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I think the strategic non-victory proclamation is the most likely outcome. Very great read that i think accurately predicts the incoming birth of the 21st century multipolar hegemony. Remaining hopeful that WW3 comes far later than Star Trek’s 2060 prediction!

It’s not an audiobook, but if you haven’t found out about “Blowback” by now definitely do so.


Shock Doctrine also has a section on this. Bascically Jeff Sachs shows up and sells out their dream of higher living standards and political representation for neo-lib austerity.

Don’t forget the PPP loans and bailouts!

Ty for a new German compound word in my dictionary!

It might also stop the center-left from shooting themselves in the foot politically when the loss of material standards results in further anti-ethnic sentiments coupled with anti-elite mentality. The bigotry they respond to with massive virtue signals, which are transformed by the capitalist class into crony capitalist solutions, which usually result in a worsening of the material standards, which causes swing voters to believe the center left is inept, leading to rising rightist views, ad infinitum.

TLDR: the right’s persistent denial of leftist solutions and appropriation of leftist analysis combined with horseshoe theorizing leads the center towards such gems as “Grampy Biden gonna save the planet by letting us use electric vehicles to commute to our systemically pollutant jobs!” and “Oh snap, Zaddy Zeley gonna receive a Marshall Plan 2.0 and feed the world!”

Still TLDR: Without this definition of Fascism being widely accepted, The “pendulum of history” only traces fascism in the sand of time

me transfixed by the disco elysium style art

Logic: surely a true Mazovian would know the green parties aren’t the cause of the knock on effects of the Russian operation.

Shivers: you hear the distant sound of a sausage grinder reving up

Also, Wtf is a “precedented” attack? Ever since baby hands everything is suddenly “unprecedented”

Yep, right next door in Kansas feeling great about our decision to homeschool. When I thought about my own education (K-6th segment) I realized 90% of it is just learning how to be a decent person with a huge emphasis on shutting up, and decided we can probably do that without the strict authority adherence bits. I really hope y’all can repeal that before it spreads around the 4-states region, but I can imagine at least Arkansas is probably gearing up compliment similar policies.

Democracy for the Few by Parenti goes extensively into grievances with modern US presidents. Not so much a list, but I’m sure you’ll find some nice examples in there