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I find it relatively funny to imagine them with snake bodies in this picture

I can touch my tonsils and the septum in my nose with my tongue. I guess I was just born a mutant

The state can only cese to exist when class struggle is no more. And that’s sadly very far off :/

So compassionate when the refugee crisis happened and mainstream media was seriously debating wether we should let them drown in the sea or just shoot them straight away.

My work colleague recently told me that in China people are forced to buy air in containers from Europe because they wisj they could have air as good as ours… He’s a grown man, believing shit like that

By that logic just living for a while and having random mutations in your DNA happen makes you subhuman. Guess we all are lol

And in the end it turns out that Chyna caused the earthquake and tsunami!

What a shitty article lol. They sound like some raving lunatic

I was talking to my fiance’s dad about this type of stuff recently and he’s absolutely convinced that the working class doesn’t exist anymore lol

Sounds good! I want to start learning Rust too, bit I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Good luck to you!

I see, I see. Are you still interested in programming in general? Or are you done with all of that?