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I’m loving these on the scene photos. They’re like fieldtrip reports :3.

Lately the grave keeps getting destroyed by leftists

damn, those dastardly leftists…I sure hope no one does it again…

sorry about your spot :/

Brian Berletic of the New Atlas does a pretty great breakdown of this kind of stuff. Each package that Ukraine gets becomes more and more measly. The US is even asking it’s Latin compradors to donate their soviet/ Russian weapons so they can in turn be replaced with western ones 😂.

As it turns out, the US is only willing to lose so much of its stockpiles.

I have a feeling you’re tossing a coin tbh. China’s stock markets function under the authority of the state, not the other way around as in the US. In times of economic turmoil, I have a feeling that the CPC would prioritize the wellbeing of their people over the stock lines going up.

I’m not sure what that would look like, but it’s definitely an interesting idea!

I don’t even know why I did, but I got suggested the VaushV subreddit and I got into a bunch of arguments with “leftists” who were confused as to why more lefties aren’t more tolerating of incel types 😵‍💫

I had to stop when it started talking about how the PSL and the WWP even worked closely! Yeah, they split a long time ago:

“The Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition (ANSWER) then became a PSL operation; before it had been a WWP project centered on fighting imperialist wars in the middle east through mechanical support for all (even superficial) opponents of US imperialism. WWP members still tell horror stories of PSL having changed the locks to the ANSWER offices on the day of their split.”

A lot of this just relies on tangential connections and straight up leaving certain information out lol. For full disclosure, I’m in the PSL and know members like Gloria La Riva, and the article at one point tries to paint Gloria La Riva being married to Richard Becker as some kinda secret lol. Like what??

Damn that is pretty unfortunate. I’m guessing it does take the extra leg work to meet fellow ML’s there?

I just kinda directed the guy towards a few subs I saw referrenced in the old genzedong subreddit. I did tell him I couldn’t vouch for them entirely just because I don’t know Danish internal politics. I told him about the DanMarx subreddit, one called “arbetarrorelsen” (omg I couldn’t copy and I had to look back how to spell that like 10 times 😭), and also the Communist Party of Denmark since they had a decent statement on the Uyghur situation (again, don’t know much else about them so I did tell him to do his due diligence).

There’s definitely been times where I mentioned I was in a socialist org and people were immediately and noticeably turned off. I’m talking from a smile to a stone cold face.

Any Denmark parties?
I guess someone randomly hit me up on reddit and they noticed I linked some multipolarista stuff, and they're wondering if there are any Denmark parties? I'd tell em but I'm not from Denmark, I'm a Usonian :').

What’re some good books or sources on the factionalism that occurred between the Bolsheviks and groups like the Revolutionary socialists and the Mensheviks?
I guess I'm interested for my own clarity because people often times (mostly people on the "left") as some sort of gotcha against the Bolsheviks. Ty ty :3

I like the Reuters (CIA) headline of this. It reads “Taiwan president quits as party head after China threat bet fails to win votes” 🤣🤣

Brian Berletic of the New Atlas is pretty good source for this kind of stuff. I like that he also has the veneer of “neutrality” that can be used to sway more moderate types.

Upvote if you think this was awesome, down vote if you think it was great 😍

Yes :)! It has tons of economic jargon, but maybe you’ll have a better time of understanding it fully than me.

Here’s a reading of it by the PSL.

If he is a Marxist, then I am clearly not

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. What’s your take on the book? If I’m being honest, the title alone is a bit off putting. Makes me think it’s something Bob Black-esque.

The Fed is egging this on despite the fact that most of the inflation is currently being driven by record corporate profits. 53.9% of the increase in costs in the nonfinancial corporate sector are attributed to fatter profit margins while only 8% is because of labor costs…8%.

lmaoooo they really thought this would make Fidel look bad hahahaha

"#WhereIsJamesGordonMeek "


I don’t even understand the stipulation here. Like 21st century tech is better than 20th century technology? Congrats I suppose?

I blocked them a long time ago, so I never noticed either 🤧

I try to not even engage these type of people too much, but there was a post that was cross-posted in the politisurm subreddit (I don’t recommend it). Yeah it’s so fucking dumb. On the point about the Cuban Revolution, the government even released this movie called Fresa y Chocolate! (NFSW)

It’s an extremely introspective movie on the part of the Cuban people that basically makes a point of making the LGBT struggle a socialist one!

I didn’t even bother engaging them all that much because what’s there to say 💁. If Stalin would have had them shot in a basement, what’s the point of even talking with them?

I’m not even sure how I ended up here, but heres a certified Europeansocialists moment
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/bf487ca2-b86f-4a58-8472-f622a5888910.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a2a9d442-1ab2-49df-94e8-ac9f90d66cae.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/46cc8a07-40a6-44fb-b23f-978721597823.jpeg)

Wow, that’s crazy! I remember hearing about this Cherizier person in a Vice video some months ago! I can’t say I know the full extent of what he’s done/ hasn’t done, but it’s rather interesting that this angle of him was completely left out 🤔.

Bourgeoisie media is very insidious!

The colonial contradictions have to go, and that’s not going to leave a unified political entity recognizable as the former U$.

I’m a candidate in the PSL, and I have to say this is not something lost on the party:

“The socialist government will recognize the inviolable right of all oppressed nations to self-determination with regard to their means of gaining and maintaining their liberation. In the United States, this includes the right of self-determination for African American, Native, Puerto Rican and other Latino national minorities, the Hawai’ian nation, Asian, Pacific Islander, Arab and other oppressed peoples that have experienced oppression as a whole people under capitalism.” (section from their party program)

I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan on it once i get my hands on it :). Worst case scenario, you don’t like it. Best case scenario, you do.

Well, he’s never publicly declared on CNN that he wouldn’t sooooooo

I got a warning for…gulp…threatening violence??? 😰😰😰😢😭😩

I made a comment on this post about an IDF soldier getting shot in a drive by. I said that the Israeli government should let the Palestinian militants conduct the investigation, even handing over the bullet over to them…y’know…like the time the Israeli government literally did that when they killed Shireen Abu Akleh…

Of course, they have a ready nazi paramilitary (or not even really para at this point) to tamp down on any labor uprising. How convenient…

Huhuh, thank you for the thoughtful response :). I figured it had to be something like this. The whole websites the worm sent me were all very strange. It almost had this like…office-space cut out article time and time again. Strangely, there was never any update with any of the issues they wrote about, so how convenient. I don’t the mothers in the story were fake, but they were certainly being cynically used by the outlet to push an agenda. If the Cuban people have criticisms of their own government, then I’m sure the Cuban government is more than willing to listen!

It’s especially ironic for a Florida based gusano to talk about evictions lol. I mean, there have probably been more evictions in Florida in the past year alone compared to the past 50 years in Cuba.

Question about evictions in Cuba
Regularly, I'd ignore it, but some Gusano sent me [this](https://iwpr.net/global-voices/havana-evictions-highlight-housing-shortage) and [this](https://diariodecuba.com/cuba/1656608219_40605.html). Is is true that evictions are being carried out in Cuba? In both links, it talks about how the people who were "evicted" were in abandoned buildings, so my bet is that the government doesn't want them in dilapidated buildings. I'd love some clarification on these matters, please.

Does anyone have anything on the supposed notion that the Treaty of Versailles was “unfair” to germans?
It's one of those little things that irks me so much. I remember reading something about how the reparations germany had to pay were not at all excessive (especially when compared to other wars at the time). Someone brought it up, so naturally, I'd like to counter it.

What do you think of the idea of “muh managerialism, not capitalism”?
I think it's a silly obfuscation to divert any blame from capitalism by just proclaiming that the world currently isn't under capitalist hegemony, but I wanted to see what others thought and if anyone knew anything that Marx or anyone wrote about the matter. Someone said to me "Directors are not the same as shareholders. Directors, CEOs and fund managers are, well, managers. Managers are NOT capitalists. They do not invest their own capital in order to make money and gain influence, they just climb the ladder. They don't have the same goals as owners and capitalists. They don't value the same things and they don't play the political game to get the same results. This is why the politics have also changed. They don't value the same institutions and want to do politics in different ways. They don't value political parties, individual rights, etc., they value rules, bureaus that enforce the rules that are non-partisan and continue to operate regardless of who's in power. Managerialism is too deep of a rabbit hole to be contained in a reddit comment thread, I would point you towards James Burnham who described it in great detail and quite accurately predicted what the modern world would look like when he wrote 80 years ago."

Can someone help me compile a list of “neutral sources” in explaining the legacy of French neocolonialism in Africa?
There's a post on "neutralpolitics" asking about "How does France practice neocolonialism in former African colonies? What is known about the effects of this practice?" Ideally, the sources would stick to hard economic analysis (mentioning coups is fine if there is hard documented evidence). I know, it's annoying to have to feign neutrality, but it's sometimes the only way to reach people sometimes. If possible, focused on the CFA Franc Zone.

Another update in the Uvalde saga
Wow, just pathetic...dude is literally looking at a picture of his little punisher flag on his phone. They accuse us of being larpers lmaoooo.

Propaganda time is over, it’s time to go home

I woke up from a nightmare, and I saw this when I opened my laptop. You basically get to wait for like 4 - 5 days for glorified microwave food/ food items that you end up having to cook yourself. Maybe I'm still in the nightmare...

Please assist me in responding to a bit of propaganda (IUD’s in Xinjiang, but Zenz more specifically)
> There's plenty of material that breaks the number of fallacies and lies in his "research" down, but if you prefer a more western source - quoting me Grayzone isn't a western source now? Interesting, because they certainly identify as one. (them) Anyway, this is the same critiques that I've seen before. Including claims that what's happening in Xinjiang isn't technically "genocide" as long as the population is growing (which does not contradict the UN's definition of genocide). It's also openly admitting that the Chinese government started clamping down on Uyghur birth rates while they were loosening birth restrictions on all other ethnicities, which IS textbook genocide. They also admit that the CCP's enforced limitations on Uyghur births are what caused their birth rates to crater in 2017, at a time when the CCP was openly lamenting an impending demographic crisis. The government clearly wants more babies, they just don't want them to be of the wrong ethnicity. Again, genocide (them) > Among Zenz's "major findings" was the claim that "80 percent of all net added IUD placements in China… were performed in Xinjiang, despite the fact that the region only makes up 1.8 percent of the nation's population." > According to the 2019 China Health Statistics Yearbook published by the National Health Commission–the original source of Zenz's claim–the number of new IUD insertion procedures in Xinjiang in 2018 accounted for only 8.7 percent of China's total. So Zenz's "major finding" appeared to be off by a factor of 10, a staggering error that substantially undermined the explosive quality of his argument. Amazingly, this is the same error that I've seen every other tankie parrot. It relies on comparing two different statistics, "new IUD insertions" and "net IUD insertions". Zenz was pretty clear in his paper that "net IUD insertions" are defined as the number of new IUDs inserted, minus the number removed that year. And he saw a huge red flag that unlike every other province, very few of the IUDs in Xinjiang were being removed. (him) https://adrianzenz.medium.com/a-response-to-the-report-compiled-by-lin-fangfei-associate-professor-at-xinjiang-university-bdad4bbb97f9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The point about Grayzone is a silly one, especially considering it wasn't the only source I mentioned. I have work in like 30 minutes, so I don't want to hastily push out some arguement centered around sophistry. I won't have till tomorrow to finalize a response, but I figured I might ask for a bit of help from people more familiar with the work. I think i vaguely remember reading something tangential to the claim of "They also admit that the CCP's enforced limitations on Uyghur births are what caused their birth rates to crater in 2017, at a time when the CCP was openly lamenting an impending demographic crisis. The government clearly wants more babies, they just don't want them to be of the wrong ethnicity. Again, genocide". IIRC, the Uyghur populace were given more wiggle room for more birth rates than other ethnic groups in china when taking their size into account. I know it seems like a waste of time, but we cannot stop explaining. Thank you in advance.

Searching for a certain Lenin quote 🧐
The gist of it was basically mocking people who would say that something is socialist simply because it has socialist in its name. Some person evoked the ol "well the germans called themselves socialists" *argument* and I figured it would be alot more efficient to hit em with the Lenin copypasta 😎.

Anyone have le sources about the landlord militias in the times of Mao Zedong and perhaps prior?
I'm in a conversation with someone, and I'm trying to explain the run down about how violent and reactionary landlords were.

Average Germanic rune enthusiast
Is this truck sus or am I paranoid? [Somewhere], USA

[Rant, the 2 am kind 😢] I find so much of western philosophy to be so dull now
I used to be interested in philosophy back in highschool, but now it's just not doing it for me. Alot of it just seems to be like *I think therefore I am, but if I wasn't I wouldn't be because if I was I would, but if I couldn't, then I wouldn't be able to, and if i*... like bro maybe I'm dumb, but wtf are these dudes on about??? 😭 On another note, some of the worst of it like Nihilism goes so well hand in hand with capitalism.

Life is so absurd :o
We started out as little cell thingies millions of years ago and now we can scroll through digitized sex acts by the millions. The universe literally just existed...out of nowhere...NOWHERE [what a funny looking word]! Oh well, back to my 9 - 5, thanks capitalism 🤑👍🏼!