whole point is this: In a bourgeois democracy, the businesses decide who will have the big fundraiser or campaign event. The candidates that they choose will go the distance bc they paid to make it damn near impossible to at least make them past primaries. Once again, for anyone misconstruing my point, Bernie is not left, but is not as money-grubbing or corrupt as the Dems. Look how they fought tooth and nail against Bernie twice and look at how he conceded. In 2016, Bernie won every district in WV and lost WV to Clinton. Also Debbie Wasserman Schultz did dirty shit to him. 2020, we saw the campaigns of Warren and Biden trying to split up Bernie’s lead and try to demonize him. Can you imagine what they’d do to La Riva? Bernie’s policies would be much more in line with their values and they still hate his guts, I can’t imagine what a La Riva presidency could accomplish. The only thing that is positive abt Us voting is that if a candidate receives enough votes, they get additional funding to the party guaranteed and also more exposure for more people to join the party. Sorry, hope this doesn’t break the rule of being electoralist/liberal. Just wanted to sorta vent and ask what American Democracy can even accomplish anymore, what with all the fascists and restrictions on rights that are growing daily

Just gonna leave this here.
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/36d6266f-2e51-4b27-a245-474c34c4d5fd.png) I was scrolling thru screenshots I had through my gallery, I found this in December.

Found in the wild 😝 LMAO 🤣