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I want you guys to look at this thread. this is being shared around these days because there is ongoing exodus from reddit to lemmy these days.


they are name calling this instance etc.


lol of course apple says it’s very secure and doesn’t give access to FBI within US but happily snoops on foreign diplomats. disgusting shit

youtube recommended this video for some despicable reason


lmao korea. my gf is korean and i’m gonna move there soon. this gives chills to me. but this is nothing compared to grind to IITs in india.

again some facts about japan are propaganda. japanese economy didn’t burst it was neutered by US by semiconductor accord and plaza accord

there is now a research center named after bhabha. BARC. https://www.barc.gov.in/

He is a legend and they crashed a full passenger plane to get him 😭

The confession from CIA is the only concrete proof we have so far. His death mystery is a black hole in indian history post british period. There is a book by Anuj Dhar your prime minister is dead where he does some investigation but that is a little old. This guy denies CIA involvement tho.

Another thing is, soviets are worlds best in embalming a corpse (stalin and lenin bodies still exist and look great), but no one requested them to embalm Shashtri dead body and the whole body is completely swollen. Again Indira was seen happy after this incident.

what was the kingdom of israel? how long ago did it exist and where?

I have a question. In one of the episodes of big bang theory, the main character says “israelites were crossing the desert…”. was there even a concept of israel state or israel during that time period? This seems odd and propagandish to me.

just found out that indian second PM was killed by CIA. it was a confession. the PM was poisoned at tashkent when soviet union invited India and PK for peace deal.

he was a pacifist but CIA thought India would have nuclear weapons even though he vehemently denied

lol what did you eat? it’s the first time i’m hearing about it

what you said is true 😭. Never listening to gojira again.

did anyone see european covid conference? what are your thoughts?

i actually only found screenshot on twitter. the author didn’t post the link to the source. i wonder why 😏

did assad take US money to run CIA black sites out of syria?

of course r/japan has no mention of G7 protests. god i hate reddit

any thoughts on patriots traitors and empires by stephen gowans about korean war?

Dont know what stage of copium this is. This is on r/jokes

Where the fk does 200,000 come from?

have no idea about hiphop but this cover is hilarious 😆

very vocal critic of israel, chomsky met with ehud barack who is a israeli war criminal, why? any guesses

First there was chip shortage and now there is overproduction

Samsung Electronics reported a 95 per cent drop in first-quarter profits on Thursday, as tech demand remained sluggish in the face of inflation and higher interest rates.

Again, rise of interest rates in US is affecting companies 😆. Even more reasons to de-dollarize

i do remember him mentioning he worked with american government 😂. that explains a lot. you are most likely to find commies in rust community, although it is changing now that it is becoming popular

Go to 14:15 and hear this brain dead lib take. this is the state of affairs. 😂

Fascism and Communism are different sides of same coin. 🤣



China’s ambassador to France (Lu Shaye) boldly claims that the former Soviet republics have « no effective status in international law » as « sovereign states »

actually i have seen pictures of airports being built by saudis in yemen, may be a permanent base? not sure

They are all nazis

What do you think of China’s peace plan?

british navy ad on reddit

He spent his entire life investigating Bose's death and conspiracy surrounding it. Look at his bibliography while you are at it.

tired of arguing with libs over internet, wish i had a copypasta

China about Qaddafi
I had a conversation with one of my Chinese co-workers about Qaddafi, and Chinese media had very negative things to say about him? Does anyone know the reason behind this?