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A meme I made in the wake of EDCA agreements between Imperial Usonia and her illegal puppet regime in the Philippines and some proposals to make ROTC mandatory again.
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/7752cc27-fc9e-46f6-b3ec-859897b1282b.png) Originally made this meme in a glowering response to a tweet by a baizuo "leftist" complaining about toxic masculinity in ROTC. Bitching for the wrong reasons.

Socialist feels. The ideal life for me. Based on a true story

Yeah, that dream… I wish my childhood was that colorful. Too bad, here in the Philippines, its just either Scouting as a subject or the Catholic youth orgs and the sacristy… I wish I experienced wearing the red scarf.

Discord stuff
So after some time, I want to join the GZD discord, got wrongfully banned last time for getting tangled in vetting. Anything to help me? I'm more mature as a leftist now than last time. what tangled me in vetting was a question on trans people which I can't answer properly.

An IP ban is serious. So I aint taking chances. I’m not gonna let the NAFO shits lay their grubby hands on me.

Started to kinda miss my twitter account, though it was for my safety. Can’t really make comments on local politics in my country using a normal twitter account

Update: as of December 2, 2022, 5:10 PM Singapore time, I officially swallowed the pill and completed the suicide.

Well, it seems I’m on the NAFO hit list. Should I proverbially swallow the cyanide pill?
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d8f8015a-d86e-4d3c-b8b9-d6f47517ad46.png) Well, it seems the fascists at NAFO have already crafted a cross for them to nail me on. Dude leaked my old Twitter handle, but this dumbass got his info wrong. I never made a new account, just rebranded it after exchanging the MHA themed pfp for a Genshin one. Please help..... is suiciding my Twitter account a good option at this point?

The real red alarm would be if Musk goes after the twt fandoms and LGBT sex workers there. The moment New Twitter aims their guns at the OnlyFans gays, its time to get the fuck out, the transformation into Gab/LiveJournal 2.0 is complete.

At this point Tencent or Bytedance wanting to buy Twitter after Musk bled it too dry to be useful gets convinced by his imvestors to jettison it would be a miracle of the first order.

A family member just got in a motobike accident last week. Situation was so much messed up, having to suture a lot of wounds on the head and cast a broken wrist. This is gonna be a huge blow to us financially since my family has no insurance.

Those memes about US healthcare hits home because we dont have health insurance since dad quitted his old job years ago. I’ve practically been shafted since he got resigned a Japanese cement company after getting an unfavorable, insulting reassignment after faithfully serving for almost three decades, only to be rewarded like this. He had a burning hatred for Japanese work culture as a result, and little did he know, it planted the first seeds of radicalization towards being an actual communist from an immature who thinks the Soviet anthem is funny and coping with communist memes to cope with a toxic environment in a Christian school during junior high, with the developing of hatred toward foreign powers in general.

Duterte then became president and the actual change began. I went from naive lib who expected him to fullfill some wehraboo-esque anti-China fantasies to understanding why Duterte wants to work with China. And I saw the memes about American war crimes and the rise of the alt-right fascists there, and seeing the news about how the US is tattered in pieces and discovering more atrocities they committed as I studied history. I was already a baby leftist at that point who got misguided in a leftypol server crawling with groypers and femboys.

In short, I became a Marxist because I’m tierd of being fucked over in an illegally occupied puppet state. A lot of American kids think its edgy to be a Marxist, or became one because their gender identity got spat on by fascists. Find my bootstraps? You have to kill like its fucking Squid Game to get them bootstraps in US-occupied Philippines. Had I been born in China, I could have actually pursued my dreams there, I know I could get a job there to serve the Motherland rather than engaging in some Darwinian competition only to be sold like prostitutes to assholes for employers like fucking Qatar.

I’m in my 20s, out of school in the meantime because uni practically rejected me, recommend any ML orgs in the Philippines not affiliated with the CPP-NPA, preferably favorable to Moscow and Beijing. Also I’m not in Manila, I’m in the bumfuck of nowhere,… really needed to get out of the screen and actually join actual civic activity for once.

Comrades, if you’re a native German speaker, feel free to judge my grammar. I have trust issues with Google Translate which I used to make this

“За отсос Путину”, which, translated word for word, would be “to suck Putin”, but translated in context as “For sucking Putin’s dick”

Made a medal for Twitter and Gab wingnuts. Feel free to use this as a shitpost weapon against fascists and reactionaries.
Behold.... Asking German comrades here if I wrote it right. It's supposed to say "For sucking Nick Fuentes' dick" ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e7bd1167-8f96-41d2-9756-105e5853f44f.png) I made the medal above in response to this one made by NAFO shits ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/fb66032f-fe95-49db-bd2e-4527544dbb7a.png)

Welcome to Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter. Goebbels would be proud of this fella.
Tinfoil Hat Twitter has reached levels of cringe so deep, even the ghost of Heinrich Himmler blushes at how deep in the antisemitism hole these Qrackheads are.... ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/267ade30-aacb-4e28-9e2e-c863259353a7.jpeg)

Also purging some the “National Democracy” literature because its pretty much not applicable in the modern factors. Filipino Maoists have been reduced into a joke and they’re pretty much the reason why the Left here can’t bloom. And they’re the reason why MLs here jumped on Duterte’s boat because his pro-China stance seems attractive to AES and easier to identify with them than with the Maoists. So basically joining the populist camp to make orthodox ML cool again

Thanks for the eye-opening read. I need to get access to better literature, my only literature is limited to Marx’s fundamentals, Soviet-era writings and Third Worldist stuff like the Green Book, some of Sankara’s work and some of Philippine “National Democracy” corpus of material, as well as some academic research papers feeding me info to make my own takes.

So yeah, kinda got my start with “Old Left” literature. And had to toss the Green Book since patsocs and shit

I just went out on that rant because Milo Stewart was the first thing that comes to my mind hearing about gender discourse on Tumblr. Don’t get me mistaken, I’m pretty progressive. I am supportive of LGBTQ rights, but I don’t want to debate on the politics of trans people because I’m not in a sufficient position to join the debate. My apologies.

I’m not an American, so there are things that I don’t fully understand as a leftist from my perspective.

Begun, the dark days have. Beware of false comrades.
Twitter has gone the way of LiveJournal. First they broke the woke boba libs from the Tumblr zoo tarring the Left with teenage cringe, the gates of the Twitter gulag has been opened to freedom for chuds, Neo-Nazis, and reactionaries. What kind of timeline are we living in? It seems the sacrifices of 8.7 million Russians to bury the Nazi monster are in vain. Now we must keep a vigilant eye for false comrades, like how fascists try to lure some of our naive baby comrades by jacking off to North Korea.

Mom thinks a DPRK song I was humming is calling evil spirits.
So I just came back home from having to go with my parents to buy medicine (my life isnt for me to live), I went up to the toilet to take a leak and was humming the tune of Tansume from my vocal chords. It was kinda rough, trying to simulate the guitar riffs from a Moranbong cover I watched on Youtube, until mom yelled to shut up, doesnt sound good to listen, because the notes and pitch the way I hummed sounded like I was calling malignant spirits. Bruh.

“Shank a liberal and a fascist dies”. Anarkiddies are just woke fascists. Change my mind.
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/282b4d73-47de-46c0-afcc-8357f9858709.jpeg) Looks like an post by a no step on snek guy at first glance, but notice the PFP, it looks sussy. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f08a8a9f-2759-47bb-8be6-15acdd001d10.jpeg) "GAB dot com" Bingo. Apparently, anarkiddies and "muh small gubmint" reactionary chuds seem to have a lot of common ground. And they still call us redfash just because of an episode of Nazi-Soviet diplomacy that bore no fruit but buy time for Stalin to mobilize for the coming onslaught.

These are the same people who cheered the overturning of Row vs Wade.

Update: something something police should have fired live ammo at CIA-sponsored libs

Would work best if its a number from a telco in the Philippines. (e.g. +639xx-123-4567. +63= country code; 9xx = telco ID. Example, Globe is +63-927; then your main number)

DAVID FAGEN was an African-American Army Cpl., born sometime in 1878 in Tampa, and a son of a former slave in Florida. In 1898, Fagen enlisted in the 24th Infantry, all-Black cavalry in the US Army, and was sent to Cuba for a war. After a year in Cuba, Fagen was deployed to Manila to fight in the Philippine-American War. After a few months of battling against the Filipinos, while in war, he sees and hates when white soldiers called the Filipinos, "n******" (as it also reminds him of tremendous discrimination in his home country), he also opposed American imperialism. Fagen turned his back on his own army, for his new life as a Filipino guerrilla that began on November 17, 1899. He becomes a very successful fighter, cunning, and highly skilled guerrilla who wreaked havoc, harassed, and evaded large conventional American units and achieved legendary status in Filipino Community. He became the most notorious and hated American traitor, a turncoat hero of the Philippine-American War that his capture became an obsession to the U.S. military and the American public. Let this be a reminder to to the Filipino diaspora in AmeriKKKa that you live in the same nation who called him a n*****, and still proudly embraces fascism openly in the streets and throwing around dehumanizing racism as unironic humor. They don't want you there. Your motherland is calling you home, you have no place in a living hellscape where reactionaries want you to not exist for not being the correct race. And to the pro-US liberal simps at home, this is the same AmeriKKKa who burned our houses and maybe committed atrocities on your ancestors. Now they are crying wolf that China is the bloodthirsty monster out to devour us, so we could die for their imperialist war fueling their bloodlust.

Exactly what I’m worrying about. Ever since I saw Elon’s tweets about “guess who runs the media”, I know he is a fascist sympathizer who would release the frog army of groypers and free the bastard Nick Fuentes from the gulag.

Damn. That hurts. They shot you for doing the right thing?

Honestly at this point I’ll just delete the account before Twitter bans me. A kamikaze suicide, or as the war boys in Mad Max say, “Witness Me.”

Welp. It seems Twitter already suspended me. What they asked to restore my account is confirm my phone number. I'm not gonna dox myself giving it away.

Not to mention literal fascists like Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, et al preaching fascism and actively destroying democracy under the guise of populism is “part of the process”?

You think instituting fascism is healthy democracy?

Not to mention, everytime I tried explaining about China to them, Cold War propaganda sets in. They believe China is this cartoonishly oppressive hellhole they shpuld avoid like the plague.

They say there is no freedom of expression and assembly, and you cannot protest in China, but why the fuck a crowd of people angry at Evergrande swindling their hard-earned money took up to the streets, and Beijing didnt send the tanks unlike the fascist brats in Hong Kong throwing tantrums?

If the same situation happened in the US, like, say, J. P. Morgan swindling American workers of their hard-earned money they invested, the feds would send in the tanks.

Wait, is Duterte decent? I thought he was a fascist?

I feel what you said. Everyone thought Duterte is a fascist because far-right populists like groyper scum praised him as their dream strongman elected by the people. Duterte is what they wanted Trump to be. They fantasize a Duterte-like figure to dab on “Da Joo elitez” in AmeriKKKa.

When in reality, he’s more of a Stalin than Hitler. He’s more of a Maduro without the ruinous economic incompetence than Pinochet.

Well, my main concern is securing Duterte’s legacy. We dont have a clear cut candidate who would be basically his successor. Marcos Jr. is a beast of his own, being the son of the former dictator. Isko Moreno looks like he can keep Duterte’s line at first, turns out he’s a neoliberal parody. Leody de Guzman is basically an unmasked socialist, doubt he can be as tough as Duterte and has no realistic chance of winning. Though I must admit if Leody wins, pressure by the CIA and Western powers bullying him for being a socialist president of a US satellite might force him to be as tough as Duterte.

The CPP-NPA are bandits at best and Trotskyite larpers backhanded by Raytheon at worst, decieving a lot of Filipino kids in unis to take part in their ReVoLuTiOn only to become test subjects being blown to minced meat to test weapons by US arms dealers.

Most of the brutality of the drug war here are from asshole cops on the ground, not orders from the top. Why do you think Duterte is doing purges on the police force against the so-called "scalawag’ cops?

This is how fucked up our roster of presidential candidates are. We have to choose between Woke Pinochet aka Raytheon’s useful idiot, a neoliberal parody of Duterte who wants to keep the status quo and forcing Americanization instead of Filipino solutioms for Filipino problems, the son of a literal dictator groomed by the PDP-LABAN crown princess, and a more based version of Bernie Sanders minus the lib capitalism, but with almost zero chances of victory.

This is why the left-wing Duterte supporters camp are torn between openly socialist candidate Leody de Guzman and PDP-LABAN appartichik and former dictator’s son Bongbong Marcos.

Most of the more authsoc Duterte supporters went with Marcos as the pragmatic path, being able to continue the friendship with Beijing Duterte started.

Need advice dealing with dense Filipino parents
I'm a Marxist-Leninist born and grew up in the US-occupied Republic of the Philippines who firmly believes in AES, and a staunch Duterte supporter. And no, I do not support the CPP-NPA, they are Trotskyite pieces of s**t larping as Maoist revolutionaries. Everyday I have to deal with lib bullshit from from my mother, she keeps asking me why I keep barking negative about the United States. Especially when talking about the elections. She supports Leni Robredo, our own Manchurian Candidate being rigged by US influence to win, so they can dethrone Duterte and enslave us again to Raytheon's whims for their sweet arms profits at our expense. I don't know what correct words to say, it always felt like a trap question everytime she asks why I stan China. I know what to say, I am convinced of my beliefs, its just, I dont know how to explain them without damning myself into their trap. I kept talking about how chaotic the USA is with all the civil disobedience from both MAGAts and California libs, especially the BLM protests, Freedom Convoy, J6, anti-vaxxer protests, and the riots and shit. All they just said to me? "Its part of the process of healthy democracy." Riots? Healthy Democracy? Are they fucking kidding me? They think being a dumpster fire for having a clown and later a sleepy old man for presidents is a healthy democracy? I'm losing brain cells.