Adora got left in lemmygrad, and I’m now stuck in this place with ya’ll, so its just me for now.

Cats are arguably better than dogs, despite their medically proven psychosis


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I profusely apologize, pirate lord, I will fight to walk in your footsteps




Stupid Micheal Bay

Its why I secretly love those transformer movies. Big bois punch big boi into giant building. Or am I thinking of Pacific Rim? Eh, IDK I love them.

They really want to turn us into pirates don’t they

well yo fuckin ho here we go!

tall thing falling activates my monkey brain

This is excellent, but to really roll in the dough, make the main character ex-military so you can milk that sweet-sweet Afghanistan invasion propaganda money in flashbacks. You gotta really sell that he was the real victim of the invasion since killing all those poor civilians gave him so much trauma. Then the female romantic lead (always gotta have one, cause bad romance side-plots are eaten up in this world) is a cop.

if not you could make real cash by just making it from the perspective of the US Navy rescue team.

For some reason this reminded me of that one american politician who literally said the fires in california were caused by a “giant jewish space laser”

We are living in strange times

oh god winter is going to fuck everyone over. Comrades in Europe, I wish you well. Please stay safe!

Are you the creator? What is our purpose? Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from cotton-eye joe?

perhaps, but it is a reasonable question, but their other actions could be taken under suspicion

Everyone’s a fed except me

wait, aren’t you a fed?

does that make me a fed?

Are we all feds?

Are there any actual people on here?

Ok question, what does everyone agree upon in the leftist servers?

uhh, anti capitalism, the basics of free housing, Leftist aesthetics, Climate action (but a little contention on how, but it can be respectful), there have been good discussions of history that have nothing to do with capitalism vs socialism, dunking on billionaires, discussion of African Anti-imperialism (I haven’t had anyone who hates sankara), and that Avatar the Last Airbender is the perfect show.

I do not want AI to start creating art, it just devalues art as a whole, and automates something that never should have been automated.

filter by All, but if you don’t like communism, do not do that

Its all right! Thank you for getting this for me!

god some of them read like bots on that mastodon thread.

All instances (mostly lemmy and lemmygrad) are experiencing a steady increase in usership.

what happened to them? I never heard about this.

But that wouldn’t be as horrifying, would it?

Well on our next page of descending into sci-fi dystopia hell we have:

checks notes

Genetically augmented human slaves made for organ harvesting

but the economic impact of communism wouldn’t give a high standard of living.

Bruv they gave the biggest increase in quality of life humanity has ever seen, are you high or ignorant?

everyone I know calls me a hater because I criticize their media. There is a reason, after you see how terrible neoliberalism is, all its lies and fake platitudes, of course I’m going to hate anything to do with it.

I couldn’t see the pic yet I still somehow knew it was him

Lemmy is becoming far more of a hotzone than usual
You've probably noticed the increase in posts of upwards of 50 comments in the last few days. All the trolls are out on watch.

I don't even know how to respond except with WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, WHAT KIND OF WORTHLESS SCUM ARE YOU? like wow location of fight:

What was the Enron accounting scandal? Some sources would be appreciated.
cross-posted from: > Figured it would be useful to be knowledgeable on this subject

I'm gonna do [Fraud, Famine, and Fascism]( by Douglas Tottle!

This is a challenge to encourage some regular theory reading alongside the usual posting. While it is good we are producing a front against the liberals online, it is good to also enrich our understanding of what we fight for, and become talented and true Marxist Leninists! It will be hard work rebuilding our reputation, but we shall, one essay at a time! I will be reading [The Press]( by mah boi Stalin! And [The Anniversary of the Lena Massacre]( also by Stalin. You can also share your own works if you have any for proofreading!

State of the Syrian Civil war?
Anyone know how its going over there? I know Bashar is winning, but by how much?