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I hope it will make the people who want to use a GNU/Linux OS daily, do not think of the codecs as reason to not switch.

I see your perspective, but not the usefulness of your approach.

I prefer telling them how it works and that is a way to make actual documentation accessible. I also adapt my explanations to each person and situation.

It is preferable to have people who know how to use an OS and not being hanging around without knowing what to do because they expect even the most simple things done.

That said, codecs work great with Debian stock, so I am unsure about the issues you mention.

I agree with Salamander.

I would care about PostgreSQL and suggest tuning it. As minimum, increasing shared memory to 512 MB.

I use stock Debian.

No problems here.

In the case you use GNOME desktop and has issues with the deprecated AVI format still used in some playes and with GNOME Video app, just install libavcodec-extra or use GNOME-MPV (now named in another name I always forget).

The case for OpenSuse. In reality, they do the right thing given that is an European OS. It is illegal in some European countries to distribute several codecs by default given the copyright holders.

Instead of calling for a negation for their package management you should call for content distributors not using well-deployed and available open formats / codecs as well as the copyright holders of the propietary ones for putting these nonsense as rules.

The first, the package server was already clarified in a post made by cannonical but still their server is propietary.

I don’t use it because it has a nonFree server side and is centralized.

In some places, such as Cuba, people make their own Debian mirrors.

General guide is in https://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror and there are more instructions in the general script used.

Then you can point your /etc/apt/sources.list to it.

Another option, suggested in other comments, is downloading *.deb files manually for each package and dependency and performing an installation with dpkg -i package.deb.

In a more specific approach, you have https://wiki.debian.org/DebianRepository/Setup.

Do you remember when you install a new Debian system and you can get packages from the CD ROM or USB stick? Debian can point to a repository in physical media, including a directory.

Generally, you can sync a hard drive with it outside with one of the tools available for this in this last wiki page, attach it to your puter when you arrive at home and party.

Sounds good, so people who still rely on these devices like me can get it working perfectly without breaking.

Unsure that everything is gonna be fine but the calendar.

This world has a dependency on slavery of non-human people, to the point that the average alien films is a representation of ourselves towards other species (we are really represented at some point as the aliens) but this is more obvious in newer films.

I would like to interject here for one thing: individuals of other species have autonomous lifes, and we would be only responsible in the limits on which we have to take care of them as if they were our children or similar, which is mostly when we adopt them because they have no place in human society in an autonomous way.

All those are sentient, it was near to sponges without differentiated tissues.

Sentience is a feature of all animal species known with only two exceptions, one being sponges and another I don’t remember.

This was already measured, using even unethical methods, several years ago and received ratification in 2012, even when this was known since a long time ago.

This is to complement of what you mean.

About sexy_peach, there is a point, even if is just centric in animal welfarism (not caring about their inalienable interests and natural rights but just what allows you to maintain your consciousnesses clean while maintaining exploitation) having the first part partially right.

It is not that responsibility is a human-made concept itself, but one that applies to you, being in a certain state of knowledge and awareness, as a moral agent (moral judgment), whether this is not the case of individuals from other animal species which are moral subjects (as most humans in their infancy and in some hard situations).

It is sad that Eroski is not anymore in the Canary Islands.

Pure utilitarianism and worse being in the moral sense.

A debate coming since the awareness in animal slavery.

I would suggest the Mastodon way, choosing the language you are writing your post and additional tabs for different languages or, as additional suggesting, using LibreTranslate instead of relying in propietary services.

My worries are not focused in how much power that company has but the importance about digital rights, including software freedom between others.

Reminder that Bitwarden is backed by Microsoft SQL Server even in self-hosted instances (you must use it as backend database service).

Vaultwarden is a re-implementation that allows you, between other features, to use FLOSS database servers instead.

You also even upgraded to a recent Debian Sid-based Ubuntu release.

BugUbuntu 22.04 cannot even be considered LTS given that they just got software from Debian unstable release branch.

I still don’t understand why BugUbuntu developers do this, being always basing their releases in a snapshot of Debian unstable release branch and just upgrading LTS ones at all until software gets frozen while still promoting it during this time as a full release and LTS.

It is not for you specifically but also for people to which you made a proposal in the form of an opinion.

FreeTube would be what you are looking for instead of Yt-dip.

Dvorak and Colemak are designed taking English words into account as base to position the common keys in a more accesible way, where QWERTY has a more different approach.

Writing in Spanish using them is not more performant but the opposite.

I don’t write with all my fingers, adaptation takes me time even for a simple keyboard with the same layout but different size and these layouts are not performant or designed for Spanish keymaps.

So, no.

Several RISC-V SBC use one of the Alibaba Libre Hardware cores (C906 if I remember correctly).

I would be glad if the SoCs were also Libre Hardware though.

I just use MetaGer and rely on keywords search…

And I told you that there was not later and acted as a first suggestion telling you to use that.

why are you here in this thread?

Because you are asking about the existence of something and I am telling you about current situation and how I am not going to support such option.

( Should I remind you that you are in a public thread in a community called AskLemmy which is broader about all Lemmy users? )


tiny amount of people

small platforms

I think this is out of discussion already. No Lemmy Discord and I don’t want nor expect it in any form.

If people care about their rights, would not be using Discord with existing functional replacements.

Reminder that you speak about community and not your job or classroom.

LibreWolf is a light Firefox fork which is dependent of upstream and hard code changes.

Tweaking configuration, applying little patches, re-building in custom setup and re-branding won’t be enough.

The best would be promoting or helping Pale Moon development to not doing the same in addition to arising that an HyperbolaBSD main developer and author is working with them to develop their browser based on UXP.

Just use Matrix.

I can invite you to the rooms if you have Matrix user.

My view in the current state of the world is that you should get your salary from your maximum performance (healthy one).

Imagine that it takes 4 hours to you to draw an illustration in each journey, in the sense you can draw 2 each day as maximum.

Other person, meanwhile, can only make 1 in the whole journey as maximum because they are slower.

In conclusion, both you and them would get the same salary as you are both working at your maximum performance.

People who are not able to work, should be maintained directly by the state as result of contributions from people working.

Locking thread first given the ongoing situation.


I have archived the thread for future reference and checking in https://archive.ph/acy2h.

(We really need some free ArchiveBox instance or other with similar software)

The admin team, including myself, is working towards the issue.


Someone made reference and just saw that comment and couldnt prevent myself of commenting on it.

I’m sorry.

it’s just markdown

Echedenyan looks at the full HTML code without even a Markdown reference (even if are the Markdown engines the ones which provide support for it).

I don’t know the name of most characters or even names of places IRL and I am going to remember that. :^)

Seems a Zelda-like game and, by the graphics, I would say that is based in the Solarus Game Engine.

Locking this thread as result of the situation here from some users.