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> Organizing in Michigan, once a union stronghold, has symbolic significance. […] Votes for the other Michigan locations are expected to be collected in the first week of June. [Full article: [Archive.today](https://archive.ph/pqoCq), [12ft Ladder](https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.crainsdetroit.com%2Frestaurants%2Ffirst-starbucks-michigan-reveal-union-vote-others-set-elections)] cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/131654

Retaliation can’t stop growing Starbucks union
> In an all-staff meeting, CEO Howard Schultz claimed that “companies throughout the country [are] being assaulted, in many ways, by the threat of unionization.” […] Meanwhile, Starbucks workers aren’t waiting for the NLRB to issue rulings or tally ballots to fight for their rights on the job. Workers in several cities, including Denver, Seattle, Overland Park, Ithaca, and Buffalo, have struck. These have been not just over the firings of union supporters, but also over issues like understaffing, cuts to hours, and spying on union supporters.

> “Mutual aid is not complex,” Kara Mason says. “If you see a need in your community, address it. If you can uplift your neighbor, do it.” cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/112945

“I don’t help anyone. I live with them.”
Heard this a few days ago from a [story](https://text.npr.org/1093380916) on [Júlio Lancellotti](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%BAlio_Lancellotti), a Brazilian priest and activist: > Lancellotti has worked among São Paulo’s street people for 40 years. Yet if you suggest he actually helps them, you get a prickly reply. > > “I don’t help anyone,” he says. “I live with them. I share what I can with them.” > > For Lancellotti, this is about faith and about pushing back against intolerance and injustice. > > “Society has to find a better way of living together.” It’s since stuck with me. He spoke so much about the ideals of communal living, mutual aid, classlessness with just a few sentences.

> “The Avalon Village is an eco-village in the making,” Mama Shu says. “We’re rebuilding our neighborhood. We are using all things that are healthy for the environment and more economical to rebuild our space in this community.” cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/110687

‘They’re playing really dirty’: Amazon lashes back in Staten Island warehouses
> The union vote at a second warehouse, a neighboring sorting center known as LDJ5, is set to start April 25, so the company has turned its focus there. […] Unlike at the fulfillment center JFK8, where the workers have sore and tired bodies from grueling shifts, the top grievance at the sorting center LDJ5 is not getting enough hours to make ends meet.

> The vibrant streets of each place had their own unique personality, and it seemed there was always a place for everyone. […] In Colombia, it seemed everywhere I turned there was a skate park, protected bike lane, pedestrian-only boulevard, or public art. cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/104476

SLRPNK: new solarpunk-themed Lemmy instance
> Seems like someone started a Solarpunk themed Lemmy instance! Their most popular communities so far – subscribe from your own instance!: * [!solarpunk@slrpnk.net](/c/solarpunk@slrpnk.net) * [!meta@slrpnk.net](/c/meta@slrpnk.net) * [!software@slrpnk.net](/c/software@slrpnk.net) * [!aesthetic@slrpnk.net](/c/aesthetic@slrpnk.net) * [!art@slrpnk.net](/c/art@slrpnk.net) Or [sign up at SLRPNK](https://slrpnk.net/signup). cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/207591

From Tolstoy to Pussy Riot: Teaching the history of anarchism at the University of Michigan
> My hope was that, as an “easy A” course, it would make space for students to connect their interests to the topic. I was not disappointed. […] They created stunning final projects including zines (on anarchist comics, reproductive justice, etc.), a performance art event, a talk show, and original musical compositions. cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/70874