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His employees are pretty good. Alex, Anthony, etc. They have relevant degrees and know what they’re talking about when it comes to technology and engineering. Frankly, they should kick Linus to the curb and start their own tech channel.

I agree with your assessment on RMTransit, I’ve heard a lot of people say he’s “too woke” but really he isn’t woke enough. We should be doing like China and completely transforming our cities, essentially restarting from scratch and building something with people oriented planning from day one. It’ll be even easier for is because we really don’t have any historic cultural stuff worth preserving and building around, yeah we have old colonial era buildings and cathedrals but IMO they deserve no protection from the demolition ball, because we sadly have no indigenous buildings or villages still standing, which would have been worth protecting if they still existed. Also, while displacing immigrants and BIPOC is a concern, I will be losing no sleep over the displacement of the upper middle class white crackers that plague Vancouver.

Also, interesting how Linus mentioned “displacement” and “tearing apart neighborhoods” as justifications against switching from cars to transit+bike+walk models. Because guess what the fuck also displaces people and destroys community? Highways and viaducts! A single highway interchange can destroy an entire small town, while a single train station takes up the space of maybe two suburban houses. And a double track rail line is narrower than many laneways and suburban streets, while having more capacity than ten lanes of highway. You’re in Vancouver, Linus, ever heard of the Georgia Viaduct and its effects on causing the creation of the Downtown East Side slums?

Also, just a nagging thought in the back of my mind, is he only concerned about displacement because the places that most need to be redeveloped for walk ability, the single family suburbs, are majority white residents while BIPOC residents tend to live in denser areas? Hmm… You’re also living on land where Indigenous populations were displaced by the way (the ones that were merely displaced got off lucky, actually, most were murdered).

PSA: If you don’t absolutely need ARM or the really tiny form factor and can settle for higher power consumption, you can get a used Dell or Lenovo business PC from a few years ago for less than a new Raspberry Pi or even some of the higher end alternatives/clones but with similar computing power. Or something a lot more powerful for not that much more.

I really like their ultra-small form factor models. About the size of a coffee table book so not that much larger than a raspi with a case, and if you factor in the fairly high quality case, more I/O, active cooling, non-soldered CPU and RAM, and expansion through hard drive slots and M.2, it’s an even better value.

Because anime is full of Mary sues that would die immediately if their plot armour is taken away

What kind of meth are they smoking

not meth, schoolgirl panties

Bring it the fuck on you loli panty sniffers! You’ll get your kawaii ass handed to you by real soldiers.

Vancouver, Canada: Isolated pockets of bike lanes. Not like a neighborhood or an urban center where you can reasonably do everything you need within it, literally a single block of new development will have a dutch-style paved bike lane but you’re out to sea if you go beyond it.

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

How is this blessed? It’s still not all red.

Seriously, four hours? For what? Jesus Christ’s resurrection party was more succinct than this.

For all I care, if a patient commits suicide because you told them they were faking their obvious mental illness, you’re guilty of negligent homicide.

That charge can and must be applied to a ton of Western doctors and punished accordingly.

If the US is to have any right criticize Russia’s annexation of the DPR, LPR, and Crimea, it should free Hawaii and all other Indigenous lands. Otherwise it is sitting in a pool of blood while calling Russia for having blood on their hands.

DPR, LPR, and Crimea were Russian for most of the history of Russia and Ukraine, and are still majority ethnic Russian. Ukraine’s “sovereign” state is only legitimate in its native territory. The above regions have all voted that they’d rather be apart of Russia.

Meanwhile the US annexed Hawaii and ignored a petition by the vast majority of Native Hawaiians to stay independent because… Because. It was because they’re not white isn’t it?

Are they still owned by Microsoft? If so, zero chance in hell they’re letting you sideload a ROM.

Some carrier locked non iPhone non Android “proto smartphone” piece of shit with an even more proprietary app store than those two (the servers are definitely long dead). Still have to find it.

Might have been one of Blackberry’s hail Mary attempts to make their own smartphone OS, I forget.

This made me think! I still have a smart ish phone with a qwerty keyboard! And I type a lot on phones! Gonna see if I can load PostMarket OS on it and see what it’s like writing long rants and roleplay responses on it compared to touchscreen!

Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at home

Is the bar this low now? That’s not a “DIY repairable phone”, that’s a “phone that meets the bare minimum for non user-hostile hardware”.

Gonna replace them with the most fucking generic wall “art” that looks like they were bought from Bed Bath & Beyond probably.

Speaking from experience at my local hospital.

More like “flavor removed to cut costs due to inflation” and the price still rose.

Not Germany. The working people of Germany. Huge distinction.


Intellectuals: Climate change is an existential threat and we absolutely must change on a societal level.

Americans: No, fuck you.

Intellectuals: Please just wear a mask and stay two meters away from people.

Americans: No, fuck you.

Intellectuals: The vaccine is safe and prevents serious illness, please just take it.

Americans: No, fuck you.

Technically all the people that died/will die from the derailment in Ohio (very weird to type that out) should be counted as killed by a train.

And as always, the train itself is never the problem. Nor are the operators. The asshole humans at the top of the company controlling both are.

I feel for the conductor and driver who are probably getting raked over the coals for what really wasn’t their fuckup.

Capitalist contradictions

Guess which country just lit up the checklist like a neon sign?

I love how they acknowledge the existence of Palestine, Ohio and not Palestine, Palestine.

  1. Coal is (or at least was) a necessary product. Sex isn’t and never was. And the people who can’t function without it need psychiatric treatment, not reinforcement of their illness which will absolutely make it worse.

  2. The issue of consent. If you can’t get paid for your blood because that constitutes coersion and therefore invalidates consent, why should it be different for sex, where the propensity for permanent, life ruining harm is orders of magnitudes higher than blood?

If two consenting adults just want to have recreational sex with each other, why is payment a necessary element? And if they wouldn’t have had sex without the payment aspect, then it isn’t recreational sex. Just find a person (or people) you vibe well with and who is interested in having sex with you if you want to do it in moderation, or if you suffer from sex addiction, seek professional help and bring yourself past that.

And for that “well these people are doing sex work to provide for themselves and their family” the fact that there are people doing that is a sign of a broken system that is utterly failing to support them and their families through other ways. If they like it, it’s not the paid sex they like, they like the fact that they and their family are not starving. It’s basically Stockholm syndrome.

That’s the important part: banning sex work is not banning recreational or extramarital sex. Adults can still have sex with each other if they want, and by taking the payment aspect out of it, it can be even more fulfilling and conducive to forming long-term bonds. A la Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, get the survival requirements squared away, then people can move onto deciding if they want to have sex for free on top of that, and if they do, they can find confidence in knowing that they’re likely doing it of their own accord, because they like doing it or because they like the person they’re with, and not because they need money.

Is it bad that I think it’s karmic retribution that the slaves were used to produce sugar for Europe and ended up slowly killing a ton of Europeans through its adverse health effects. Obviously nothing can make it up to the people who were enslaved, but it’s a little comforting.

And don’t worry about the proletariat in Europe who were not involved in slavery, they couldn’t afford sugar or at least couldn’t afford it in amounts that would cause health complications. It killed almost exclusively the bourgeoisie who had banquets where literally half the table was various forms of nearly pure sugar. Poetic.

Kinda wish more of the ultra rich would kill themselves with their luxuries in modern times. I think a few more private jet crashes or mansions burning down wouldn’t hurt.

Reminder that the Class 1 freight railroads fight tooth and nail against better rail safety measures that are now standard in Europe and Asia, because it would force them to change their operating procedures and hurt their efficiency (read: profitability).

This is also why freight corridors in North America are almost never suitable for parallel passenger service. Because it’s so unsafe.

It’s also why more people are killed by trains in the US than places that rely way more on rail and have way more trains in extremely dense downtowns. Like China, Japan, and the EU.

Eventually the west will stop giving a shit, just let Russia take back their ancestral territory and quietly sweep this under the rug as their fish-like attention span gets distracted by other stuff. While still proclaiming Western victory mind you.

I’d be interested in how the fact that the Tor browser in Tails has uBlock Origin pre-installed affects the security/anonymity of the browser instance. I’m all for blocking ads and trackers everywhere, but since regular Tor doesn’t have an ad blocker, wouldn’t fingerprinters be able to identify at least that you’re on Tails and not a normal OS? And therefore also know when you change where you’re accessing Tor from?

(Also, I totally thought this was referring to Tails from Sonic for a second lol)

We’d all be counts though. Which is still a royal title. Actually is that the origin of that word?

What about French-trained Ukrainian soldiers?

Why do I doubt a place like that properly screens for STDs in sperm samples?

Act now and you’ll get a nice helping of pure, white, Slava Ukraini genital warts as a free gift with purchase!

Oh yeah let’s give eugenics another go it worked so well every other time we tried it! /s

And the US has how many people dying of starvation or freezing in the streets?

This religion is about to give Falun Gong a run for its money in sheer fascist stupidity.

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?

I'll leave you to draw your parallels to capitalism/imperialism/colonialism.

Remember when Musk said he's buying twitter because "hurr durr free speech"?

Lib thoughts on the legal systems in China vs Singapore
Anyone else noticed this? I see this all the damn time on places like Reddit, such consistency. Examples are the things most commonly mentioned in Western discourse about those countries, not a comprehensive review on their legal systems and issues there's. ## China: * Death penalty for massive, seven or more figure financial crime, embezzlement, and accepting bribes (read: squarely a 1% crime, *you* will never even see that much money let alone have any chance to be sentenced to death for it) * Death penalty for drug trafficking (read: punish*able* by death, as in that's the maximum sentence, not a *mandatory* sentence, and in reality executions for drug trafficking is uncommon and reserved for extreme cases, like the kingpin of a cartel) * Most death penalties are suspended and commutable to life in prison or even less, meaning that the number of people actually executed is a lot less than the number sentenced to death on paper. * Some places have a registry for men convicted of abusing women, that women can search up so they are informed when looking for a partner. (Not a country wide thing as far as I know, just certain provinces, though I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes national in the future. I believe it was first developed for the more rural, hillbilly regions where that crap is a lot more common and women get a lot less social support in the community.) * Social credit system that works almost exactly like the West's credit score system and isn't actually for punishing any sort of crime as it's apart of civil law and not criminal law. (In fact "social credit" is a mistranslation, it's actually "socialism credit", which still sounds weird till you realize it means "a financial credit scoring system adapted for socialism with Chinese characteristics" as opposed to "how well you tow the socialist party line".) Libs: OMG THAT'S SO EVIL! HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION! ORWELLIAN TOTALITARIAN HELLHOLE! THEIR LEGAL SYSTEM IS DESIGNED SOLELY TO OPPRESS! SEESEEPEE IS THE DEVIL! ## Singapore: * Public flogging with whips that would be considered animal abuse if used on *livestock* in most other places. For things like littering and spitting. People literally pass out instantly from the *first* of many lashes all the time. * MANDATORY death penalty for drug *possession*. Like, that's literally the *only* possible punishment unless the president pardons you. * Death penalties are handed out so often that it's literally become a meme on Singaporean social media. * Numerous studies show that Malays are far more likely to be sentenced to death than any other ethnicity, for the same crimes. Libs: Wow! Such a great and efficient country with an effective legal system! A shining example of law and order keeping civilized society going! I love Singapore!

More info: (Also, DO NOT refer to it by any acronyms! The canonical name of this factual and objective news publication is Canadian-United Media, to shorten it into an acronym is to insult the Western free world's journalism prowess!)

Part 2:

Wikipedia’s article on “Classicide”, and me tearing it apart. (Plus a bonus personal story in the comments!)
> Classicide is a concept proposed by sociologist Michael Mann to describe the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of a social class through persecution and violence. > Classicide is considered a form of "premeditated mass killing" Correct. And based. We communists seek the total destruction of the bourgeoisie, the rich ruling class. Yes, by death if necessary. However, we absolutely do not kill mindlessly. We seek to destroy the class, not the people if we can help it. We'd prefer to reform everyone and kill no one, if they are willing to become workers as part of the dictatorship of the proletariat, they will be accepted and treated as any other worker. See the countless examples of this in socialist countries, there was even a former Chinese emperor who ended up as a communist and a fairly prominent figure in the early CPC. But, if they seek to destroy us, as kings being dethroned usually do, we will have no moral qualms in destroying them. You have no mercy, no compassion, no empathy for your fellow humans, you get none in return, it's that simple. "We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror." - Karl Marx "We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Mao Zedong **This is not unique to socialism! We didn't invent violent political shifts. Show me one major social change that was not violent. Just one. I'll wait. Meanwhile, here are some origin stories of your favourite peaceful vanguards of democracy and freedom:** * The US war of Independence: famously violent. The US civil war: famously violent. The US civil rights riots: famously violent. * The path that the UK took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that Spain took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that the Netherlands took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The path that the Nordics took going from an absolute monarchy to a parlimentary monarchy: famously violent. * The *many* French revolutions that led to the modern republic of France: probably the most well known violent revolution ever. * The creation of modern Japan: bro, they had two nukes dropped on them. > the group which is targeted for classicide is killed without any concern for its political activities I'm sorry what? A class is a political construct. Classes existing are political activities. > examples of classicide include the dekulakization policy during the forced collectivization in the Soviet Union Sure. > Human rights activist Harry Wu has identified the killings which were carried out during the Chinese Land Reform under the leadership of Mao Zedong as classicide. Sure. > They were a perversion of socialist theories of democracy in the same sense as ethnic cleansing is a perversion of nationalist theory of democracy. Lol, comparing communists to Nazis again. > According to Wu, this ideology included dividing people into five class categories depending on their possession of land, capital, property, and income. The five categories were the landlord class, the rich peasant class, the middle peasant class, and the poor worker and peasant classes. And this is bad how? > Their property was seized, they were sent to do hard manual labor in the countryside, and many of them were killed. Wu writes that "according to research, in 1949 there were around 10 to 15 million members of the landlord and rich peasant classes nationwide. By the end of the 1970s, when the Cultural Revolution had ended, only 10 to 15 percent of them remained alive." Fun fact, Mao didn't kill landlords because they were landlords. Mao killed murderers, rapists, terrorists, and warlords who were also landlords. They weren't landlords like the landlord of your downtown LA apartment. China at the time was feudal, and the treatments of peasents by most landowners were disgusting. Their actions apart from being landlords would be punishable by death in any sane country. Same with the Kulaks in Ukraine.

It’s really sad to think that there are more train services in amusement parks than the rest of the US.
Drive to Disney World, pay a hundred dollars to ride the monorail, peoplemover, and the historic railroad. Then drive home, never once thinking "hey, what if we could do all that in the city, while running our errands!"

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?