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I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying that someone will use whatever you write down against you in the future?

Somehow I was expecting the firefighters to blast the cops with a fire hose

Hmm, I think that should be fine then. Maybe try setting it also to English? You can select multiple at the same time

Have you changed the Languages setting in your profile?

What on earth is “libertarian Marxism” supposed to be?

Yeah, I do agree that it’s a bit weird with TS. It’s fully understandable though, since it just transpiles to JS, which doesn’t have any type information during runtime. I think as far as webdev goes though, TS makes it at least somewhat bearable.

Sorry for the downvote btw - that wasn’t me!

I don’t really get the point of this. Of course the function will accept the value as a string if you specifically tell it to treat it as such (which wouldn’t even be possible without casting it to unknown first)?

BREAKING: Putin and the Russians caused my wife to leave me, my hamster to die, my car to break down and possibly the original sin!

Oh, right. I’m so bad with faces that I didn’t notice they look similar / the same

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say with that and you didn’t answer my question. Do you think the only reason for Russia’s attack was because they were hungry for more land? Because if you do, you seriously need to educate yourself a bit more.

Do you actually believe that the only reason Russia attacked was for “land-grabbing purposes”, or do you just say that to argue with people on the internet?

This is really funny, because you actually think you’re winning the argument, but to everyone with more then 3 brain cells you just got utterly destroyed :D

I got a cold and it’s clear to me that the Russians did it in order to hurt my countrie’s economy!

Edit: it was Covid. Thanks Putin.

Would you mind giving just a quick explanation of what “classical communism” is?

I swear he must have been. The amount of absolute and utter bullshit coming out of that guy’s mouth was astounding. He did have a little following of nazis and/or idiots around him though, and they used to meet up in different restaurants (until they got kicked out and had to find a new one). There used to be lots of videos of their meetups and they became big memes. Now he’s dead and most of the videos are gone sadly (the videos being gone, not his death).

That’s absolutely mental, I was not aware of that. How does the operator communicate with the missle? Is it wireless?

a) I would have no idea who that person is if I hadn’t seen this post today

b) I really don’t see what the problem is with them being the mod of a couple of NSFW subs? Especially since they said they’re all just jokes and basically empty?

because I am an autistic (in 4chan sense) computer science graduate

Whew, the cringe is immense from both sides in that post

It seriously reads like a 15 year old edgy kid wrote it for a school assignment lol

I imagine it means that all the libraries one would need to develop kernel modules have not been ported to Rust yet. Meaning you could theoretically write a module in Rust, but not really, since you can’t interact with any of the other code

I find it relatively funny to imagine them with snake bodies in this picture

I highly doubt that this is real

I can touch my tonsils and the septum in my nose with my tongue. I guess I was just born a mutant

The state can only cese to exist when class struggle is no more. And that’s sadly very far off :/

So compassionate when the refugee crisis happened and mainstream media was seriously debating wether we should let them drown in the sea or just shoot them straight away.

My work colleague recently told me that in China people are forced to buy air in containers from Europe because they wisj they could have air as good as ours… He’s a grown man, believing shit like that