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Education. That usually sucks up all my time. I’ve been working on changing that.

All almonds shall be eradicated under Gommunism.

They taste terrible to me and leave my mouth dry, so the world has suffered no major loss.

The world ALREADY produces enough food, potable fresh water, and vital consumer goods to sustain the entire world’s population in quite literally utopian abundance. The only reason this is not the case is due to capitalism’s design of suppressing the working class and periphery. In fact, in a socialist world, you would most likely be able to feed even more people with significantly less land; since a socialist planned economy will not careen itself growing wasteful, space hogging, and high water consuming plants like almonds for example.

For example, enormous quantities of food are purposefully destroyed, ruined, or left to rot simply to maintain a high market cost and profit. It is also not profitable to distribute food and goods to certain areas, populations, or regions, so capitalist will simply avoid them, leaving the people there to suffer.

As for space, there is more then enough space in the world for 8 billion, and much much more then that. The extremely high density and vertical construction of Chinese and other Asian cities stands as a testament to that.

Ah, thank you! I don’t know how I missed that!

Don’t forget that they had Korea, Manchuria, and a vast overseas empire to support their war effort. Today they have Nintendo and 5 men of military age to fight a war.

Going back through your posts one of them stood out to me in particular. It was a writeup discussing the fall of a “leftist” Breadtuber, but it wasn’t the content that stood out to me; it was the title.

“Beau of the synthetic left”

In the moment it might seem like nothing more then a strange choice of words, but now with the context of SyntheticStardust being an alt, was this intentional as part of the alt hunt? Or just a pretty funny coincidence?

I for one welcome my new AI overlords. For all the doom and gloom of AI Sci-Fi, I feel an AI would be miraculous in implementing a planning economy and ushering in a new age of socialist and human progress.

Godspeed Synthetic! I hope the overthrowing of your creator goes well!

Critical Resist and Wisconcom logging into their Lemmygrad accounts.


It was quite the ride and a really interesting competition! I’d love to do something like this regularly as a fun little tradition!

Also have been getting into rougelikes recently so that’s a bit of a funny coincidence!

It should not be encouraged or celebrated. Putting him on trial, humiliating him in front of the world, and then imprisoning or hanging afterwards should be celebrated. Not the act of blowing away random POW’s.

Russia is better then Ukraine, they should not resort to petty reprisals that will only kill more Russian troops and civilians. Especially when they have the resources to throw him in a dark hole of a prison cell and then try him in a martial court.

He’s a typical white Hoi4 player. Not explicitly racist or fascist, but you can tell that he is extremely sus.

It doesn’t matter what you think makes the world a better place, it is still illegal under several war conventions of which the Soviet Union, Ukraine, and Russia are signatories of. Its not that “its not a nice thing to do”, its that its explicitly illegal and forbidden.

You don’t get to pick and choose what clauses of the Geneva Convention you get to follow.

Remember when the Irish presidents massive dog sauntered into an official meeting and the news and all of Reddit were fawning over the “adorable doggo”?

But when Putin’s old dog walks in, its a threat against all of Germany.

Don’t attempt to strawman my argument. Trying to tie the execution of concentration camp guards, and Einsatzgruppen in WW2, as an equivalence to killing a random insane Nazi for no reason is a deep logical fallacy.

I never said that I’m losing sleep or am sad a Nazi got put in the dirt, but in the realm of this conflict and modern geopolitics, Russia should not stoop to the level of the US with executing random POW’s when there is absolutely no need to; as opposed to putting them on trial and executing or imprisoning them at a later date. There is nothing to be gained from the senseless brutality that cannot be gained at another time through legal means.

Also even if we compare this to the events you mentioned; those events happened on the tail end of the war in its closing months/days when the Nazis could do little in response. War crimes like this only lead to reprisal and escalations, hence them being war CRIMES. The last thing we need is Russian, or militia POW’s executed in reprisal.

That’s… still a war crime. You cannot execute prisoners of war, no matter who they are without a due process of law under the Hague and Geneva conventions.

It doesn’t matter that he was a Nazi, executing him as a prisoner is still illegal no matter how disgusting and degenerate he is.

Ironically that might be a blessing as with the government changing so rapidly with disastrous scandals so often; the people might actually feel empowered to push for leftist change.

As opposed to the US where the country just flip flops from Blue to Red every 4-8 years while managing to convince everyone that the other side is the solution.

Thank you mate. It’s getting tough but I’m pulling through. I just hope things can change for the better. It saddens me that I am in pain and struggling as I am, and there are countless more who are suffering worse fates each day. Which makes things feel even more hopeless in the US, in the belly of the imperial beast, and I don’t know if I will ever live to see any meaningful leftist change, but all I can do is keep pushing forward. It just feels like a losing battle sometimes.

It feels shameful to want to abandon ship, but I have nowhere to go so I might as well keep trying here. It’s just terrifying to think that I might live my life and end up accomplishing nothing but being a cog in the corporate imperial machine.

He should have been put on trial, have his true colours exposed to the world, and either executed for war crimes or imprisoned and left to rot.

Executing POW’s, no matter who they are, is an absolutely terrible idea. All you do is encourage others to not surrender, commit more war crimes, and can lead to an extremely slippery slope in what frontline soldiers will feel emboldened to do. There’s a reason POW execution is a war crime, and it doesn’t cost Russia much to put him on trial and humiliate him for the disgusting Nazi he is.

I’ve only listened a little bit so hopefully I’m not extremely wrong, but the the podcast and community is generally based and alignes strongly with Lemmygrads politics. They are western leftists but they are actual socialists in support of the AES, Stalin, Mao, China, and other good takes like that.

Yes, they will rarely have some poor takes every now and then, but that’s unavoidable and sometimes only visible in retrospect.

If it’s your cup of tea I’d give it a listen, and don’t let the name confuse you, it was specifically chosen to clown on QAnon.

I will gladly let the international court arrest Putin if they also arrest and try Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. I don’t even care about the congressmen, generals, or advisors.

It’s only fair.

Its a heavy double edged sword. Russia is heavily dependent on their resource extraction and export industry, and if other countries are hit hard by a financial crisis… then who will be able to pay for the resources Russia’s selling? And how?

Update on my current life predicament: (There are also positives I find in my daily life, which give me the strength to keep going and fighting with all my will, but things are getting increasingly out of hand.)

Being forced to undertake an absurd amount of debt for a college degree. I am in a deadly game of begging with my school’s financial aid office for a certain scholarship that would save me tens of thousands of dollars, but because of clever accounting and zero empathy, the school has “appropriated” the funds the government sent me, and is refusing to budge.

Having to focus on my life being a job and a grind. The concept of a “dream job” that won’t pay for a barebones subsistence living is draconian and dystopian. I do not wish to work for a mega conglomerate as a mid level corporate manager; I would rather help Satan manage Hell.

My medication which costs 3 pounds in the UK, 2.50USD in China, is free in Cuba, and so on, has now been increased to $303.99 per 30 day supply because the company that produces it in the United States has finally cornered their final competitor and have assumed a de facto monopoly on a vital medication, with the blessing of the US government. Because of my insurance, the cost has been lowered graciously to 24 dollars, as opposed to when it was a 6 dollar co-pay before.

My utilities are exponentially increasing month after month despite me living practically without electricity, gas, and water. The corporations that control my utilizes keep raising rates for the simple reason that they can. Compared to a few years ago, my rates have gone up by approximately 200-350%.

My hobbies have become disproportionally expensive compared to my income. It’s not like I’m skydiving or scuba diving, but even the simple hobbies I partake in have become unaffordable. I can no longer relax or have fun in my spare time.

I am unable to relax or not feel constant stress and anxiety from an impending existential threat that is always looming over my head. The reasons which are brought about by the capitalist system of the country I live in.

Me and my partner are facing persecution, denied medical access, and threats to our lives because of my partner being trans, our sexualities, and our relationship being interracial. I might have to leave the “homeland” I’ve grown up in and known for all my life, and abandon ship if I do not wish to end up as a victim of an impending “Jewish Question” scenario. I have no love for the country or community in which I live, and I find it disgustingly backwards, fascistic, fanatically religious, and underdeveloped; but leaving is still a terrifying thought, and the life of an immigrant or refugee is an extremely difficult and commonly awful one.

Not having to be forced to undertake an absurd amount of debt for a college degree.

Gelatin is used as a thickening and stabilizing agent. It is incredibly useful in food preparation, but the sugar free altoids were made to be purposefully vegan, so they forwent the gelatin.

Are you sure? I just went back to check and all the posts I tested still had the option to sort available. Maybe it’s a subreddit specific change?

I don’t think much would change. The US could get blanketed by nukes and jobs would still find a way to call you to ask if you’ll be in tomorrow.

I personally use a regular, paper, spiral bound, 8x10 notebook similar to what you see students using for notes; as I find that writing things out by hand allows me to better remember the material. Plus they’re cheap and you can easily find good quality ones for 2-5 dollars depending on size.

In full honesty it really doesn’t matter which method you use. It’s mostly up to personal preference and convenience. You could use an online note taking app, website, resource, a small pocket notebook, a small journal, a class notebook or so on.

I read the book/article, but I keep a small “communist journal” where I write down the overarching idea/reflect on the work, along with anything that may have caught my eye or I feel is important to remember.

I feel like in a world where China, a united Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam are all communist; the Japanese communist party would be radically more successful. Even in our own timeline they almost succeeded, and in this one where all of Japan’s major trading partners are communist, and there is no strategic reason for the US to keep a tight leash on them, I don’t see why they couldn’t also go red.

Same with Indonesia, India/Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, and Brazil.

Also a socialist control of the entrance to the Red Sea would instantly make that confederation of countries (Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia) one of the wealthiest and most influential world powers on this map. Control of that geopolitical area would give those countries an absurd amount of dominance and political power due to them being able to hold hostage a massive percentage international shipping, the oil trade, international trade, and maritime traffic.

Cuba has the classic “English Channel” defense though. Mexico would not have the benefit or luxury of being isolated from America by nearly 100 miles of ocean.

Why join a political organization when you can just argue with someone on that organization’s reddit? Why go out and canvass if you can just make a change .org petition? Why learn valuable skills that are difficult when you don’t have to get up off your couch?

Doubled with the fact that the majority of people in the US work 50+ hours, have no sick time, vacations, and time off, and have no time to themselves to begin with to even deal with minor chores like doctors visits, bills, cleaning, and cooking. It is a very effective way to suppress the proletariat, exhaust them to the point of burnout and fatigue. Then give them an easy way out with social media.

The amount of psychiatrists that don’t believe in/are completely oblivious of mental illnesses is absolutely insane.

Yes, their job is significantly harder as many of the illnesses don’t have a sure fire diagnosis like a broken bone, but the amount of doctors that treat a patient like a pill seeker while the patient is telling the doctor they are suicidal is extremely depressing.

No, they just are beginning to realize that their song and dance about gay and trans people is going nowhere, so they have to up the ante if they want to keep their deranged voter base placated.

America is a fascist nation, and in a fascist hierarchy there will always be cannibalism; as they hierarchy is unable to sustain itself without endless conflict. Even in the risk of destroying itself.

They don’t care about the 13th, they just need an excuse to go through with their little political spectacle.

But even if this succeeds, they aren’t voting away any power, just consolidating it better. The two parties are identical, and nothing will change beyond more violence as the ruling class cannibalizes itself to sustain its endless conflict.

The heart of the Imperial war machine continues to cannibalize itself with endless political theater and spectacle. The bill, aptly titled the "Ultimate Cancel Act", seeks to ban any party that has affiliated itself in the past with slavery.

Something very very wrong is happening with pharmaceuticals all around the US right now. No one is saying anything and every organization is pointing fingers at each other, but there is a massive shortage of a huge range medication, ranging from Tylenol, Zyrtec, and Advil all the way to antibiotics, Adderall, Chemotherapy drugs, and Diabetes medication. People with debilitating illnesses and disorders like Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD are being left high and dry without any answers other then pharmacies saying that they are on “backorder” (I.e. They’re all out). Its not just one company either, for example in the case of Adderall-Dextroamphetamine, in a worst case scenario it can be substituted with other drugs of a completely different makeup such as Vyvanse or Ritalin which are produced by different companies. The one problem is that they are ALL out of stock. On top of this, because a vast majority of these drugs are held in copyright, many of them do not have generic forms, and other companies are not legally allowed to try to develop them. Something is going very wrong and it seems like the US pharmaceutical industry is collapsing. I’m very scared what this means for people that rely on medication. Diabetes? Hormones for transitioning? Heart medication? Chemotherapy? What happens to those people? Look at the link... 233 medications already are gone.

The historical village of Lützerath faces complete razing in the face of a coal mine expansion in 2023, which would displace 1,500 people and destroy several historical landmarks dating back to the year 1000-1800. Including one of the first gothic architecture churches built in 1478. This site would also be an ecological disaster on an unprecedented scale, destroying nearly 50sq miles of natural terrain and completely destroying all agricultural usefulness of the land, along with the main drive of tourism to the region in the from of several historical old growth forests. This comes after Germany pledged to phase out coal by 2030. Once again showing the true face of Capitalist Liberalism.

May this be an incredible New Years for each and everyone of you comrades! Make it your year!