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This is an actual meme used in an architecture meeting in the company I work at. Not only is it a dead meme, they're not even using it correctly.

My first pull request for something more than a one line change got merged into the lemmy js client today. I’m officially a lemmy contributor.

IIRC it was the the only place he could find offering some kind of outlandish treatment he wanted for some reason.

Given the state of geopolitics at the moment, he’ll have a hard time going for the Russian coma benzo treatment like he did last time.

Removed by moderators. Feddit at it again.

“Putin is stupid for thinking he can beat Ukraine in a few hours. Anyway, we could totally btfo North Korea in 30 minutes.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that while Typescript is great, the types just make the development experience much nicer but don’t actually prevent any of the fuckery of Javascript. As for whether it’s strongly typed or not, I don’t find the term helpful. People call Typescript strongly typed, but is a language really strongly typed if you can tell it to ignore types? Strong is a relative term that doesn’t tell you much about the type system.

Typescript is strongly typed
```typescript class Lol { get length() { console.log('Lol. LMAO even.'); return 5; } } const noLolsAllowed = (notALol: string) => { for (let i = 0; i < notALol.length; ++i) { console.log('No lols here'); } } noLolsAllowed(new Lol() as unknown as string); ```

Another day, another happy hour of needing to hear about how China bad.

I wanna say the blitzkrieg worked because everyone was high on meth.

Several people in the thread either were sex workers or know sex workers. One of the proletarian feminist writers linked to in another thread, Esperanza, was formerly a sex worker. It’s not like they’re being ignored.

Lemmy’s been doing that sometimes since the update.

🤓 Ackshually, this war is inter imperialist just like WW1, so that makes you the Kautskyist 🤓

Mother of all balloons.

I looked at some of the discussions on r/worldnews and a bunch of redditors were saying that China deliberately floated the balloon over burgerland to provoke them to shoot it down and then denounce them for shooting it down. The purpose of this was to spur Chinese nationalism and distract from the evils the see see pee pee poo poo subject their citizens to.

The irony was completely lost on them.

Huh. Weird. I saw this comment on another post. Must be some weird stuff going on since the software update.

I’m guessing you meant to comment this on one of the posts about the prison organ harvesting.

I showed this video to some of my unbased friends to show them that we live in a hell world and instead they talked about how cool it is and that they want one. I hate car brain.

I thought they looked fairly androgynous.


There’s some new features. You can filter the modlog, sort posts by oldest, and there’s some kind of language feature on comments now.

Internationalism is when you eat the bugs and live in the pod.

Shit, I remember when it got quarantined. Did it get full on banned now?

Volcel vanguard protecting the revolution from horniness.

I found out about it when r/genzedong got quarantined on reddit and there was a mass exodus of users.

Do these people think ignoring the national and global level of the problem will better address it? Do they think the oligarchy won’t equally quell your pitifully anarchist attempt with tanks and artillery the same as any other attempt to break free of the system?

Judging from their comments in the pic, it seems more like they’ve given up on addressing the problem at all. Both posters are resigned to climate change destroying the world.

Back when I was in Catholic indoctrination school, I was taught that Jesus was both completely god while also being completely a normal man. This is of course ridiculous, but Christians thought it made sense because muh god.

I’m lucky I haven’t beem subjected to that yet. I fear the day when that becomes the norm.

Kind of a crank website. Then again, this is the WEF we’re talking about; even chuds can see that having your boss read your mind is a bad idea.

I’m not a businesshead with an eye to professionalism, but I was slightly confused looking at it at first and it seems like it would feel weird to get used to typing.

Introducing Parenti Bot
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/455637 > I've taken it upon myself to bring the ParentiBot we all know and love from the hellsite reddit to Lemmygrad. > > Have you ever been in a situation where the Parenti quote applies? As quotable as Michael Parenti is, people pretty much always mean the same quote. There's no need to go searching for that quote anymore. Simply mention ParentiBot like this: [@ParentiBot@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/ParentiBot); > or use the phrase "Parenti quote" (casing and space between characters doesn't matter) in your comment or post. > > I'm open to suggestions as to how the quote should be formatted. Currently the quote is in its entirety all in one block quote. As much as we tankies love our walls of text, I've had an admin express concern that having a bot posting walls of text in comment threads can lead to a worse thread reading experience for the threads the bot appears in, and I can see where they're coming from. > > For the more technically inclined, I invite you to [view the source code](https://codeberg.org/SleeplessOne1917/Lemmy-Parenti-Bot). It has a copyleft license, as all based software should. > > Finally, to admins and moderators, feel free to reach out to me if you need help making a bot. The power of bots has been used for cringe purposes here before, like the mass downvoter, but I'll gladly help make based bots. If we can make a ParentiBot, we can make any of the old bots we all know and love. I will seriously and gladly make the Volcel Vanguard bot if people want it and if anyone knows where to find the text it's supposed to post. **Edit**: I finally figured out how to run ParentiBot as a systemd service on my desktop that I never turn off. It should have a lot more uptime now.

How do I create a lemmy bot account
I was thinking of making a parenti bot and noticed that lemmy's settings allow you to mark an account as a bot. Doing a search for "bot" in the server side code shows options for showing/hiding content posted by bots when viewing communities, but I didn't see anything for actually having an account run a script. I'm sure people viewing this from lemmygrad may recall Comarade Rose, who was likely a bot, regularly posting content from communist subreddits; I'm sure making a bot is possible.

It looks like the CIA is doing more to fight the information war than banning subreddits and commanding bot farms.

It looks like the mods bagged the mass downvoter.

"So I started following these guys about China, one of them is South African… "
Que my cracker friend telling me they watch Serpentza and telling me that the see see pee is painting the mountains green. My other cracker friend chimed in to say that the see see pee pee poo poo is just telling all the Chinese they're communist to keep them from revolting. Because you know, obviously they want to do things like they do it in Burgerland /s.