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So basically everyone on lemmygrad, me and you included, is liable to be targeted.

Over a certain amount found on you and it’s mandatory death penalty, and the amounts aren’t hard to exceed.

Lib thoughts on the legal systems in China vs Singapore
Anyone else noticed this? I see this all the damn time on places like Reddit, such consistency. Examples are the things most commonly mentioned in Western discourse about those countries, not a comprehensive review on their legal systems and issues there's. ## China: * Death penalty for massive, seven or more figure financial crime, embezzlement, and accepting bribes (read: squarely a 1% crime, *you* will never even see that much money let alone have any chance to be sentenced to death for it) * Death penalty for drug trafficking (read: punish*able* by death, as in that's the maximum sentence, not a *mandatory* sentence, and in reality executions for drug trafficking is uncommon and reserved for extreme cases, like the kingpin of a cartel) * Most death penalties are suspended and commutable to life in prison or even less, meaning that the number of people actually executed is a lot less than the number sentenced to death on paper. * Some places have a registry for men convicted of abusing women, that women can search up so they are informed when looking for a partner. (Not a country wide thing as far as I know, just certain provinces, though I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes national in the future. I believe it was first developed for the more rural, hillbilly regions where that crap is a lot more common and women get a lot less social support in the community.) * Social credit system that works almost exactly like the West's credit score system and isn't actually for punishing any sort of crime as it's apart of civil law and not criminal law. (In fact "social credit" is a mistranslation, it's actually "socialism credit", which still sounds weird till you realize it means "a financial credit scoring system adapted for socialism with Chinese characteristics" as opposed to "how well you tow the socialist party line".) Libs: OMG THAT'S SO EVIL! HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! ORWELLIAN TOTALITARIAN HELLHOLE! THEIR LEGAL SYSTEM IS DESIGNED SOLELY TO OPPRESS! SEESEEPEE IS THE DEVIL! ## Singapore: * Public flogging with whips that would be considered animal abuse if used on *livestock* in most other places. For things like littering and spitting. People literally pass out instantly from the *first* of many lashes all the time. * MANDATORY death penalty for drug *possession*. Like, that's literally the *only* possible punishment unless the president pardons you. * Death penalties are handed out so often that it's literally become a meme on Singaporean social media. * Numerous studies show that Malays are far more likely to be sentenced to death than any other ethnicity, for the same crimes. Libs: Wow! Such a great and efficient country with an effective legal system! A shining example of law and order keeping civilized society going! I love Singapore!

I mean, at it’s core a car is just a metal box with four wheels. It’s just a tool for us to accomplish the goals of moving things that need to be moved, not unlike a hammer. Nothing intrinsically wrong with the tool and it certainly has its uses, but relying on cars for mass transportation is like hammering in a screw. You can physically do it with that tool, but it’s a really bad application of the tool.

Worker exploitation or wage slavery? It doesn’t have an official specific name but definitely falls under those.

Capitalism is a packaged deal. You can’t just pick and choose atrocities.

Disrupting the economy is literally the point of a strike.

Because Xiaomi isn’t as big of a competitor to Western companies than Huawei. Huawei produces servers, networking equipment, and other enterprise level tech, and they’re both very good at it and only one of a handful of companies producing some of the stuff they do (the other ones being Western companies). Xiaomi produces mostly consumer electronics that frankly is barely relevant in the West compared to Western companies because there is so much more competition from others.

Basically, if you can eliminate one player out of five where you have your fingers in the other four, that’s way more beneficial to you than trying to eliminate one player out of five hundred, even if you have your fingers in all 499 other ones.

Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC

Straight up NewPipe then?

No seriously, it has literally everything you’re asking for. Access to a ton of songs, podcasts, and more, and integrated player that works in the background, downloading to mp3 and opus files offline, recommendations in the form of related videos, open source frontend.

The old reliable:

  1. Torrent or otherwise pirate mp3s

  2. Play using open source media player

I’ve honestly not found a better option, at least for my preferences.

Only issue is there’s no real accredation system for computer repair outside of major IT firms aimed at maintaining entire fleets of computers for an enterprise level that you definitely can’t afford. Like, if there were more authorised repair shop programs by major brands or a central nonprofit org or union overseeing this, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

That or you go back on the return date only to find out they refused to repair it because it won’t boot without a drive so “there was nothing we could do”

(because they totally can’t just insert one of their own boot drives they have on hand, with diagnostic tools and a known good OS installation, you know, like the ones any real IT repair business should be using anyway).

More info: (Also, DO NOT refer to it by any acronyms! The canonical name of this factual and objective news publication is Canadian-United Media, to shorten it into an acronym is to insult the Western free world's journalism prowess!)

American Democracy: When Americans vote on who rules you

There have been more anti-lockdown protests in the US than China. You know, the Karen I need a haircut and I can’t breathe through this mask protests?

But YOU’RE the object of interest and/or concern in this one lol

They support the right to bear arms but not the right to beat up a guy bearing arms with your bare arms?

Part 2:

Wikipedia's article on "Classicide", and me tearing it apart. (Plus a bonus personal story in the comments!)
> Classicide is a concept proposed by sociologist Michael Mann to describe the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of a social class through persecution and violence. > Classicide is considered a form of "premeditated mass killing" Correct. And based. We communists seek the total destruction of the bourgeoisie, the rich ruling class. Yes, by death if necessary. However, we absolutely do not kill mindlessly. We seek to destroy the class, not the people if we can help it. We'd prefer to reform everyone and kill no one, if they are willing to become workers as part of the dictatorship of the proletariat, they will be accepted and treated as any other worker. See the countless examples of this in socialist countries, there was even a former Chinese emperor who ended up as a communist and a fairly prominent figure in the early CPC. But, if they seek to destroy us, as kings being dethroned usually do, we will have no moral qualms in destroying them. You have no mercy, no compassion, no empathy for your fellow humans, you get none in return, it's that simple. "We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror." - Karl Marx "We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Mao Zedong **This is not unique to socialism! We didn't invent violent political shifts. Show me one major social change that was not violent. Just one. I'll wait. Meanwhile, here are some origin stories of your favourite peaceful vanguards of democracy and freedom:** * The US war of Independence: famously violent. The US civil war: famously violent. The US civil rights riots: famously violent. * The path that the UK took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that Spain took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that the Netherlands took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that the Nordics took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The *many* French revolutions that led to the modern republic of France: probably the most well known violent revolution ever. * The creation of modern Japan: bro, they had two nukes dropped on them. > the group which is targeted for classicide is killed without any concern for its political activities I'm sorry what? A class is a political construct. Classes existing are political activities. > examples of classicide include the dekulakization policy during the forced collectivization in the Soviet Union Sure. > Human rights activist Harry Wu has identified the killings which were carried out during the Chinese Land Reform under the leadership of Mao Zedong as classicide. Sure. > They were a perversion of socialist theories of democracy in the same sense as ethnic cleansing is a perversion of nationalist theory of democracy. Lol, comparing communists to Nazis again. > According to Wu, this ideology included dividing people into five class categories depending on their possession of land, capital, property, and income. The five categories were the landlord class, the rich peasant class, the middle peasant class, and the poor worker and peasant classes. And this is bad how? > Their property was seized, they were sent to do hard manual labor in the countryside, and many of them were killed. Wu writes that "according to research, in 1949 there were around 10 to 15 million members of the landlord and rich peasant classes nationwide. By the end of the 1970s, when the Cultural Revolution had ended, only 10 to 15 percent of them remained alive." Fun fact, Mao didn't kill landlords because they were landlords. Mao killed murderers, rapists, terrorists, and warlords who were also landlords. They weren't landlords like the landlord of your downtown LA apartment. China at the time was feudal, and the treatments of peasents by most landowners were disgusting. Their actions apart from being landlords would be punishable by death in any sane country. Same with the Kulaks in Ukraine.

It's really sad to think that there are more train services in amusement parks than the rest of the US.
Drive to Disney World, pay a hundred dollars to ride the monorail, peoplemover, and the historic railroad. Then drive home, never once thinking "hey, what if we could do all that in the city, while running our errands!"

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?

The design of the human body is by no means "intelligent".
Mirrored from my post on /r/DebateAChristian. Original post with all the debate content here: Creationists think that the human body is God's magnum opus, meanwhile, we know of many stupid flaws in it, many of which aren't present in other animals. Here are a few, the presence of which suggests that we came to be from a series of blind mutations instead of from a divine creator. # Reproduction Boy do women get the short end of the stick on this one. * Babies' heads are too big to be born naturally: Before the advent of safe c-section methods, giving birth was a death defying ordeal because the head of the baby would sometimes be too big to fit through the pelvic bone and/or the birth canal, leading to babies getting stuck and killing both the mother and the baby. I was one of those babies, and had I not been born in modern times, it's likely that both me and my mother would be dead. Most other mammals? Giving birth is both safer and less excruciating, because their babies are smaller compared to the mother. Female hyenas might have it worse though with their pseudo-penis, which is a long, very narrow birth canal that extends quite a ways out of the body. It looks kind of like a penis and is about the same diameter as the actual penis of a male hyena. Not fun when you're giving birth, a successful first birth *necessarily* involves tearing it. * Actually, all human babies are technically premature: Compared to other mammals, we are born much less developed and much less ready to survive the outside world, partly because of the previous issue. Compared to animals that can start running with their herd minutes after birth, we're pathetic. * Ectopic pregnancies: This is when the embryo implants in the Fallopian tube, or in extreme cases, outside the reproductive tract on the intestines or the abdominal wall. It can cause severe bleeding, organ damage, or in the case of the Fallopian tube, can cause it to rupture. It's 100% fatal for the fetus and nearly as fatal for the mother unless an abortion is carried out (and yet, some Christians want to ban abortion for this reason too and just condemn the mother to death for "God's" screw up). * Testicles are outside of the body: This is because they need to be cooler than body temperature, so at least there's a reason, but it still doesn't exclude it from being a stupid design. Yeah, let's just put one of the most sensitive parts of the male body on the outside, in harm's way. Oh, and if it ruptures, you die without immediate medical treatment. * The prostate: It's nestled under the bladder and wraps around the urethra, which would be fine if it wasn't so fond of swelling so much, which makes urination very difficult. Many men will experience this in their lives. * Menstruation: Any woman will tell you that it sucks. Cramps, bleeding, mood swings, the whole nine yards. It's even worse when it goes wrong. It's also wasteful because you lose the nutrients that went into making it. Cats, dogs, and most mammals, on the other hand, also have ovarian cycles, but they reabsorb the endometrium instead of letting it fall off. * Ovulation: The ovaries eject eggs into the abdomen, and the ends of the Fallopian tubes have to scramble to pick them up. Remember ectopic pregnancies happening outside of the reproductive system? This is the reason, the reproductive tract is not closed off to the rest of the body. # The eyes * The blood vessels that supply the retina block the retina: The blood vessels that, ya know, keep the retina alive, are in front of the retina. You can even see them if conditions are just right. It's also why we have a blind spot, it's where the blood vessels travel through the retina to the rest of the body. Squid and octopus, on the other hand, do not have this problem. * Nearsightedness and farsightedness: Are caused by genetic abnormalities in most cases. Need I say more? # Respiration * We breathe and swallow through the same region of our throat: enough people have choked to death and there are enough warnings about things being choking hazards to make it clear what a bad idea this is. # Bones * The spine is over-stressed in our upright position and does not support our upper body well: It's why so many people have back problems. * The bones in our feet look like [this]( A cat's paws look like [this]( Which is "designed" more elegantly? * You can wear out your knees as you age: Again, this is caused by our upright posture. Many older people literally have to get titanium kneecaps, which *is* kind of awesome, but it still stupid that procedure is necessary. * Most people's jaws are too small for our full set of teeth: It's why people get their wisdom teeth removed, because they often come in sideways or can't come in at all. # The heart and blood * Heart attacks: The heart, one of the most important organs of the body, is supplied by a pair of blood vessels not much wider than the ink tube of a ballpoint pen, and there is barely any overlap between the blood vessels, so if any one or its branches get clogged, heart tissue start dying, and don't have the ability to regenerate. This is what a heart attack is. Other animals, like dogs, on the other hand, have it so that the coronary blood supply overlaps, meaning if one branch of the artery gets blocked, the other ones can keep supplying most of the tissue, limiting the severity of heart attacks. * Blood clots: Sit for too long and blood clots in the veins of your legs. Then they can dislodge and travel to your heart, lungs, brain, etc, and kill you. * You can kill someone by punching them in the region of the heart at the exact wrong moment: It's called commotio cordis, and is caused by a physical shock, like a punch to the chest, happening at a certain point during the heart's electrical cycle. If triggered, it causes ventricular fibrillation, which can quickly kill you and requires a defibrillator to correct. That's right, you can punch someone in the chest and their heart could break. * Heart attacks part 2: Why do coronary arteries get blocked? Why, from cholesterol, am essential molecule for our bodies. Too much of the stuff in the blood causes the immune system to freak out, white blood cells go to engulf them, and die from having too much cholesterol in them. Then, they stick to the blood vessel walls, and said walls promptly grow its lining over it, sealing it in. This alone can cause a heart attack, but worse is if the lining above the cholesterol and dead immune cells, called the plaque, breaks open. This activates clotting factors, and bam! Blood clot obstructing nutrient and oxygen flow to the heart! And speaking of immune cells... # The immune system * Allergies: Happens when the immune system thinks some non-bodily molecule is a deadly pathogen and freaks the absolute f\*ck out. People die from allergies every day, and paradoxically, the cleaner your environment is, especially between fetal development and your teens, the more likely it is for you to develop allergies, because the immune system doesn't learn to tolerate benign molecules entering your body. Our family immigrated from China to Canada, where the species of plants are different, and both my dad and I have pollen allergies because our immune systems grew up in China and not in Canada, and freaks out when we encounter pollen from the local plants. * Autoimmune disorders: Your immune system can also freak the f\*ck out at the sight of your *own body*! It starts attacking it, the results of which can be fatal in severe cases. # Other bodily flaws * Hyperthyroidism: It's like overclocking a PC, but it's your body, and instead of a clock signal, the thyroid gland starts producing way too much hormones and causes your body to go into overdrive. And just like how you risk burning out your CPU when overclocking, too much thyroid hormones can cause massive health problems. * Fight or flight activating indiscriminately during stressful periods: Ever been so nervous during a test that you couldn't concentrate? That's because your fight or flight system kicked in, and in doing so, actually inhibits high-level logical reasoning. * Our bodies can't synthesize vitamin C: Most other mammals can while we have to hope our food contains it. Scurvy was a major killer back in the day. * We can vomit in our sleep, have it enter our respiratory system, and either choke to death on it or get a massive raging infection. By the way, vomiting is "supposed" to be a mechanism to protect the body. * We get motion sick by looking at a stationary object (like a book or a phone) while in a moving vehicle, because the mixed sensory signals causes our brain to freak out and think we're hallucinating. * Appendicitis: Our appendix isn't actually vestigial, it doesn't have any essential functions, but it does help with digestion, keeping the gut microbiome healthy, and even in immune response. However, when it gets infected, it absolutely wrecks house, and can explode and kill you. By the way, appendicitis isn't caused by exercising after eating as is often the myth, but it's most commonly caused by a piece of your stool getting lodged in it. A piece of *digested food* ending up in a part of your *digestive system* can kill you. Let that sink in. * The nerve that controls your larynx, the part of your throat that lets you speak, goes from the brain, down your neck, into your chest, loops around the aorta, comes back up your neck, and over to your throat. All four limbed animals have this, even the giraffe with its massively long neck. This is because four limbed animals evolved from a fish-like organism, which had its throat, aorta and brain right next to each other, so that was the shortest way from brain to throat, but as we evolved into land animals, our aorta moved down, and the nerve followed. Either that or God had a an extra length of nerve like the extra components that Ikea gives you, and decided to put it in just for fun. Finally, this isn't related to humans, but look up "secondary endosymbiosis". Brown algae, such as kelps, once engulfed the cell of a red algae, which in turn engulfed a cyanobacteria, which acts as its plastid (the thing in the cell that photosynthesizes). So a brown algal cell literally has an entire other eukaryotic cell as an organelle, and inside that endosymbiont, is the engulfed cyanobacteria that does the actual photosynthesis and feeds both layers. Nutrients have to travel through *four* cell membranes in brown algae to get to the rest of the cell. What kind of intelligent design is this exactly? Why would God choose this mess instead of just sticking the cyanobacteria in the brown algae and calling it a day (presumably out of the seven of them)? You see all this? The human body (and all living things for that matter), have tons of design flaws, many of which could *easily* have been avoided if their designer had any intelligence. So why are these flaws here? Because we evolved from genetic mutations in a stunning feat of "good enough". I hope I made the case clear that we really should be ditching creationism for evolution, or at least theistic evolution.

Because the aquatic ecosystem can go fuck itself! Like, I get it's to raise money for the Paralympics, but they couldn't think of *any* less harmful way of doing that?