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He can’t pay rent on the offices but will somehow come through with the company town?

Is Germany so spineless because they think that if they’re in any way assertive/sovereign they’ll reawaken the ghost of Adolf Hitler?

Obviously, by not believing that “children from Gaza” are actual children but instead your political enemy

Something something the worst person you know just made a great point or some shit

Sharing Ator is not a good look, still, that shit sounds par for the course for these clowns honestly. White refugee good, brown refugee bad.

Yes, but in that case you don’t really require much of an encryption

Amateur radio doesn’t really exist for the purpose of personal communications anymore. It’s just an art/hobby/fun times at this point.

Source: am licensed

Love how libs are now like “hehe China having issues with corona” my brother in Dog, you’ve asked for it

The best thing?

For me: getting a new job that pays way better (and allows more freedom) than the previous one

For the world? Perhaps cold fusion or JWST, can’t think of anything not hard sciences because 2022 seems to be a cromulent fuckcrustable of a year

It’s the second day of Christmas in Poland. It cannot be a coincidence.

The situation of “government shutdown” baffles me. “Yeah, whoops, we didn’t allocate money for the government, guess it’s not running now, lol”. In Poland at least, not passing a budget means the parliament can be disbanded so there is an incentive to pass a budget, even if it’s not exactly to everyone’s liking.

Don’t need to heat much, thankfully, my commieblock is pretty well insulated thermally

She’ll end up like Malala Yousafzai, forgotten after starting to talk radical

Some of this backlash might definitely be just artists/developers afraid of competition. But it’d be interesting to see how the space develops.

The issue with AI art (and especially with AI code as well) is that it’s just spicy plagiarism. The AI just looks through millions of works of art (or trillions of lines of code) and spits out something based on that. There’ve been cases of GitHub Copilot spitting out someone else’s code verbatim. Fuck RIAA, fuck the copyright, but it’s not a clear cut case.

I think the tech corps will win after all. RIAA is pretty much a legacy org

I think even Markiplier showed that if you clear cookies and shit and just keep clicking recommended you’re eventually gonna end up on Holocaust denial

Lol this sounds actually semi coherent

She also said she wants Belarus to take back Vilnius as a ‘kind of joke’.

A joke that would not fly well with the Polish nazis.

That’s why platforms and spaces in general need to be explicitly anti-fascist, not just “intolerant of bigotry”

But maybe an anti-EU movement will be created by this crisis and that could grow over the next few years.

I doubt that it’ll be a genuine working class movement though, seeing how the primary anti-EU force in countries like Poland or Hungary is right-wing reactionary. And that’s what I’m afraid of as well, that it’ll be used to strip away the “leftie” (in the right-wing populist lens) elements of the EU, like eg. consumer protection or these meager fucking scraps of rights for minorities.

I don’t know what I’d do if even the leader of my country just swung by and sat at my table and people started taking photos