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I think it’s the same on Reddit, I guess. Reddit’s algorithms just avoids showing you the posts that don’t seem to be so popular (though, at least on the subreddits I was, I remember there were a lot of posts that didn’t have any comments or only had a bot comment. I actually think Lemmy might be even more active in the comments than on Reddit)

In this case, it’s because the main focus shouldn’t have been to electrify individual transport, but to to get rid of it and built up public transportation.

Ok, I was going to say that it looks like an Onion article, but seems it actually is intended to be something in that direction.

Ok, turns out they are webp images. At least that’s what I get when I right click one of them an open the image.

I thought they were a video hoster.

lemmy.ml is definitely not for you, but you will most surely find another instance accepting you on https://join-lemmy.org/instances. If you don’t find anything that suits your needs you can also run your own instance.

Helium is by no means a scarce element, it’s after Hidrogen the second most abundant in the universe, 24% of the total element mass. It is not as abundant on Earth and has to be obtained from natural gas

Scarce for us terrestrians that don’t live in a futuristic sci-fi world where we go around harvesting resources from planets.

which is why it is used in current weather balloons

Actually I think people use both hydrogen balloons and helium balloons for that.

The problem with helium is that it’s already very scarce, despite having very important uses across many fields and once it’s gone it’s gone (unless maybe if somewhere in the future we begin using nuclear fusion, I guess)

Couldn’t we somehow engineer a more modern airship that uses the much more available hydrogen instead, but with proper measures against the outbreak of fires?

So you like the number 171 122 452 428 141 311 372 468 338 881 272 839 092 270 544 893 520 369 393 648 040 923 257 279 754 140 647 424 000 000 000 000 000?

Yeah, it was kind of a bad joke and just sounds weird. My reasoning behind the answer was the following:

  • Your own children are probably one of the things you love the most in this world, it is rare for someone to hate their child. (therefore they are most loved as requested by the question)
  • Conceiving, gestating and giving birth is an effort from the mother, and therefore the offspring can be called the fruits of her work. (and are thus fruit as requested by the question) I thought that giving this answer would be unexpected in the context of this question, but make sense with the reasoning given (“the fruits of a mother’s labour”). I considered that to be a bit funny.
  • Labour is a synonym of work, but can also refer to the last stage of pregnancy. Depending on the meaning the word “labour” takes, the sentence’s meaning does change, but both interpretations still make sense in the context of the answer. I thought that that double meaning adds a bit more to the fun mentioned in the previous point.

Children, the fruits of a mother’s labour. :)

I think there’s something to be said for Portugal.

Maybe in the inland, but if there is any conflict in the ocean, you will want to stay far away from the islands and the coast, since they will probably be important strategic locations for the war in the Atlantic. It is also a NATO member and will probably get involved if anything happens.

I never claimed that the practice of deflating tires was any good. The question is: how do you attack the industry and motivate others to join you in your cause, and keep the industry from recovering?

How good of an idea would it be to damage cars on the dealer's and manufacturer's side?
Some months ago there was this post on this community: [https://lemmy.ml/post/189513](https://lemmy.ml/post/189513). The idea suffers from the fact that it pretty much only harms normal people who just bought SUVs because they live in a car dependent society, where if you want to feel empowered you need to buy the biggest most inefficient cars available, people who now are led to hate the anti-car movement. I wonder if instead of slashing tires of random SUV drivers in the streets, one could significantly damage the cars before they are sold, harming the automotive industry and (possibly) lowering supply. But would it actually be a good idea? - Wouldn't it just be a waste of materials? Now, nature not only suffers from the production of a car, but also of the fixing of a car. - Would it actually have any impact, besides maybe calling attention to the problem? So many cars are produced in a day. Would a few damaged ones have any major impact? - Is it even feasible? Can people just go into wherever a lot of cars are stored before they are distributed or sold, and significantly damage some without getting caught?