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My mind went straight to me getting text messages from the DPRK.

I aint hating. The two shows that come maybe sorta close to the American experience is Futurama and Bobs Burgers. But I got no hate on Simpsons. I would like to think that someone who works at a nuclear plant and someone who works part time might be able to afford what the Simpsons has got. Maybe that’s what they should have? I dunno. 🤷‍♂️

One side is based on commodity and tangible goods.

The other side is based on services and finance.

China’s capability is more material.

Another is lousy with fictitious capital and if reports can be believed; they are running out of ammo so fast that fighting industrial warfare has exposed their weakness as not being able to keep up.

It’s Bitcoin and youtube videos vs. Assembly line work and bullets. 🤷‍♂️.

Unless the USA has some ungodly unfathomable stockpile of weapons that matter… 🙄 They might. But the F35 is one hell of an expensive ruse to get their enemies to believe the west is weaker than they are.

Griswalds, Simpsons, Griffins, McAlisters, Bradys…

Even in their time, these families werent average. MAYBE AT BEST by the numbers they were a not an insignificant minority.

👀 If your family owns a two story house with a semi finished basement, you are NOT average in America at any time ever.

Then if they piss you off; tell them they arent warriors. They couldnt make a kintergarden behave much less overthrow foreign governments to embrace their precious white democracy. But if they want to put the global south in its place then they should pay a visit to their recruiter.

Just keep asking them how the US military and the western intelligence community benefited them.

Ask them the connection between their lives improving and the recent middle eastern adventures.

How did the war in Vietnam benefit them? How does embargoes on Cuba, DPRK, and Iran directly benefit them.

When was the last time US military violence made women and minorities safer overseas?

Ask for concrete examples.

Then when they get into talking shit about China; remind them that despite Russia reforming to liberal democracy; Russia is now more OVERTLY engaged in war with the west more than they were as the USSR. Ask them if they think they would be any safer if China reformed or if they think it would be better that a much more hyper nationalist and hawkish party in China took over through “fair elections” and if they think it would be good for the Chinese government to be overthrown by our spy programs. Because the Mujahideen was our friends until our friends decided to kill 3 to 4 thousand Americans and drop some buildings on our heads.

Guys. Fellas.

This is actually pretty normal. Female personnel become pregnant and militaries do have maternity clothing.

“Why is it camo though?”

Because it’s cheaper and easier to get from a single reliable supplier. Also…it is a war. Being in camo may be slightly helpful in the event a pregnant military person might have to get moving in the face of danger.

This isnt an indication that the ukraine is so desperate they’re sending out pregnant people into the meat grinder.

We are reading too much into it.

Militaries can and do have maternity clothing. This isn’t a grim thing. This is normal.

The more I read this, the crazier it gets.

Banning tiktok? Mother fuckers were using tiktok to agitprop for the Ukraine.

I swear, I think I hear demons in Washington.

Dude… What the shit?

You know… There comes a time when you start seeing numbers next to dollar signs and conclude that idiots are just pulling numbers out of their ass.

What part of that trillion is even real???

They were removed and moaning about sending billions to the Ukraine but you just found a trillion dollars in the couch cushions for MORE military shit?

…This shit is straight up fake. THAT money aint even real.

If there is a country that would get it worse than Ukraine; itll be Japan trying to start shit with China.

Japan… My man. It aint worth finding out, homie. They wont treat you like Taiwan. They will treat you like they think you really are.


Im not suggesting that I have the synthesis between protection from terroristic speech and free speech.

I cant come up with anything that would satisfy the liberal notion of free speech.

So I can only say this. It really doesnt matter what social organization or structure you find yourself in. One way or another; anyone can say fighting words. Anyone can say something that invites confrontation from various agents both private and public.

There is no material, functional way to have free speech unless we get to a point where ALL speech is powerless to affect change one way or another.

Free speech is an illusion. There will always be fighting words. There will always be speech that requires one set of folks to act.

So while I sympathize with Medhurst in this instance; I cant bring myself to imagine future societies would tolerate mass lies of agitation and political wrecking.

If you want to see the epitome of free speech, then look at Fox News. That’s a perfect picture of free speech. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Ask yourself if you want something like Fox News in your future.

I wouldnt have even mentioned it if their tiff over the inciting language of nazis and rightists to hurt the LGBTQ community didnt just squarely work for progressive antiaithoritatian talking points as well.

Honestly; when im bored, I sometimes listen to liberals beefing. It’s not a good use of time. It was interesting to see libs make our own arguments for local shit.

Xanderhal vs. ShoeOnHead (groomer rhetoric) and making the point for principled anti imperialism
So. Im not gonna link it and Im gonna try to keep this short. But there is a slap fight between these two liberal creators over the rhetoric and language over "groomers" and Belenciaga. In the video that Xander made; he made the salient point as to why SOH's rhetoric against peadophilia is a masked discussion about anti LGBTQ actions. Now... I know it's rotting my brain listening to these clowns but I could not ignore the point that Xanderhal and the online progressive antiauthoritarians make against Nazi coded language promoting hate against queer people and how the way THEY talk about non western countries is the same primrose path that the right uses against queer communities. To say a country is authoritarian and to keep hammering on that and insisting you have the right to say it is ignoring the fact that what happens usually, after that is that rhetoric is used to do something colonial or imperialist with... USian bombs and weapons. When you label something as bad, be it countries being authoritarian or be it queer folks are groomers; then what the subtext in saying these things is SOMETHING must be done about it. I jist find it interesting that the progressives can identify dog whistlers of right wing violence as fomenting an environment of bigotry but then totally miss that accusing countries as authoritarian gives the "democracy promoters" the go ahead to intervene... 100% of the time to the benefit of western capital.

Im sure there’s efforts to educate. I doubt they just impose shit on the masses without first explaining and then listening.

They can either understand why the west is hated or be confused. Either way, they’re getting dealt with.


Im past the character of individuals. If a lib is serious; they’re fighting Russians.

I got another way to deal with libs.

“If you were serious about anything you say, you would be talking to a recruiter about enlisting so the Russians can kill you instead of trying to make me feel bad about supporting China or Russia. Hail Satan.”

I will never convince them otherwise. Maybe the horrors of a Russian volley will change their mind.

Man… That’s a shame. And it doesnt bode well for national security. Not a good idea to codify such things; giving minorities and excuse to be separatist and take the side of the west.

Again… Cuba is the example in my view. Cant have bullshit idpol color revolutions if everyone is included in the revolution. Ya dig?

Lol!!! More like with loot boxes and OnlyFans.

This is also my issue. Id like to own a gun as a means of a quick way out. But also only due to the rise in fascist violence. When can I say that enough is enough amd Im certain we are at a point of no return? I dont want to get captured, basically.

With blackjack and hookers! We dont need no Russia!

Isnt it funny how people assume socialism is some weird gray, super uniform, and uninspired aesthetic?

But somehow… This.

All militaries have berets. Even settler militaries likely have red berets.

I hope I live to see the day where America understands that ANY shipments or trades or bargains with Cuba gets fucked with between Cuba and the rising world; then Russia and China will push the fucking red buttons and delete this capitalist orb into the phantom realm.

I want Cuba to get EVERYTHING they deserve and more. And I want the US navy and coast guard to be fucking pants shitting terrified at the mere thought of what would happen if they tried sanctioning or embargoing Cuba.

The revolution will win! IN OUR LIFETIMES!!

Im calling bullshit part 2
The culture war IS real. While it's easy and mostly correct to say that the culture war is just bourgois media telling the masses that a culture war is going on so as to divide and conqure; it doesnt mean it ISNT true. It also doesnt mean that there arent a just side and an unjust side in this culture war. There is no general working class. There COULD be a "general all encompassing" working class. But that requires admitting social and cultural responsibilities within certain ranks of this so called working class. Each identity section has certain responsibilities and duties. The culture war is not just some smoke screen to distract. And it is vulgar and sloppy to pretend that that is ALL it is and the people caught up in it are in the wrong for falling for the grift as if each side of the culture war has equal responsibility to "drop" their grievances. No. There is an ocean, a GALAXY of difference between secularists or queer folks dunking on the straights and the Christians on social media and mass shootings at gay bars and trying to cram in Christian nationalism into secular law. There is a GALAXY of difference between Black folks telling white folks in tiktok to stay home on the opening night of Black Panther 2 and a white person shooting up a Black church. When it comes to the culture war; it is important to ask the question: Who is responsible for standing down and surrendering space? Something tells me that it is the white workers whose grievances are the illusion and not real. Something ALSO tells me that it is the colonised worker, the worker of color, the queer worker, and the non male worker who is owed the attention, who should SHAPE the cultural narrative, who should be able to speak plainly of the historical injuries and define on THEIR TERMS what should be the appropriate actions that white christian straight male workers should be doing to advance the revolution. Ive not seen an equivalent act of terror from the marginalized that comes even remotely close to the working white terror of the so called agrieved white christian male. One of these types of people are killing people in great numbers. The others arent doing that. And that aint just some slick deceptive talk from corporate mainstream media. The ones that are responsible are the ones that are inspiring the violence and those doing the violence. Some people are doing the terror and others are basically saying dont do the terror. These are not the same and they're not equally responsible for culture war.

If you’re anti tankie; here is a few policies you SHOULD be against
Free education -Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam 15% wage for rent - Soviet Union Land Redistribution (Landback?) - Cuba, China, Soviet Union Unions - Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Vietnam, DPRK Free natural disaster reconstruction - DPRK State of the art public transit - China No electricity bill -Gaddafi Libya No interest loans - Gaddafi Libya On work site medical care - Soviet Union Pre employment unemployment UBI - Gaddafi Libya We can go on and on and on and on and on. If one is an "anti tankie", then it must follow that one must be against these kinds of policies. Progressives and leftists DREAM of having these things. But they're committed to being against the tankies. They have yet to demonstrate how the masses are supposed to get these benefits by negotiating and appealing to the good graces of capitalists. But they're TERRIFIED at the prospect that the people.may do these exact things AT GUNPOINT. As if they know those guns are meant for them.

…What if… what if US elections are color revolutions?
I jist finished watching Ukraine on Fire. If the USA would do that... Then I cant even say in good confidence that the USA is even a republic. If the USA would do that shit anywhere; then how can any of us trust the results of any American election?

Im calling bullshit
Look. There was a lot of leftists out here giving the GoP too much shine and too much rub with their claiming of the Donbass war money funneling is wrong. If the red wave happened; they would NOT have ended the funneling of weapons and cash to the ukraine. They would have blamed the dems for starting shit and causing a moral trap and NOW we cant pull out because we have to RELUCTANTLY fight the Russians instead of being enthusiastic about it. And Im frankly done playing along with the anti imperialist left giving the GoP way too much credit simply because the republicans are morally lucky and currently morally advantaged. These MAGA politicians are not some right wing populist thing that we should BELIEVE them about their whole anti war posturing. Stop. They're full of shit and just as fake as the squad and Bernie.

Kind of a silly question. But really…
What use is there of shareholders, lenders, ceos, and finaciers? Why are they absolute when it comes to shutting down production, manipulating the MOP, and calling the shots? What is the empirical evidence of their genius or their ability that... If they were too disappear; the whole of society would be left confused, blind, and inert? I know we all say the truth that they really are just useless parasites. But genuinely more and more; the capitalist class is looking just as vestigial as royalty and aristocrats. What is the point of them? Cause there MUST BE at least some material benefit to them at least a little... Right? The only thing I can think of is that boards of directors seeves as a working model of what a high ranking vanguard may look like with all the trappings of material conditions and proletarian class based ideogly being the motive of success instead of profits. Why does anyone tolerate this arraingment?

I got some questions and Im noticing a pattern. Why do it at all? If he thinks the state is so awful then why didnt he follow through in this event where he knew he was fucked? Why is it easy for guys like this to kill and terrorize working people at protests? Why is this guy "having a conversation" with what we can only assume is a mortal enemy; the fucking arch democrat but guys like this can murder a pink haired protester and be hailed as a hero by the GOP? WHY IS MR. PELOSI ALIVE?! ...I honestly hate this. I hate that deep down, the reason this sack of shit didnt kill Pelosi is because despite people like him saying they hate democrats; they hold a democrat's wealth in high reverence. Why do these people make moves on the democrat elite and fail; but they NEVER FAIL when it comes to exacting perfect and complete violence on workers and the marginalized. ...Honestly. Fuck this guy. Imagine throwing your life away having a talk about "the trurh" with your mortal enemy. This is one piece of shit I wouldnt lose sleep over getting gitmo'd. Worthless mother fucker.

…Damn. Ive been given a reason to go to the polls
Okay. Honestly.... It has nothing to do with voting for sentators and reps that are worth voting for. Those dont count and they're both ACTUALLY bad. However. My state IS actually putting things on the ballot that will allow me to directly choose to amend the state constitution to either ban abortions constitutionally or... To NOT do that. Such a thing doesnt seem like a waste of time in my view. And... 🤷‍♂️ It MIGHT be a good idea to also vote on judges in my state courts if they're progressive. But I would like to maybe have some comrades weigh in on voting for judges; especially comrades who are marginalized by the police state. If I was to also vote on judges as a cracker; how do you think I should go? Vote? Dont vote? Only pick progressive judges?

Lives Forever
Marcus Garvey... Ho Chi Mihn... George Habash and Bashar Al-Assad. Vladamir Lenin... thomas Sankara. Malcolm X. Huey Newton. Xi Jinping and Chairman Mao... Joseph Stalin. John Brown. Che Guevara. Fidel Castro. Tecumseh. Arthur Griffith. Michael Collins. Erik Honecker. And Josip Tito. Long live. Will live. Lives forever. Inspired by a very terrible song.

British Labor Party…
Bruh. WHY IS YOUR ANTHEM A COVER OF A CHRISTMAS SONG??? This is why no one likes you.

You guys ever tried sharing lemmygrad links in FB messenger?
I have. And for whatever reason, FB will straight the fuck up deny me sharing a link. It will tell me flat out it is due to me being abusive. And this is me sharing info with a comrade who KNOWS my approach. My shit talking couldnt be abusive no matter how much I crank the edgey knob with this particular comrade. Just wild, sibling. Wild.

Is it possible that the US military is overvalued?
I was thinking about that point that people bring up about military spending with the US and Im getting suspicious that the actual money spent on the US military is a mirage suggesting a capability that far far surpasses the capabilities of the next 10 near peers of the USA. Something just doesnt add up. The US has spent trillions on its military yet NATO and the US is having a tough time making the fight against Russia trivial. If the money spent is any indication of capability; then it follows that besting Russia in Ukraine should be trivial. But that is not the case. You see... I can understand designing weapons in order to kill and win wars which Im sure that is the principles of Russian and Chinese philosophy in warfare. But what if the US is doing that... But also allowing the profit motive to have a say? Im starting to think that the USA is blowing money on overvalued systems that are AT BEST, MAYBE a tiny bit more effective than the oppositions' weapons. It aint like Ukraine was short of capable fighters with covert NATO training and backing. For all the trillions spent on NATO; Ukraine should have settled this conflict months ago. Ukraine should have defeated the Donbas rebellion before it could even find its footing. For real though. What the fuck? Is the west genuinely a paper tiger in the most real sense? Consider also colonial projects like Isntreal. With all their backing from the US; they havent managed to just bulldoze Palestine into the phantom realm. They STILL have to put in effort. It's just very strange... The realities don't match up with the money or the talk. The only way it makes sense is if the west develops weapons for profit first and foremost, which doesnt always mean the highest quality.

Just... TRUE! Why would nazi Germany be unique AT ALL to those who live under colonialism?

Okay. Im getting nervous.
The US keeps talking about leading NATO in a counter attack against Russia if Russia uses nukes. They keep saying this and with the recent events of Nordstream, Im becoming increasingly worried that the US is fixing to do a false flag. And none of the US and EU's behavior have been making any sense as of late.

which would be funnier?
Trump becoming president again in 2024 or Trump actually getting busted? I think Trump getting busted might be a bit funnier and a bit more... Illuminating of the sincerity of the MAGA reactionaries. I wanna see Trump get busted and the MAGA reactionaries do basically NOTHING in response.

Lib or fool’s guide to anticolonialism (or why you should support anyone but the west no matter what)
So you are a lib. You care about women. You care about LGBTQ. You care about minorities. Fine. Questions. Do YOU specifically command the US military and NATO militaries? No. Do they fight like you want them to fight? No. How many women or trans people or queer people have they liberated with their bombs? Or did they just... End lives of civilians indiscriminately? If you stop supporting NATO and American militarism, then potentially, reactionary forces that cant POSSIBLY muster the amount of destruction like the USA may rise. This may blunt social progressive things... But like how you cant command the US army, neither can you convince or control how other countries forge their futures if they had peace from imperialism. If you are a human rights lib; you have no reason to support NATO. All they do is kill women, queer folks, and children and sometimes reactionary men. You dont have to have opinions on other countries. NATO is not a civilizing force and you dont have the power to make that the case. If you are a human rights lib, then it's okay to disavow NATO and the USA. You cant shoulder the responsibility of inaction since the only means of REAL critique and influence against other countries is sanctions or military intervention... Neither of which gives you or the people you pretend to care about the freedom you want or the safety. Only the dissolution of colonialism is it even REMOTELY possible that human rights can begin to be realized at all.

McArthur should have been executed after the nazi and Japan surrender
He might have been the most dangerous man alive after WW2 and frankly ANYONE in the west even slightly like him should be kept under surveillance forever. Maybe even stripped of any kind of authority. That man was a demon.

Kaiju vs. Kaiju vs. titan
Europe burns. India roasts. US west coast burns. Australia burns. China floods. The titan of climate change has made its moves and is drawing first blood. The west and China can not engage in direct full scale war. It is impossible. Ignoring nuclear exchange, the full scale mobilization of the western war machine and the full scale mobilization of China and its friends by simply engaging in conventional war would not just push us beyond the tipping point in the climate; it woukd cumulatively FLING us beyond the point in climate change that the dramatic shift from warm seasons and temperate seasons to warm seasons and FIRE seasons would SCORTCH us all within the span of a handful of years. Not only is war not an option, but it cant be done as we are at a point that NO ONE can win. Because the results of the collective damage and the cumulative effects of the largest polluters on the planet will functionally end us all. The climate has won. It doesnt matter how badly the liberal west wants to discipline China; it is over. You cant play a game of chess with a grill that will burn your pieces. The fire services are spent. The medical industry is exhausted. And the west lacks the political will to pivot dramatically to renewable energy and the work it would take to retrofit the military to be green would take far too much effort and cause runoff environmental damage regardless. The west has no appetite for war nor can they face an environment eliminating WW3 AND maintain any structure domestically to keep their societies functional as they face fire seasons and famine. Guys. It's over. It is time to start asking if the pentagon understands these implications because there is ZERO mobilization to shore up western society to withstand annual fire seasons. Even without nukes; in WW3, there will be no world to claim after the fact that wont finally burn us alibe within five years. It's done.

BADMOUSE’S new video got me convinced I aint a leftist
His new video on tankies. There's a seriously chunk of condemning anti-americanism as an unprincipled view or something one should avoid. So. Where is the third way, MLs? Where is this people's army within America and Europe and Japan that is committed to defeating imperialism so that we dont have to choose to take a principled anti imperialist stance by supporting or defending Russia's actions despite knowing full damn well that they DO have capitalist ambitions (which has not yet emerged in anyway comparable to America) and that they are orthodox and right wing? Where is this legion that's gonna put America and Russia and China in their place for being big bad problematic anti liberal authoritarian states? Hmm? It doesn't exist. Who are we in the moment? Who should we have to be? I have to admit. I havent seen the whole video. So im probably jumping to conclusions. But the timing is just a bit too good. Maybe I aint a leftist. Cause the material conditions wont let me be one. So instead. We gotta ask ourselves. If we cant be leftists in the moment, then the choice is this. Are we for a unipolar world or a multipolar world? What else is there because saying neither Beijing or Washington is a retreat in the moment. Maybe Im triggered and jumping to conclusions. But im starting to have a DEEP distrust of the left in english speaking spaces. Edit: Turns out it was basically a hit piece. Honestly. Very clever. But very convincing that it isnt worth being a leftist.

Just spitballing here…
So the USA has federal laws protecting things such as mail and privacy and protection from unlawful searches and whatnot. And I got to thinking. MOST abortions arent surgical anymore. Most are just pills you take and you go into a heavy period. You can order these pills online and get them shipped anywhere. So HOW can single states even manage to enforce anti abortion laws so long as folks have a network of friends willing to do things for their friends or even for themselves? Im at work and dont have much time to elaborate. But just put yourself in the shoes of Mississippi for example. How can you go about enforcing an anti abortion law without violating SEVERAL amendments? HOW can you even know when someone has an abortion? Do you have the manpower? Is the court big enough and willing to serve warrants for every period cycle in your state? How exactly can you enforce it even if you wanted to?

You simp for Martin Shkreli
I have respect for the scientists that made the medicine. We are not the same This is all Ill ever say to an Elon simp

I hate to ask because it’s done to death. But regarding genocide accusations in China
Ive pretty much concluded that the genocide accusarions and forced labor accusations are either whole lies, lies of omission, shoddy translations of Chinese law, and basically a straight up psyop info war on western minds. And it took some doing, but I managed to help my wife be more skeptical of what China and other countries are doing; they even dont believe the story of the genocides. However. We have a girlfriend. And they're a sweetheart and their heart is in the right place. But they are hardcore super proud liberal capital D democrat. And they're big mad that my wife and I are skeptical of western claims. And Im tired. I dont wanna hash it out. i dont wanna educate. But they're very upset and will not drop it. Do we have a master list of all the debunking here? Honestly. Id rather not talk about it at all because in the bigger picture; genocide talk is just moralistic navel gazing. But here I am. They're a very sweet person who are very involved in their community. But there is just this one nugget of useless political Bullshut I gotta sort out. That is UNLESS they can respect my wishes to just... not talk about international news and politics.

Now that America is poised to show its true cultural face…
Is it time to start asking the progressive chauvinists if it makes sense that we hope the Chinese communists and their progressive members invade America? To bring back women's and minority rights at the point of their guns and root out the y'all quaida elements? Is it time to ask them if we should begin to hope that they intervene in our names like Americans have pretended to do for decades in the East in the names of women and minorities? Is it now time and appropriate to wave the banners of nations we believe would be capable of saving us from ourselves in our protests? And if they dont trust the Chinese military, does it not play that it can help the progressive cause if Chinese missiles level DC? To buy us an opening to do what we want in the rubble of American cities? You know... just asking them these very fair questions.

Sanity check: The dems never codified Roe into law despite several wide open opportunities because the implications of losing roe increased voter turn out more than a concrete victory
I refuse to believe that the dems were just outplayed or naive for 50 years. The gambit now is can the REAL danger motivate the checked out masses to vote for the dems? There is a problem in this logic. Why should anyone vote for a party that cant win? Those that understand the implications of the danger would rather resort to new criminal activity that protects their safety than to vote for a party who cant or wont take victories. Now people have not a reason to trust the dems but a very good reason to believe the dems are incapable of meeting any critical moment.

Im so disappointed. Peace loving lesser evilism internationally
I had a conversation with a very close friend. He views himself as an anarchist, yet for as long as Ive ever known him; he has always been a kind of peace loving, clever man who has accurately been critical of western actions around the globe. However. I have been hit with a chilling revelation. Thinking I was in familiar company; we started chatting about the war in the Ukraine. I had mentioned that it would be great to establish peace with Russia. He adadamantly disagreed. And I mean he went ALL IN on saying that Russia needs to face a most humiliating and total defeat so absolute that they can never militarily raise their head ever again. Thinking that MAYBE he had some twisted, tactical knowledge; I was suspecting that he would make the argument that if the west was to lose and a multipolar world was to happen, then the west would resort to nuclear strikes to preserve its hegemony. No. That wasnt the case. If that was the case, there would be some chilling and honest REAL POLITIK logic behind his reasoning. Instead. He argued against multipolarity BECAUSE a Russian victory would embolden Russia further. That there needs to be a hegemony BECAUSE the opposition to the west wants to BE the west but are capable of being much MUCH WORSE. And I finally found the language and the words to recognize this logic. I dont think my friend is a racist man. At least not in the sense that we imagine racism. This is what Peace loving American Lesser Evilism looks like. Beyond the borders and sphere of influence of the west lies all the potential evil and deeds of the west... plus 1. No matter how depraved. No matter how evil. No matter how satanic. Beyond the west; the East is every bit what the west is, but forever just SLIGHTLY more evil in every instance. Western international lesser evilism. If the west isnt capable of waging peace, then ALL THE EAST is much much less qualified to have the opportunity to wage peace and the west KNOWS in their heart of hearts that the East will forever be ever so slightly behind on their value of humanity. Needless to say; this revelation has darkened my mood towards any westerner. THIS... is a good man. Let that sink in. Otherwise; I dont know what to tell you guys. He got got. I always low key thought that maybe he was a little smarter than me. A little more clever. The son of a doctor. I was the son of factory workers. My mother a seamstress in textile and my dad an electrician and eventually boiler engineer. Maybe there's something in that. Needless to stay, it feels less sensical in the west and it's starting to feel much more alienating. Sorry for the long rant. It's just so blackpilling. That maybe this is the best we can hope for from progressive folks. This strange international lesser evilism.

Im getting a vasectomy. My partner is getting tubes tied.
Im white and they pass as white. Down with white people. Im big done with these crackers.

I got banned by Reddit higher ups
I asked a transphobe a question in a very hostile way, but not suggesting anything hateful or violent. But I got banned for promoting hate. Got ultra banned from the whole website.