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I’m a “tankie” you fucking idiot. Maybe if you stepped outside and touched some grass you would realize that Marxists were the most dedicated feminists the world over. I’m not sure how many women you’ve had a chance to see in real life though, so I can’t fault you for it.

For someone who was a “socialist” at one point you really seem to not understand much about the world or socialism. Maybe you don’t understand what you’re talking about and your terminally internet diseased brain is making you think you can just use labels with no meaning to try and seem smarter than you’ve actually put in the work to become

Holy shit no, Jesus Christ, I like this place because I don’t get called slurs. How could you possibly think that’s even worth saying?

I think there’s more women on the lemmygrad instance, at least in my experience.

Oh, you’re a capitalist? Show me your vast swaths of capital then

You’re missing an essential part: Marxists are the only ones who can view society in a scientific light. It’s like being frustrated that everyone on a community knows so much about a topic, it doesn’t really make sense to be frustrated about. What, when you say something dumb are people too happy and fast to correct you? If you want to feel smart start interacting with YouTube comments, if you want to learn then maybe understand what the actual diverse viewpoints here understand about the world.

Yeah, the United States overthrew the government in 2014 using Nazi Militias. This is why they’re allowed to be in the nation’s military as an official fighting force, the only place in the world where this is allowed. Decent overview here.

His existence? Can you really tell me this has so much independent will and thought it can be said to have gendered pronouns?

Aw mods were too fast, couldn’t get em with the old mouse fetus trick

There needs to be a baby first. It would be more accurate to ask “What about the cellular autonomy of the leech inside of me”. Fuck you, abortion is healthcare.

Dude come on you didn’t even look at my infographic, don’t you care about the sanctity of truth online?


Here is an article by a chinese marxist scholar that goes over really well how the PRC has replicated the singapore economic model to great success. If you reply without reading this I’m just going viciously mock you again.

Banks and capitalist businesses accelerate environmental damage despite overwhelming world public opinion being that scaling back and tackling climate change is really important, so no this isn’t a defense of banking and capital etc, I’m saying this is an especially terrible outgrowth of that. If you really think comparing banking and bitcoin’s energy use is possible, useful, or worth doing though, it’s not, because bitcoin money transaction stuff and all the money being pumped into it pushing up the total required computing exponentially is by the same freaks who take out trillions in naked shorts at the expense of actual material production or print most of the world’s fiat currency in the past two years so keep their shit afloat. Bitcoin is bad because it’s an extension of that terribleness and not an escape from it, even if it somehow wasn’t being used by speculative rich people it would just run into the same issues as real life capitalistic currencies and create a new different class based system.

You continuing to comment is self harm at this point

Abortion Protests: Join them today liberals
If you're Amerikkkan I better see you out there today, most state capitals are having protests today at 5PM. I'm making the trip out there and I'll see you there.

Bro this is literally a meme you can not say that these two disconnected articles imply there’s a systemic solution to governments stopping crypto. Literally try and convince one person in real life around you to do this in the case that crypto is made illegal.

Communism is unattainable in current society, there are no communist societies yet, and communist revolutions only put a communist party in charge of a country or region that still has to exist in the current world order. There are no communist nations, because nations arose primarily out of class struggle and a communist society would be one without class struggle, so no country, so there never will be a “communist nation”. We can only right now put a party in charge that understands and is guided by socialist theory and socialist principles, which is called AES (Actually existing socialism).

Revisionism is misunderstanding basic socialist theory like what you just typed

None of this is related to crypto anyway, you just don’t understand that new technologies will incentivize people to use them in specific ways, and these incentives in this case create an overall terrible effect on society that has already ruined lives and wastes precious labor and engineering talent. That’s why I’m saying you’re young, because it’s something you understand when you get old, and it’s not something I understood when I was young.

The incentives created by crypto lend itself to being used for bad things no matter the original intentions of anybody who makes any system or writes any code, the longer it’s allowed to exist as meme currency the more harm it will do to society at large. Any number of small stories of somebody actually being able to pay for a burger with only $100 of gas fees are massively outweighed by families losing their money because mom tried to get rich on a shitcoin because they’re poor and looking for any way to get out of their economic strife.

There is no such thing as a socialist country even Cuba recognizes private property see their latest constitution

Oh damn I’ll let their communist party know, I guess when material conditions dictate that the socialist party at the helm of government should go one way in order to help development and help the people it’s bad, they should actually stick to idealism and keep doing the same thing over and over again until it all falls apart or something.

Also I think you’re maybe starting to get the gist of what I’m saying about crypto, when you’re older you might understand that it’s overall effect on society is bad and cringe.

Edge cases exist in everything, but when you google “crypto” do you get shitcoins and eventual pump and dumps or do you get information and a tool to liberate yourself somehow? You get the former. You can bring out any number of single cases where it’s benefited somebody in a way that lets them perform some task or create some value, but you know you’re being dishonest if you say that’s where the majority of money pumped into crypto goes or even where the majority of it’s usecases comes from.

Bourgeois states are those controlled by a bourgeois class, this is an umbrella term for all non-socialist countries. Also yes, the government of the United States could outlaw cryptocurrency and make adoption impossible for 99%, but they never will because it’s in their (rich people) interests. For you, a regular person, being able to send money using math and a year’s worth of car emissions has no real or tangible benefit for anything except maybe buying drugs. For a rich person, cryptocurrency is speculative assets that can be assigned arbitrary values and used to dodge taxes and cook books, make contracts last forever and when the terms become unfair say “oh well”.

What I’m saying is that the issues crypto enthusiasts say will be fixed won’t be fixed because the class politics in economy are not addressed by cryptocurrency. Crypto is just intangible assets that can be assigned arbitrary values and traded, which is called a speculative asset, and those have existed for a very long time and have revolutionized nothing. If crypto actually benefited regular people like you and me more than it benefited rich people it would have been killed in the cradle like anything genuinely liberatory in the 1st world.

It may find adoption in the third world by bourgeois states and those looking to bypass Amerikkkan restrictions (like Cuba and Venezuelan citizens under isolation forced by the U.S.), but that’s because there’s loopholes in legislation that won’t exist forever. The earth burning currency has no application for the first world, and it only has limited application for the third world because of the economic system that crypto will entrech even further. This isn’t a real solution to anything except making yourself rich off of systems that regular people don’t understand


The issue is you see the issues in the current monetary system and you want to “innovate” the issues away. This is not possible. It’s not the technology backing the economic system that’s an issue, it’s the economic system as a whole, and this doesn’t represent any real innovation that couldn’t be accomplished any other way in any practical sense. It’s just a techbro veil thrown over the same speculative assets that have been nothing but get rich quick schemes and contribute no real value or “freedom” for anybody.

Does anyone have translations or more information on this? Maybe there’s more information on weibo or bilibili? It’s the reddit video making the rounds about China’s lockdown policy today.
I'm just curious if there's anyone that can understand Chinese that can transliterate zh subtitles or if there's more information for where this came from? It'd be nice to know

Good screenshot OCR utility for Gnome 40+
I used to use normcap but I've found it doesn't work when installed through the aur or through pip, I can only get it to work when I run the Appimage directly. Does anyone else have a similar experience? I just can't seem to find another OCR utility that plays nice and fast with Wayland

Bottles: Easily run and install windows program in a beautiful GTK Interface
I just found out about this software, has anybody used it? It looks way more stunning than Lutris ever did and seems really nice. Are there drawbacks I don't know about somehow?

Bruh what is up with naziism and the same fucking depiction of a young girl with braided pigtails. I swear to god it’s like they all are capable of depicting one type of young woman

I don’t remember any explicitly religious podcasts that discuss these things that are Marxist, but I do know revleftradio has a couple episodes linking these things together a bit.

Also can’t recommend The Deprogram enough generally, fuckin amazing podcast. Also the Magnus archives but that has nothing to do with what you asked, I just like it!

When liberalism is unable to create a genuine actionable solution that will be followed by any policy maker 💀

If you like: an actual future Have you considered: Marxism