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Not certain if there would be a point in an any further discussion of the topic, but I can not help but think of the quote: “We must never stop explaining.” Because opposing forces can, do, and will further weaponize any disagreements and splits.

At this point - genuinely curious what was written here that inspired so strong a reaction. I suspect, however, from a partial quote available in other comments, is that deleted comment reflected a view commonly held by a sizable part, perhaps even majority of people in the discussed country. Perhaps it was phrased in an unconsiderate form? If so, perhaps local ban was called for - if the goal is to create a specificly “safe place”. If the goal is a honest discussion of a regional phenomenon, perhaps it would be worthwhile to investigate historical, cultural and demographic issues that may have lead to such viewpoint being so widespread.

Fallen London / Sunless universe is leaking?