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The US, like with everything, is going over the top with their weed culture imo. It’s one thing wanting to smoke joints but to make it your entire identity is just weird. In The Netherlands, where it has been semi legal for decades now, you don’t have such a prominent weed culture. Apart from tourists in Amsterdam I’ve never been bothered by anyone smoking weed. I sometimes forget we’re allowed to smoke it because of the absence of people doing it out in public, bothering others. I’ve been around the block a few times with drugs, being part of multiple subcultures who are known for their drug usage, and I’ve never met a single person making an identity of smoking weed. Not saying whatever the Dutch are doing is the perfect way, but it’s very different compared to the US.

Also loving the Chinese dude’s look who just knows what bullshit is being presented


Some of my mates went on to be pro football players (soccer) and they had media training to respond to interviews. This guy probably went to the exact same classes because he’s saying a lot of words without any meaning.

It seems to be free if you have an onlyfans account, but I’m not familiar with how onlyfans works

I don’t think you need to put on a tin foil hat to think about how this will make sure trans people get even more vilified. False flag? I don’t know. But they will probably not let this slide without getting some anti trans shit going.

Seems to be mostly sex ed stuff. They hired an influencer to sit in lingerie explaining vasectomy and stuff.

The Christian Health Insurance, one of the biggest insurers in the country, just started an onlyfans account for educational purposes. Sometimes reality truly is stranger than fiction.

One pill containing every vitamin B, 200% daily recommended dose.

It’s a B complex so it contains all vitamin B in one pill. It contains around 200% or a daily recommended dose.

Was dealing with some feelings of anxiety for the last two months, which focussed on money related thing and a fear of poverty. But the thing is, there was no real reason for it. I’m okay money wise.

Decided to talk to someone last week and they suggested taking a vitamin B complex supplement. I already take B12 but they said it might not be enough to cover for the rest of the B vitamins.

I didn’t feel like my problems were taken seriously, but I tried it anyway because I figured it wouldn’t hurt me. I’ve been taking the supplement for a couple of days now and no joke I feel so much better. It’s like a 10kg weight is lifted from my chest and the fog in my head is going away.

Who woulda thunk.

That OP is posting this on dozens of subs, has regular anti-communist posts and comments. You’d think he’s be classified as a biohazard the way he’s glowing.

There’s a good amount of pushback popping up to the normal socdem Western superiority on the Dutch socialist subreddit, with more and more tankies coming out of the woodworks. Interesting to see how it will develop.

I like the usage of the word ‘hurt’ here. How are they hurt? They now have slightly less money? Or, and be prepared to be shocked, they have to live life as a normal person? And their money is now used to improve society? How painful.

My action group just decided we want to set up a nation wide anti racism action that we will roll out the coming year. Excited.

So, on my action group’s turf, a queer iftar (diner after Ramadan) has been canceled because it received threats from different groups (both muslim and far right).

Naturally, the far right is jumping on the islam hate train right now, saying muslims don’t belong here.

I’m not really sure what action to take right now. The hate this queer muslim group receives by both far right and other muslims can’t be ignored but to give the far right a hall pass to now just become openly racist and defenders of queer rights (while at the same time yelling woke) is not an option.

We have mandatory marxist training for new members and members that want to be a part of our action groups have to do some sort of job interview to see what they are up to. Is that 100% safe? No, you can have people with bad intentions anyway. But it’s so far no problem it seems. No leaks, no major fights or splits, everything seems to be going okay.

46.7% of Belgian people say they are currently struggling to make ends meet. Now, the research didn’t specify how these people spend their money but it’s safe to say that you don’t have to go all boomer avocado toast to see how this is a very problematic thing (I’m saying this because out of the top 10% earners, 22% say they can’t make ends meet as well and that’s just stupidity most of the time).

But so far the people in charge seem to be worried about making nationalist propaganda and woke.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen if our Marxist party will somehow manage to get a huge electoral victory. We’re not focussing on electoral politics because that’s not how a working class revolution happens, but it could happen.

We’re the home of both the EU and NATO HQ. That can’t go right in any way lol.

That’s the one. People ask me if I our party keeps growing (or even if a successful revolution happens) if I want to be a politician. Or if my job as a social worker isn’t needed anymore, what would I do? I don’t know man, picking up carpentry again sounds nice. It’s not as if I can’t do anything else. I just want to be useful whichever way I can while not being afraid of being fired, homeless or starving to death or something.

Due to me being active in politics a lot people think I have political ambitions or a passion for politics, which I really don’t. I’m not even that interested in leftist literature to be honest . I just do these things because I feel like not doing anything isn’t an option.

But I do sometimes not feel like doing anything (privileged I know). I just wanna enjoy my real passions of nature, art, sports, photography, travel, music etc. I guess all this political stuff can be overwhelming sometimes and I need to find more balance in my life.

Will be attending an anti racism protest in the city tomorrow. I’m tasked with recruiting new people for the party. Exciting.

I saw that too lmao. It’s the same ICC that are grasping at every straw to find even one war crime. What are they going to do? And what are their expectations? Putin will certainly get on the first flight to Schiphol now.

Tried looking for a thread on the new Miley Cyrus album on Reddit but apparently searching Miley Cyrus on Reddit gives you a lot of NSFW hits. Good to see that Reddit has priorities when it comes to female artists 👍

Simple. Putin HAS to go now. It’s over mate.

One of Belgium’s largest supermarkets is changing their business model to franchise, selling of all their stores to the highest bidder, basically adopting the Dutch model of supermarkets. All their employees are now striking because they rightfully oppose this. If it will be anything like the Dutch model we will soon see supermarkets where only 16-20 year olds work for the lowest pay possible and a lot of people who have been working at the company for decades now are worried that they will lose their job.

So France is having their weekly protest again. What was Macron thinking lmao

My two cents is that it worked because they are there. There are a lot of angry and disappointed people in The Netherlands. The country is facing many different crises and faith in the traditional parties is low after years of scandals.

Last year we saw a lot of protests and even strikes, which is huge for The Netherlands as no one ever strikes over there. The one party who was everywhere to lure people in was the BBB (Farmers’ Party). They are led by a down to earth looking woman who ‘tells it like it is’ and she managed to persuade the people.

Green and Labour Party weren’t there. They weren’t with their voter base. They have elite, educated looking politicians at the top. They are socdem at best and don’t really care for the people outside of the Western urbanized part of the country it seems. That’s where they lost.

I sometimes joke about our Belgian marxist party being everywhere, but that’s how you reach out to the people. Be at the picket lines, protests, strikes, actions etc. Go door to door to talk to the people. Reach out. Dutch left didn’t, and now many potential voters fell into a right wing trap.

The best part is: most of the pollution comes from meat farms. 75% of their production is meant for export, with a total value of 9 billion euro’s a year. Which is 1,5% of our total export value as a country.

So farmers who control 1,5% of our export value now managed to influence a majority of the country to vote for a party that benefits them and goes against the interests of the vast majority of our country.

Due to emission caps we can’t build houses for example because farmers take up a majority of our nitrogen limits, so the housing crisis gets worse because of them. Immigrants are blamed though.

And our politicians knew for over a decade that this would happen but they don’t feel like doing anything. And now it’s too late. The Farmers’ Party is taking control and will make the next few years very difficult for the rest.

Imagine a housing crisis. Image a climate crisis. Imagine a right wing government that fucked over tens of thousands of people by labeling them as a fraud, putting them in thousands of euro’s of debt, finally after years of left wing pushing admitting guilt, but still not fully compensating people involved. Imagine growing inequality. Imagine no future for young people.

What do you vote? Left wing? No, you vote right wing Farmers’ Party, who are only yelling ‘it’s not right!’ while having no actual plans aside from supporting farmers who want to build mega industrial scale animal farms, fucking up nature and being fascist.

I’m just done with this country, lads. There’s no compassion at all. I’m mad. Young people are mad. But we’re told to just stay quiet and stop being idiots.

Dutch results are getting in: the Farmers’ Party, which heavily supports the fascist farmers movement, is the biggest together with leftist block of Green/Labour (both equal).

Fucking Dutch people. This could be very destructive for climate and nature policy.

Weird. In the app I don’t have that function anywhere.

Edit: figured it out, the option was just hidden lol. Away with the tinfoil hat.

Dutch democracy is so supreme that the current government (which is the same as the previous four governments) hasn’t completed a single term in 10+ years. Each government had to resign because of scandals, and everytime the same people got back in power.

And now the country is facing several gigantic crises.

A while back, Reddit removed the option to filter comments by top, hot and controversial etc. That totally coincidentally comes in handy with all these topics about Russia and Ukraine, where controversial opinions (read: anti-western) are now impossible to find in between all the Slava Ukraini people.

State election day today in The Netherlands. Deputies of the state will in turn elect officials to the First Chamber (not to be confused with Second Chamber aka Parliament) who approve laws made by Parliament.

Can’t vote myself as I live in Belgium and there isn’t a marxist party anyway. At least the voting help suggested that I vote for one of the left leaning parties, so it’s nice to confirm I’m actually left wing.

Even shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, which takes places in a literal fascist version of the US, has these tropes of ‘violence isn’t always the answer, remember when the fascist did some nice thing this one time?’. They make us feel bad for the fascists when they have a piece of their own cake. No, if you are a fascist that helped to bring about fascism, I don’t care if you were nice to me this one time. You’ll be killed.

Neonazis just vandalized one of our party’s locations lmao
They wrote 'Borms leeft' (Borms is alive) on the windows and did some shit with the doors. August Borms was a Flemish nationalist who, during WWII, collaborated with the Nazis. He even went to visit Auschwitz during the war. A lot of Flemish nationalists still honor him because of some 'good things' he did for Flanders. He was given a grave by the state after he was executed and it of course became a Nazi sanctuary. Lately the grave keeps getting destroyed by leftists, and now our party gets a revenge action apparently. Funny shit.

Nord Stream
So The West just collectively acts like it never happened huh?

Fellow Europeople, do you have the heating on already?
It is starting to reach freezing temps here and my bedroom is a nice and cozy 12 degrees C right now. My gf and I look like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory because we lay on the couch under blankets the whole evening. But my heating is still off. I pay 66 euro's a month right now but my energy supplier suggests upping it to 192 euro's a month, or pay a 350 euro end bill. I choose the end bill in the hope that shit will calm down soon because the amount is doable right now. Several of my coworkers pay 2-4000 euro's for their end bill though. Needless to say, they can't afford it. How about you guys? Got any tips to heat the house without turning the heating on?

Fuck you and your private jet. And fuck the person spreading fake news about a medical flight that could not land. News which has been denied by the airport itself. Time to increase this shit.

This is 100% proof that The Netherlands is brutally genociding its prison population in concentration camps. The note says 'we are innocent, we are tired, Arnhem prison' We must boycot every Dutch product from here on out. Actually, just nuke the place please

The 'fall of heat' filled with protests and strikes saw one of the bigger protests today in Brussels, where 25000 people marched against climate change. Next up is the nation wide strike of November 9th

It is part of our program to weekly protest on several places in the country. Today around 700 locally active people joined our march, with several people joining randomly along the way! It's the kickoff to our months long agenda of protests and strikes, with the biggest ones yet to come.

Lmao proper madlads threw some fists at bootlickers and now the west is mad

Dutch government decides to send a delegation, possibly including the King, to the world cup in Qatar, despite a majority vote against it.
Coming from the country that boycots China for alleged human rights violations, but has no problem going to a country with thousands of worker deaths. Gas is an important reason according to the government. Free and democratic country.

Elections in eastern Ukraine being rigged?
Dutch news outlets are coming forward saying the elections are rigged and people were forced (sometimes at gunpoint) to vote in favor of Russia. Also the number of the population was somehow rigged or something. What are your thoughts and sources on this? Lot of libs keep throwing it in my face because it's the state media that reports it.

In light of recent events, and to the shock of no-one, the CIA got busted running an Iranian soccer site as a front of communicating with Iranian spies.

The hashtags say #icantafforditanymore and #frikandellenshortage (frikandel is a classic Dutch deep fried snack, which is facing shortages nationwide) The blue hashtags say #parliamentcrisis and #energycrisis Europe will burn soon I suppose

Comrades, wake up, sources say. It may be time that you may read your daily propaganda, an unnamed source tells me. Allegations of a newsreport from the CNN have just been made public by various anonymous sources. My sources tell me you may want to give your opinion on this.

Update on the neonazi festival in Belgium
Hello comrades, A few days ago I called in your help to block a neonazi festival from happening in Belgium. So far the city has cancelled it and it will not happen (in this city, I don't know yet if it will be relocated or not). Thank you all for helping comrades. Through collective effort, everyone involved made a difference. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/481135da-ef5b-4f5d-a19a-0d5b78638595.png)

Vote blue. I'm sorry if it doesn't fit the sub, but I sometimes have trouble deciding where to put certain posts

Repost I see but it's from years ago now. In case people here haven't seen this.

Your knowledge on US interventionism has been upgraded but you're now struggling with microphones