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Thank you, wish you all well too. I think USA is keeping themselves relatively stable by throwing their puppets under the bus. Everyone knew sanctions would be too much for the EU to handle, but they did it anyway, all for big daddy USA. Things will change the moment they overstep the boundaries with China tho, when that happens i hope all the US comrades can stay safe.

Didn’t know it was illegal, but it’s not October yet and the weather here (nrw) is still warmish, so we will see if they follow the law. Thankfully they are not scumbags and we never had any problems with them, so I think they will turn it on when it gets colder. But like I said, I’m preparing for a cold winter :/

as someone who lives in germany, shits going south very very soon it feels like. I cant use heating rn cause my landlord shut it off, even if i could I wouldnt because you would lose your money fast, theres a fear of a blackout in some areas, rent and house prizes are continuesly rising, well everything really thanks to inflation (not wages tho who wouldve guessed). And the best part? SOCIAL DEMOCRATS AND THE GREEN PARTY ARE IN POWER RN. This country is fucked beyond repair, was always a matter of sooner or later after the ddr fell, but i really cant tell which direction its heading.

rare moment where people from literally all over the world celebrate someones death. Ngl this does give me some hope for the future.

My dream in my music carrer is now getting to play live in china with these heroes watching me in the background. Fuck the set list, only communist anthems are being played.

For germany i can tell you that its actually pretty accurate. The things they teach you about china in school, and the things they say in the news are all to uphold the picture of a tryannical china. Most people think uyghurs are getting killed off, theres no democracy or personal freedom, all the usual stuff. Im being looked at like a crazy person for trying to explain wtf is actually going on (even by so called “socialists” friends).

a little related story: I had to do a little booklet about china in 8th grade (around 2014), i found it recently after forgetting about it and damn was it sad to see that it was actual indoctrination that was going on. If I find it again, and its as bad as I remember, I could make a post about it.

edit: I found it, if i find the fitting community for it im gonna make a post about how propaganda works in germany. I can actually remember some of the lessons now, and while its not complete demonization, it imo most defintiely is attempted (and successful) propaganda.

Greatest thing about it is their portrayal of western bourgeois pigs. Its spot on.

Lol I mean we knew but hearing them say this out loud is something else. Terrorist regime and nothing else.