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“Russia totally blew up their leverage over the west because why not”

Ignores US helicopters and amphibious assault ships in the area

theyll keep the nukes ofc. and the navy. and the air force.

this is really about the ground forces, who nobody cares about, because muh marines and their crayola

I mean, I get its used to say “tsarist russia, not modern russia”, so it needs to be different, but they could use the imperial heraldic eagle in the flag. Thats what empire total war did to distinguish from the french iirc.

This just looks prussian or german flag tbh

India and China not pictured, but ignoring sanctions

People may be fooled into it and get dumbed down by it, or they may be dumb enough to believe it

Really fucking funny tbh, I really was disliking how all non-ML spaces got drowned by lib and neolib brigaders. Also, phone-banned in Twitter, so can't even create an account there either. Its lemmygrad, discord and telegram for me. Probably for the best. If you remember Franfran2424 or WatermelonErdogan accounts, I wish you all the best, and hope we will have a good time together