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Come on, don’t be like that, you knew this was coming eventually…

It was actually on the prolewiki discord, and I think possibly in a restricted channel. Really the kind of the thing that I never expected would go out but I decided to own up to my mistake and accept the guess. However, as per the rules, Anna had to make the guess public on lemmygrad which I hoped would have finally settled the question for most people!

And the alt is…
What a journey it has been. To be quite honest, this was the first time I tried something like that. I suddenly stopped posting with the alt because I had more pressing matters to take care of, and then I kinda forgot about it. So I figured, it's now March, this has been going on since January, we need to finish this thing. Strangely, not many people actually _got_ the alt. Many were on the right track, but then accused someone else or didn't make the leap to actually saying it outright. I wasn't sure how difficult this would be, and that's why as time went on I gave away more and more information (such as the two questions answered). Still, I'm glad that many people knew to look at the alt account closely, even if they didn't accuse it. It shows healthy scepticism. In fact, only two people outright came up and pointed out the alt specifically as their choice. This means they would be the two winners, and in fact I'd already contacted them about it privately. That's right, the thing that seemed to trip most people up was that I didn't confirm or deny accusations publicly. But if you remember from the OG post, I said the hunt would end **when I ran out of keys to give out** (for the game in question). As I have 5 keys and only 2 people correctly, outright, guessed the alt, the game went on (I also figured people liked doing this so I didn't want to stop it too soon). And, in a real setting, I expect a sockpuppet or alt would not reveal their dastardly plan the first time someone accused them of being an alt. That's why I personally did not answer publicly as to the identity of the alt, and why the alt account itself sometimes defended itself against accusations. ## The clues So let's move on to the clues you didn't catch before announcing the winners. At first, I wanted this to be like an OSINT game where you'd find the alt by looking at data like when we both post, how we both talk, etc. It proved a bit difficult both for you and me, and so afterwards I started leaving clues and made it more of an ARG game. If you remember the original post, I said I took some steps to make this alt as ethical as I could. This meant the alt had some rules to obey: it could not get into an argument with other users, it could not get too friendly with other users, and it could not post stuff that's too serious. The idea being that after the alt was found, it would not have a long-lasting effect on the community. This placed some limitations on an OSINT approach as I was restricted on what I could post or comment with the alt. A few days after I made that post, I posted some very telling things. First, I changed the sidebar to include this: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/3ceb95bf-5027-4eed-9b87-be6e46a2680c.png) What would you find in [!shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/c/shitreactionariessay) ? Well, that was the first community the alt posted to. Secondly, a few days later, I made two posts with my CR8 account: 1. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/501674 2. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/504456 There was, for the cautious reader, a certain keyword that came up in both posts that you could use to help determine the alt's identity. Did you find it? If not, here's a third post I later made: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/512279 It seems nobody caught on to these clues at the time, which prompted me to later make more posts to answer direct questions about the alt so as to help you out. Later, I made sort of a mistake when I posted a joke on Discord with my CR8 account, and then the alt posted that joke too. One comrade caught on to it and first asked me if it was alright to make the connection on Lemmygrad. I told them yes, because in a real setting a sockpuppet would mess up at some point. I figured at this point the question would be settled, but apparently not! It seems some comrades were still too hesitant to actually point at the alt. Well, that was about it for the clues I left. ## The winners. And so it's time to announce the alt. When I made it an account, I took a screenshot divulging the name. So, here it is: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/15bdd7c3-a5a3-4478-8f20-27f000555d43.png) That's right, the alt is [@SyntheticStardust@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/SyntheticStardust) ! And at that point, I can hear you groan. You were all so close to it, but alas, not close enough. However, I still have 5 keys to give out. The original winners that I mentioned were SovietSnake and Anna. Both rejected the game (SovietSnake doesn't play roguelikes, and Anna already has it), and so these keys reenter the pool. SovietSnake actually snuffed out the alt in mere _hours_ (which made me sweat I'm not gonna lie) but, he told me later, he actually thought he got it wrong when I rejected the allegations with the alt in a reply. So because we don't really have winners, I looked through the various posts to find the people that got _closest_ to getting the alt. These are people that, in one way or another, implicated SyntheticStardust. They are : - [@GrainEater@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/GrainEater) - [@ComradeSalad@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/ComradeSalad) And then, I want to nominate [@commiewolf@lemmygrad.ml](https://lemmygrad.ml/u/commiewolf) as an honorary winner as they were very invested in the hunt, asking questions, regrouping information, etc. And I _think_ [@Zerush@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/Zerush) might have gotten it too, because they made this comment: https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/363058 that kinda hints towards it. Well, tell me what you meant by it (no lying). This _might_ leave me with 1 key left (I sent it to someone and then didn't receive a word if they activated it or not so I'm putting it back in the pile), which could leave a last winner. I'll update you if the key works or not and then we'll figure out how to give it out. The game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2211110/Brick_Odyssey/. It's a very good game. I hope you had fun and we might make it a yearly thing, maybe around April Fool's day? I might enlist help from the rest of the admins next year to keep the game active next time though.

Comrades it’s time to learn how to say “I surrender and will help you” in Chinese. I’m not even joking, as much as we want to avoid a war, and China wants to avoid a war, this is the only tool Washington knows to use when their influence declines. And it’s been declining for too long. You think there won’t be a war? Unlikely. The imperial core coaxed Russia into invading Ukraine.

Yeah I don’t get that:

The creator of the video noted in the YouTube video description that the first 52 seconds showed sped-up video. In reality, the train carefully advanced on the tracks about seven times slower than what appeared in the video.

The video admits the video was sped-up, and then snopes notes that “however” it was sped up?

Lol I have sponsorblock and so the video started as “This video is made possibly by … Russia and China”

Btw if it’s lib cringe, you should repost it to !shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml as per new instance-wide rules and delete from genzedong.

You can still sell AI generations as NFTs though which is what really matters for the get rich quick and other money laundering projects

Shooting at a pizza deliverer: I sleep

Shooting at a cop: real shit

And that’s about it. People know not to fuck with cops because that’s a death sentence, the one time they actually do their job is when you mess with one of them. The clique is really strong in them.

I dislike ChatGPT’s attitude tbh. Which asks very interesting questions about AI and our relation to it. But regardless, I don’t like the “know-it-all” attitude and reluctance to agree with and help you, especially when half the info it gives is false and you have to double-check it yourself.

But I did manage to make ChatGPT agree that the 1931-33 famine in the USSR was mostly the result of natural causes and not deliberately manufactured.

I’ve had to run critAI all night, but here’s the result:

1:02 >Recording query:
1:03 >"What community is the alt most actively posting in?"
1:07 >Searching natural language modules...
1:17 >...
1:24 >...
1:41 >...
1:43 >Interpreting query as:
1:44 >"In what lemmy grad community is the most posted alt????????????????????????????????? [community lemmy] [grad] [alternative lifestyle] [1274910344]"
1:44 >ERROR: Ctrl^V input User cancellation [code 390]

Yeah, it had some issues forming a coherent interpretation of the sentence so I had to help it a bit. Anyway, after a while of retrying it got the gist of what you wanted. I think.

11:15 >Recording query: "What community is the alt most actively posting in?"
11:17 >Searching natural language modules...
11:27 >...
11:40 >...
11:58 >...
11:59 >Interpreting query as:
11:59 >"In which Lemmygrad community did the alt made the most posts?"
12:26 >Compiling answer...0%
12:38 >...5%
12:57 >...12%
13:19 >...17%
16:43 >...(truncated)
16:44 >...100%
17:11 >OUTPUT:
17:12 >"The alt made the most posts in Comradeship // Freechat!comradeship154 users online11 users / day88 users / week207 users / month431 users / 6 months473 subscribers582 Posts9.11K Comments"
17:28 > "have a critastical day!"

Well, OP can try, maybe this time CritAI will be more cooperative.

The software is still a bit glitchy… that’s 70s tech for you I guess 🤷 . As you can see sometimes it likes to print out “have a critastical day” and I have no idea why it does that or where it learned.

I’ve read quite a few testimonies on the page, and they don’t seem to be glamorising or even saying they enjoy prostitution; what most seem to be saying is that they would like not to be seen as criminals, which is a fair demand as it prevents them from accessing resources.

CritAI’s answer:

15:00 >Recording query:
15:05 >"What community is the alt the most active in?"
15:09 >Searching natural language modules...
15:10 >...
15:12 >...
15:15 >...
15:15 >ERROR: not enough information (code 499)
15:28 >Compiling answer...0%
15:42 >...1%
16:02 >...2%
16:17 >...3%
16:35 >ERROR: Out of memory. Please reboot

At this point I tried feeding it the query again, hoping rebooting would fix it:

17:00 >Recording query:
17:02 >"What community is the alt the most active in?"
17:07 >Searching natural language modules...
17:11 >...
17:28 >...
17:34 >...
17:38 >...
17:39 >ERROR: not enough information (code 499)
17:41 >Compiling answer...0%
17:59 >...1%
18:13 >...2%
18:23 >...3%
18:24 >...(truncated)
18:58 >...100%
19:00 >WARNING: query is ambiguous. Please define 'most active'.
19:00 >OUTPUT:
19:01 >"query is ambiguous. Please define 'most active'. Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'.Please define 'most active'."

It automatically printed out a log on my line printer and essentially from what I can tell reading over the BASIC, the AI got confused between comments and posts. It wasn’t sure what you were asking.

CritAI says:

12:06 >Recording query:
12:08 >"When was this account created?"
12:09 >Searching natural language modules...
12:09 >...
12:14 >...
12:19 >...
12:20 >Interpreting query as:
12:25 >"What year was the alt account created? [question] [date] [03858192135999465]"
12:25 >Compiling answer...0%
12:36 >...5%
12:49 >...7%
13:04 >...11%
13:06 >... (truncated)
14:47 >...100%
14:47 >OUTPUT:
14:49 >"The alt account was created in 2023."
14:49 >"Have a critastical day!"

Prostitution is indeed not work. In a work or labour relationship, the proletariat sells their labour power; their capacity to work is their commodity. Prostitutes are those who have not even that labour power to sell and so they must resort to selling the only thing they have left, their own body. Thus they live on the fringe of the proletariat class and experience oppression in its purest, harshest form. This comes from Esperanza’s medium article, an ex-prostitute. She also doesn’t use the term sex work because she was a prostitute meeting up with clients in their cars or motels, not an onlyfans content creator or a camgirl.

And this relationship of being even below the oppressed class has existed throughout history. Some slaves were not r*ped, but many slave women were. In feudalism, serfs were tied to the land and had to work on it. Prostitutes were even lower than the serf as they could not work on the land for whatever reason, which meant they were of no use to the lord and thus not allowed his protection.

Prostitutes are even exploited by the proletariat itself (and indeed were exploited by their own class in history); proletarian men create a false consciousness for themselves where they seek to attain bourgeois status and thus buy the services of the prostitute. It is inter-class warfare.

Prostitutes are proletariat but do not perform labour. Tbh there’s some marxism that goes out the window in some people the moment this topic comes up, as if prostitution was something inherently different or special to consider under its own rules. There’s petit-bourgeois women in porn, and there’s the proletarian victims that get trafficked by pimps. The two never intersect even if their job is the same. The victims need help to get out of this situation and an actual solution. The petit bourgeois will get with the program and get an actually productive job no matter how much they loathe it.

In this thread, I will answer exactly TWO questions about the alt
Tomorrow at noon GMT, I will pick the two most rated comments per score in this thread and answer the questions they ask (edit: one question per comment). If it is not a question, then that opportunity goes to waste. To help me answer questions, I have enlisted the help of my all-new CritAI machine, a state-of-the-art supercomputer built into my basement that is able to search the first page of google in 45 minutes and output an answer to any question in mere days! The best tech 1975 can give us! However the model is still a bit buggy and might not give you exactly what you asked for though... I will not answer questions that *can* be answered with yes or no however, just to make it challenging, nor questions -- obviously -- that give out the alt's name. The answers will be truthful. You should consult with each other. The clock is ticking.

Pornography and prostitution is not sex at all. The two are completely different and only resemble each other superficially.

Calling people prudes over this issue is something that I address in an essay I wrote some time ago (linked in another comment here). It effectively shuts down any possible discussion before it even happens because one can just say “oh you just don’t like sex!” and leave it at that.

The implied link to reactionary forces (missionaries, puritans) with this argument is intellectually dishonest to do to another comrade.

Fluoride is good for teeth but last I checked the concentration and method of delivery in the drinking water makes it almost useless

It’s also why more people are killed by trains in the US than places that rely way more on rail and have way more trains in extremely dense downtowns. Like China, Japan, and the EU.

That makes sense. Technically all the people that died/will die from the derailment in Ohio (very weird to type that out) should be counted as killed by a train.

This applies to the US. In Europe people are not allowed to even film you without your consent, nor are they allowed to film your front door like they do in the US all the time.

Remember: cooperation is encouraged. The person who finds out the name gets to pick who receives the game, which means you can help people and still win the prize!

Good, this makes winning the game even more fulfilling.

The alt hunt game is still ongoing comrades
This post will self-destruct in 10 seconds (no it won't) The alt hunt account is still ongoing comrades, not until I say it's over. First time? Read this: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/500112 Second time? Then get to hunting. I'm waiting. Third time? Read carefully 😉

No it makes sense. 4channers are contrarians at heart. Their white supremacism comes from a different place than liberals.

Both MLK and Malcolm X talked about the white liberals and how at least with the openly racist conservatives/fascists, they knew they were an enemy, but the white liberal would look like your friend until he stabbed you in the back.

At heart we have a fundamental difference in that 4channers are contrarians and liberals (which include trumpists) are followers.

The 4channer would totally say the same things and even worse if the government supported Russia over Ukraine. Let’s not forget they committed their share of shootings too.

Edit: and that’s my problem also with these “the worst person you know just made a great point” or “broken clock is right twice a day”. Every time you say that, you cede ground to fascists, comrades. Every time you see that happening is an instance where we could have been there saying the same thing from our POV, but we didn’t.

Fascists are never truthful, they only ever twist words to get what they need out of them. If we let them be the face of the anti-war movement, then that’s what they will become. And anti-war people will rally to them.

Realistically what kind of information can a spy balloon gather that you couldn’t find on Google Maps?

Yeah it’s how they keep track of issues

Oh that was an issue back when Lemmy came out too. You can make a report on the git: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues if it’s not there already

This was for your scheduled monthly log off time. Please resume browsing now, and look forward to next month’s mandatory grass-touching period.

Pretty evident once I saw they were replacing every decision maker in Ukraine with Americans. The USA never shies away from an opportunity to make money and if Ukraine wins somehow, the US will cut up the country and divide it for their bourgeoisie.

Crimes registered as hate crimes against people that self-identify as Asian.

With that said while I don’t have the numbers themselves, I would bet more than 90% of those crimes were targetting Chinese people, the media just rebrands it as “Asian” to not draw attention to that fact.

I say targetting because the dipshits that attacked Asian people for being Chinese actually managed to attack Koreans or Japanese people sometimes.

It’s fucked in many ways. They see Ukraine as a black hole that absorbs their old stockpiles. But no, it’s not like that, it’s a warzone. These weapons are being used to kill people, they don’t just disappear into thin air.

I have an anti clickbait extension for Firefox on YouTube. Removes caps from titles and replaces the thumbnail with a still from the video.

It’s gonna be like Ukraine if there’s a war, Taiwan will receive supplies from NATO, as many as it takes.

This serves two purpose, amplify propaganda and try to bleed the enemy slowly (Whether it’s China or Russia), cause they also have to commit resources to their war.

Taiwan however has one major difference, it’s an island just off the coast of big Chinese cities. A blockade will definitely weather them down quickly, that is however if NATO can’t get them some supplies.

China also considers Taiwan their province, and so they consider everyone on it as their countrymen and citizens (if I’m not mistaken on that last part). So I doubt they would intentionally start starving the people out. Maybe organise corridors so they can leave for China, idk.

To be honest, China as a government is more intelligent than we give them credit for. They’ve studied the fall of the Soviet Union, they’ve studied NATO, and they are studying the war in Ukraine.

Look at the BRI in Africa, the US is completely powerless against it. They can’t do anything no matter how much they try to vilify China. The only people this shit works on is Europe cause we still look up to the US lol.

US is trying to provoke China into invading Taiwan, which China is not replying to. The military drills last year after Pelosi’s visit were a good show of force. It was like, we’re absolutely allowed to do drills, and just in case you forgot how strong our army is now, here’s a reminder. Nothing more (in my opinion). Personally I don’t think an invasion is likely at all. At most they might have a plan from the 70s drafted somewhere in a super secure vault haha

I think it’s been established he was hiding a gun in this pic. Certainly looks like it if you look at the shape under his jacket.

Remember: the media lies.
There's protests happening in China and people will show me an article from AP, Reuters or CNN and ask "What the fuck is happening in China??" I understand the question is "what is _actually_ happening that the media is hiding?". But: What's happening is nothing worth mentioning. Stuff happens all the time. The media emphasizes those small acts and gives them a voice, and we internalise this voice even if we don't want to. They make mountains out of a molehill and we see that mountain too, even when we realise it can't be a mountain. This goes for things not relating to protests or China too. If it comes from western media, distrust it already. Assume bad faith. Distance yourself from it as much as possible.

Xi’s workout routine revealed
His programme is lifting 800 million people out of poverty Get 10 hours sleep every night so he can be WOKE No food in China bc he needs it all for his massive gains Speaking of gains he put on 2.2% GDP growth in 2020 during lockdown when everyone else was LOSING

We got the copycat website taken down
They forced us to invoke IP law, very communist lol. We sent a formal email to the registrar explaining lemmygrad is our copyright and the copycat website was attempting to mimic us, which went against their TOS. The host took it down just now but no word yet on what this means exactly. If they still have access to the domain or not. We will follow them if they try something else with the lemmygrad name. Anyway that's that I think.

I’m gonna have to actually read Dugin, aren’t I?
Once relegated to the mere corners of some fringe political currents in Russia that nobody took seriously, we have had the misfortune of being subjected to Dugin in the English-speaking web thanks to the tireless efforts of the patsoc crowd, specifically the Infrared folks, who made it their mission to put communism and the revolution on hold to promote the word of Dugin. With that in mind, and because I see some people uncritically accepting Dugin as this great figure to look up to (they never actually call him a Marxist) in the name of contrarianism, I figured I was gonna have to actually read Dugin. When the Internet was created and touted as a way to bring people closer together, I'm not sure this is what they had in mind. Regardless, I have downloaded a PDF of Dugin's foundational book, *The Fourth Political Theory*, and I can now look forward to a very good time for the foreseeable future. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/9cf54b2f-0f8d-4447-8c9e-8c01cde45f6b.png) Oh no what's this ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/92dc8d0f-2b4e-4794-a479-d19175bf228d.png) Oh shit shit shit ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c104c4fc-0312-4bd2-b0ed-f539245da691.png) Oh fuck you at this point you're just trolling