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Hahaha I figured it out with all the Wisconcom alts. Take care comrade!

Happy cake day! Dude it took me so long to figure out that it’s based on when the account was made.

What happened with the Munich Security Conference, sorry i’ve been outta the loop lately.

Oh I know, I’m so excited to federate with them, I just was curious with the much more unhinged nature of it, but that could also be size, if it was majority anarchist.

Don’t get me wrong I love Hexbear, just a little taken aback with the “Swerf” take.

Is the site majority anarchist? I know it’s riddled with them, but overall I haven’t seen disastrous foreign policy takes.


Saw the coffee pot and knew immediately what it was.

I remember this gem being shown in my shitty US GOVT class of all places and BOY was that a surprise.

According to one of the comments, the girl was originally supposed to be around 5 which explains the baby talk… BUT SIBLINGS SHOULD NOT LOOK AT EACH OTHER THAT WAY!!!

I could give some highly thought out analysis of minor contradictions in the imperial world view, but to be honest the threat of Climate Change and Nuclear War are so existential that they affect the proletarianized middle classes (and even the labour aristocrtaic middle class) in horrendous ways that can only be solved with the dismantling of Imperialism.

See I’m lucky cause the girl I’m talking to supports all anti-imperialists and understands the importance of the state, She is just “personally an anarchist at heart” hahaha

Hmm very interesting times indeed, but I am left wondering, what is Turkey’s position in this? I would assume when the war escalates more Turkey would put itself before American interests. How would that affect NATO, with one of it’s strongest armies going its own way?

Has anyone got a detailed analysis of Turkey’s Geopolitical position?

What about the blowback of Nazi terrorism in Europe. Any potential revolutions (not necessarily ML, just an ousting of US puppets) in the EU? Greece?

Would the anti-imperialist push in the periphery force the US to move outta Ukraine?

If Russia wins, will some parts of Europe accept to realign with Russian interests instead of American?

What do you mean by way of life of the settler? Living standards or some bullshit idea of “American Values”?

I mean, yeah they are still proletarian, that would be like saying the global south isn’t proletariat because they produce many good exploited by the core. I certainly don’t see too many bourgeois indigenous peoples. I guess it’s more there’s “national class” that holds class character, like core and periphery, where in a settler colonial context the oppressed nations are an internalized periphery.

I think it’s important to point out that while Indigenous peoples having children is an act of resistance against the settler state, settlers having children isn’t inherently an act of repression against Indigenous populations. As at the very basis the settlers are still exploited, even though under imperialism they gain a privileged position of labour aristocracy. Once imperialism is defeated, then the majority of settlers will have their interests align more and more with Indigenous peoples, as the contradictions boil inwards.

Maybe I’m missing something, could you extrapolate more by what you mean interests?

I think its a general rule of thumb you’ll get more bang for your buck radicalizing oppressed peoples. Now should we “not appeal” to the “white” working class? What does Sakai mean by appeal or whiteness?

Not appeal as in ignore them entirely or try not to placate to white comfort? The latter makes sense as it’s more than likely to be antagonistic to oppressed people’s liberation.

What’s whiteness supposed to entail? Two car garage, backyard pool, slumber party hosting mother fuckers or still impoverished Appalachians descendant from Celts who recently gained the title of white? I assume the “middle class” is what Sakai tells us to count our bullets with.

I think it’s important to note that overall in the US the workers at at the SocDem level of class consciousness for revolution, which entails through the current proletarianization of the “middle class”. White workers are being opened up to change it would be wise to utilize this and foolish to ignore the largest members of the US working class.

Thanks, Ive thought about this pretty much since the patsoc purge, I believe I worded it poorly and left many things out, but it’s a jist of what I understand. Mixes of the National Question and Inter-communalism in there.

To be honest I am pretty put off that they discredit some of the biggest strides in decolonization, and I think it stems from a lack of class analysis. Why do they see exploitation of the land for the good of all as settler colonialism?

From what I have garnered so far, settler colonialism is based on hierarchy of “national classes” (for lack of a better word). Nations have a class of proles and bourgeoisie, when in a settler colonial state the bourgeoisie give a their proletarian cultural group a priority and kickbacks for settling hence the bourgeois position. So the settler proles and oppressed proles hold contradicting positions, as long as the settler proles hold a bourgeois position.

We have seen settlers and indigenous nations work together to overthrow colonialism, in the USSR, China, Cuba and even with bourgeois democratic states in LatAm. Why is this? I believe it is because the class of settlers have been proletarianized enough to align with the oppressed and synthesize into a new state. Russians, Han Chinese, and Spaniards under the boot of Imperialsm had proletarian positions, and thus could synthesize with any oppressed nationalities With DOTPs specifically we see the first blow to settler colonialism, the elimination of the bourgeoisie as an oppressing class and thus the need for nations in the first place has started crumbling.

Sadly Tuck and Yang’s Liberalism holds them back from a class analysis, but their own class interests allow them to address settler colonialism. At the moment, they ARE right in saying that the most progressive way to decolonize the US is putting land back in Indigenous hands (proletarian hands). This is because as long as US Imperialism exists (as it does now) the Euro Americans hold a bourgeois and counter revolutionary position. (keep in mind this is not an exact science, and anglos are being proletarianized more and more each day. Hell I am a white settler and I am living barely on paycheck to paycheck).

What happens is the Indigenous revolutionary kernel is much more developed compared to the Settler revolutionary kernel. Thus the indigenous people hold a vanguard position, as any indigenous population has always had across history. Only when settler’s kernel is developed enough can it synthesize with the oppressed nations into a DOTP. And you can see indigenous leaders for decolonization even without a class analysis advocate for this synthesis. The more settlers work together with the oppressed nations, the less it will be solely indigenous but until that happens it holds an indigenous character (if that makes sense)

First one is kind of based, i love it so much and it’s so fun to rewatch. Also love the second!!! (I just haven’t rewatched it yet)

Dude thats what I’m scared of, they saying China nuked us so people in the submarines think they might as well hit the button instead of resisting.

Ohhhhhhhhh, thanks comrade!

This is such a dumb form of propaganda I swear to god Im gonna lose it.

Isn’t this supposed to be the goal of NATO militaries into the Ukraine proxy? Take out as much Russian firepower as they can. They might as well pump the equipment into Ukraine while they are still fighting, because what’s the point of keeping any.

Feel bad for the kid, that’s gotta weigh on him at some point…

Similar take, it was and still is prepping boys for war, problem is they are just super dorky now lol.

Also, were the youth communist leagues similar to the Scouts?

Ah thanks, but its probably just how my brain organizes things can’t take too much credit lol

To be honest I did not finish the last part of section 1 that was about the party and the guerillas buuuuuut I still feel the need to discuss lol.

Now first, when we talk about the difference between essentials and non essentials my take is reading theory is like a skill tree in a video game. At the trunk of the the tree we have the core theory: Marx/Engels, Lenin (Stalin), and a little Mao. After that we see branching off of: military theory, histories of colonialism, overshadowed oppressed groups, actual building of socialism, etc. It’s all essential, as in it is needed for a complex understanding of Marxism-Leninism, but some parts of the tree are prerequisites to bear fruit on others.

On the actual book, what was most eye opening was “Armed self defense”. My favorite line was “Guerrilla Warfare is to peasant uprising what Marx is to Sorel”. I haven’t really thought about the guerrillas being a separate embryo from the party, which makes sense.

I haven’t much to add that you guys haven’t already mentioned, but I do have this.

In the age of information and surveillance it is impossible to fully conceal your location. Whether through direct spying or some dickhead posting the position of liberation forces on twitter, the State will know. So instead of hiding, the option liberation forces have is the art of confusion. If you can’t be nowhere, then be everywhere. Use the information war to your advantage. Maybe have a team dedicated to uploading false locations of the fighters. Have pre-made pictures of fighters in certain areas. Hell some AI generated images. Completely made up people. Only when they doubt the information of everyday life can the secretive operations be successful.

Good point, but I assume the militaries who would intervene know more about the locations than we would as laymen. Also no operation is too big if it means preventing nuclear annihilation.

And if it’s inevitable that we would die in a nuclear holocaust then what’s the point in worrying about it if our years are numbered?

Something which makes me not stress about the Nuclear weapons reserve is this: If the country is at that point of collapse then it would be safe enough for international intervention to swoop in.

No it wasn’t a second link but my dumb dumb head was opening a new window to continue the guest mode, and that particular one was really fun lol

I was a guest on the first link but signed up after I tried the second one, and that was the worst mistake since second Marx was way more based :(

I’d say it already has but first off what do we mean by World War 3? A total nuclear annihilation? Probably not. Waves of events that would in the annals of history be seen as a period of a World War? Yes.

Now let’s see what WW1 was: An inter-imperialist war. WW2? Imperialist war against the USSR and different colonies such as Manchuria, and Korea (among others), but which happened to have blow back towards the Anglos. WW3? Well I’d say the “Cold War” was WW3 but it had a new form of war, that is a battle of attrition and proxies (even if they are justified support of liberation movements, in all intensive purposes they are proxies with a neutral connotation). It only stopped when the USSR caved in thus achieving the purpose of war, to accomplish political ends. Even after that during “peacetime” the US has been murdering and raping the world, especially West Asia and those who oppose it. What was the “War on Terror” but another front?

What are we in now? Again Imperialism’s war against those who resist it. The RF is under no impression that Ukraine is a failed state propped up by Washington, and now the military is ran by NATO. This is a direct confrontation with NATO so why haven’t the nukes started flying yet? There’s been false flag attempts like with Poland’s border that could have been used, and the Pentagon knows it’s losing big time, so why not? Simply, there’s better options for those in power than nuclear annihilation. It’s a dead man’s switch to prevent total military take over, not useful for the attacker, unless it has no other choice. Thankfully for humanity there’s multiple ways for this to go about.

Imperialism is being threatened but where does it go? We have seen the US oligarchs regroup and take over the European industries for their own. Swallowing the vassals. As Imperialism loses its grip further, where can it go? Nuclear Annihilation? Well, why send the nukes when there’s other parts of your own territory to exploit. Instead of a glorious blast destroying the fall of humanity it will be an inner crumbling pushed back more and more. Are you worried about a fascist coup? I wouldn’t be completely, if the US is at that point of destabilization than international intervention is possible, plus there could be a government put in place that aligns with the ideology of the Successor.

Now with Japan and South Korea? China and DPRK’s Ukraine, trying to defang or provoke further escalation. Most likely will end up with Korean unification and more money for the MIC. Remember, Russia and China have the advantage in the case of Nuclear war, they also are the defenders with the dead man switch, They also have time on their side.

Sorry about this, mostly me trying to vent or remind myself that it will all be-mostly-okay (I get really existential about Nuclear Annihilation, as one does lol)

When does a country officially become an AES state?
Another question is what socialist countries could become AES?

Can you guys give me a real ML run down of the Fall of Rome?
Yes, I know there's the Parenti book, I'll read it, but I may or may have not procrastinated all of my essays for school and time is of the essence. Love y'all

I believe there needs to be multiple “debates” on PatSocs
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/297928 > As you have all noticed, this seems to be a point of contention here. This is a good thing, since it means someone will learn something. > > Now we seem to be all over the place, with this general area of thought, provoking many questions. Whether or not PatSocs are socially conservative, what is position on social conservatism? Many of us are very young, both in age and ML experience, so an online discussion would be a great learning tool. > > 1. Are socially conservative individuals allowed to be apart of the leftist movement? > - A. Are socially conservative individuals victims of bourgeois propaganda? > -B. If socially conservative people are turned away by the left, where do they go? > -C. How high of a position would a social conservative be allowed in a ML party? > -D. How has or will MLs educate socially conservative folk? > -E. &tc, &tc. > > 2. What exactly is Patriotism? > -A. Does patriotism depend on culture? > -B Is possible for a distinction between patriotism for a country and wanting to abolish the state? > -C. Is patriotism corrupted in the Core? > -D How have post imperialist countries with Communist experiments built patriotism? > -E. &Tc &TC > > 3. Who even are the PatSocs? > -A. If the label is too convuluted, should we make a distinction between Maupin and American exceptionalists? > -B. Who of the leaders do we consider MLs? > -C. Should patriotic socialist be distinct from socialism or is inherent in socialism? > -D. How much do WE even know if PatSocs? > -E. &Tc, &tc > > We can look at the USSR and GDR for these questions. Remember the Hammer and Sickel came from somewhere. > > Things to look out for about the US: > -It is the imperialist power, AND a settler state. > -Low levels of cultural development > -The culture that is there is taken from marginalized groups. > -Americas are the most propagandized people in the World. > -It is huge and incredibly diverse > > More questions about the US could follow: > -Should the US be balkanized? If so how does patriotism be built in balkanized regions? > -How does land back go about? Will indigenous countries emerge, and if so should we reconsider American MLs as different MLs for the Regions in North America. > -If see different nations and regions in North America how does that affect culture? Is the question of how we view the land a prerequisite to discussing patriotism, is it contradictory to call yourself an American Patriot if you decide to divide up the land until regions? > > There is so much potential for deep political for North American based Comrades, this is a rabbit hole I do want to delve into. I'll cross post this to GZD but I want it mainly on Leftist Infighting.

Can someone give a run up of how Greece has been doing, and what’s up with the KKE.
Sorry Im a little baby ML from the US, who has a LOT of geopolitics to catch up on. EDIT: The reason I'm asking this is because, at least what I am getting is, that the general consensus is Greece will most likely go socialist next, but also that KKE has some issues.

What is the best things for American MLs to do?
I know we could educate our local community and all, but isn't there more? Could we consolidate our MLs into one place?

The Need to Repurpose /c/Communism
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/201748 > My whistle blowing of Lemmygrad’s future has already garnered us valuable progress, one of our admins, Muad’Dibber, has changed the default view of communities to local, and another of our admins, Camrada Forte, suggested us to repurpose /c/communism ‘s large subscriber base, then we wouldn’t have to waste valuable time and energy rallying on a new community. Now for those of you who don’t know why we are choosing to repurpose /c/communism it’s for two reasons: First, it already has the numbers. Second but more importantly, it is supposed to be the main hub of Lemmygrad. But… with its banner under the vague and redundant communism (on a communist site) it is a lake with algae in it. If we can repurpose /c/communism into a pipeline for other communities, it will be more akin to a basin atop a mountain feeding rivers into the valleys. > > The Pipeline for Other Communities: > With its numbers, we can kick off the first week or so by surveying the types of communities people would want on Lemmygrad. Once we have an idea of the most wanted communities, we could dig up ones that match who just need a boost, or create brand new ones. For example I wanted a Gardening community (this is kinda what started this whole thing) and what would you know, we have one! The Revolutionary Garden! But like me, there were many others who wanted a garden community without even knowing we had one. > > So in this example what should we do? Well, we marked off the first and second boxes already: Is there a push for a specific community? (Yes!) If yes, does this community already exist or do we need a new one? (In a Gardening community, it's the former). Now since it is a community that already exists we need to ask ourselves, what is this issue here? Is it a lack of posting problem, a numbers problem, an access problem, or is it a multitude of those problems? (Seeing with Lemmygrad’s current situation, most communities made pre-GZD quarantine are having a multitude of those issues. With TRG, it seems to fill a niche enough to have a consistent community just needs the numbers and exposure) > > Some Other Things I Have Noticed While Working On This: > People who are new to Marxism-Leninism, such as myself, are finding themselves unwilling to comment on larger communities. This could be a natural timidness, a fear of ridicule for a bad take, or just plain old reluctance till they feel educated enough. This is why even though we see large amounts of upvotes on posts (Don’t worry, I’m taking in secondary accounts) the actual commenters or posters in general, are the same couple of comrades we see again and again. Now how could repurposing /c/communism solve this issue. The easiest way to get someone talking is to ask them what they hate. The second easiest way to get someone talking is to ask them what they are passionate about. We are shooting for the second. So we are killing two birds with one stone. Communities will be made significant to support passionate comrades, and passionate comrades will support their significant communities. > > The Actual Process: > Now how are we going to start populating these communities? I have a concept in mind. After we have gathered or birthed wanted communities, we will prepare sort of an assignment list. In practice it’ll go something like this, let’s use the TRG still: It is Monday, Joe Schmo sees the weekly list of wanted communities stickied to the top of the former /c/communism. Joe scans the list and sees The Revolutionary Garden on there. Now, Joe could also have some other communities he would like to “brigade” but TRG is his favorite, (since he has been wanting a gardening community for a long time just didn’t know it existed, I know lots of projection here). Then Joe, knowing the plan to “brigade” the communities on this list on Sunday, starts researching his potential post for TRG. It is almost Sunday, Joe has decided he will post about the potential of Aquaponics (using fish poop to feed unsoiled plants in a closed system). Sunday comes and people from all over Lemmygrad wanting to get into TRG start posting what they have learned or made, etc. TRG grows with a new burst of subscribers, and more momentum. Then on Monday, the cycle repeats itself. > > It doesn’t have to be Sunday of course, and there will be more communities to ”brigade” but this is what I have thought of. This will be the “Rallying Brigade” phase I was talking about. Your thoughts, guys?

Hey Comrades, Sorry for the clickbaity title but I was realizing something over the past couple days. I feel we are on the teeter totter of making or breaking for Lemmygrad. Due to the quarantine and silencing of anti-western perspectives, we have momentum going on in Lemmygrad! That’s great but, we should do better organizing to keep it running instead of just 1. Commenting with Leftist on Ukraine or 2. Politely circle jerking (I believe this is fine and builds solidarity but there’s much more we could do in and out of this bubble.) When this war passes and we have nothing to solidly comment on, Lemmygrad will slowly evaporate, hell look at the activity pre-GenZedong quarantine. To combat this we need one community here to act as our artery for other communities, I don’t know like with the name, Club Hub or something. The “Join Community” area in the top right is cool, but it does not hold up at all. There’s communities that you’ll see and think “sweet!” but you click on 'em and they’re dead, and anyone subscribed is just twiddling thumbs waiting for someone to say something, and since no one does, that community with potential dies. Now once we get this nucleus of communities set up, we could start populating more, well not necessarily niche, but not GZD level of areas. For example, I was thinking about something like a Gardening community: The most efficient and latest means of production for food; hydroponics, aquaponics, Microgreens, permaculture, cricket farming, mushroom farming, even traditional. Basically the things needed for a quality community farm, some overall knowledge for real world benefits and something maybe, let's say, our less forefront type comrades could manage. TLDR: Sorry if this is losing track but I guess what I’m saying is this: We wouldn’t be able to keep Lemmygrad alive or support needed but less “fun” communities, without a main community as infrastructure for organizing different areas to populate. Oh wait just to make sure this gets the scene, just comment something instead of just upvoting, hmm what seems fun, okay how about “Oh Captain, My Captain!!” or something else