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They removed everything that wasn’t 100% fake and artificial


why is linux hated

idk man

I will never use it regardless of the price. Adobe can go fuck itself

I said war is bad, but war equipment isn’t necessarily. It’s pretty cool to watch an F-15 flying around but seeing it killing people isn’t as cool you know

Everything is bloat until you need it. Trying to have a light system is alright and I’d say good, but being obsessed by it like this is… meh

I’m happy to hear that we all agree copyright is trash

What are your thoughts about Copyright?
I mean Copyright as "intellectual property which gives the owner the exclusive right to copy and distribute the creative work"

be me

average fediverse website owner

tell everyone that your site is now federated with the others

don’t tell anyone how to use the federation



This is because downvotes are not used as they were meant. Reddit’s system was supposed to work like this:

  • You see something that you like/agree on -> you upvote
  • You see something you don’t agree on -> Don’t vote
  • You see something harmful for the community/that breaks the rules/is toxic/you got the point -> you down vote

This system wasn’t understood by the users and so it became the mess we know today