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Paradox of tolerance: if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventual
Every community should understand this. I think we do a pretty good job here, but there are a number of other communities that don't.

I dislike them too. I don’t want to get a notification that a video will release in a couple hours, I want to get notified when it’s live.

The only benefit is the real time chat lounge. The few times I’ve watched premieres, it was cool to live-chat with other viewers.

I wouldn’t touch it on the account of it’s crypto stuff.

Where would one find a good wired mouse in 2023?
Hello lemmy, I'm looking to replace my mouse and get a new one. Preferably wired, I don't really like the bluetooth mice. Not looking for extra buttons or anything, just a basic Mouse that does the clicks and scrolls.

The mockup below by @0x1C3B00DA@lemmy.ml looks pretty close to how I was envisioning it. It definitely looks off, and that’s why my preferred implementation is that Mastodon (and the other microblog services) add title support. Since they won’t or aren’t, I would rather that non-local content is preserved how it was, without too significant guesswork to fill in each platforms’ fields. Titleless, but preserving the post and not having a poor title is preferable to me than an awkward title that anyone on mastodon doesn’t see and doesn’t know about.

Allowing for people on lemmy to submit titleless posts can be allowed, since the tech would already be in the front-end to display it. Doesn’t have to be allowed, though.

Titles could become optional for short text posts. You could allow up to 500 characters in the body field to be a stand alone post title-less, which automatically adds support for all fedimicroblog services. This would have to be a setting per community to allow title-less posts or not, including a warning that this would break compatibility with mastodon, etc.

Update: see new post for an explanation as to why this was bullshit: https://midwest.social/post/387385

it’s all soap…? You eat food with hands too so i don’t see the issue

What’s the easiest thing for most people to do to improve their digital privacy?
For me, I currently use Firefox on my computer and phone, uBlock Origin and YouTube Vanced. What else is fairly easy to do that I can add on?

From the buyers perspective: each person may value a product differently.

Abundance of image macros instead of links/text posts. It seems like everything is an image, meme, or infographic now.

On Lemmy? To promote good posts, and demote poor posts. That’s the point, anyway.

Lemmy is both a smaller community and a lot more “opt-in” than other sites. Each instance may or may not federate (read: link up) with others, and to find communities you have to explicitly search for them. There is no algorithm nor massive popularity to shove communities in your face, so less people are aware. What Lemmy needs is more adoption by people. Growth is going to be the only way that the community aspect survives.

Twitter is going to die a death of a thousand cuts. Whether its final fate is through legal action, technological collapse, targetted hacking, or simply everyone leaving the platform, it’s clear that Twitter can’t survive the near future

Exactly. It may be “cringe” for us who actually know/care about all this stuff, but for a news agency trying to reach a wide audience, its beneficial to simplify some of the more technical details. They’ll learn too, in time. Before long, people will be all comfortable saying with “instance” they are on. We just need to give it some time.

This page from the eia.gov website shows that consuption of nat. gas in the residential sphere has remained relavitely constant. https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/natural-gas/use-of-natural-gas.php

Of course its fully possible for both an increase in new homes with gas, and for the usage to remain constant.

I like to put YouTube on my phone, but not watch the video. I’ll pick a longer video and set my phone on my end table with the screen off/down. I keep it just quiet enough that I can hear it over my fan and my own rustling noises. Sometimes though I just can’t get to sleep on time and that’s whatever. Note: I don’t take melatonin or any sleeping supplements.

The wasted concrete… four big roads circling a tiny fast food joint. No consideration for trees, plants, mixed development. Just Man’s concrete and Nature’s concrete (grass).

Yeah definitely. It feels like I’m “shouting into the void” instead of actually having a community, with the one I’m moderating. I’ll be stubborn and stay, though. Might as well have a good alternative to the mainstream networks for when people slowly shift over

Recently I’ve been using Lemmy and Mastodon slot during free times. It’s winter here so I don’t like going outside, but when it’s warmer I enjoying hikes and long walks.

this seems to be true from my testing. Any request to follow a user is ignored by lemmy.

Wolfballs (the wolfballs.com website) is an “instance” of lemmy (the software). So that means the software is the same as lemmy.ml. As you may already know, different instances of lemmy “federate” (think: connect) with each other. I’m posting this from midwest.social, for instance.

The main difference is that lemmy.ml (and many of the other main instances) have “de-federated” (think: blocked) wolfballs. This means that you cannot access their content, nor can they access yours.

editor's note

( I had no idea what wolfballs was, but a cursory google search proved it to be a lemmy instance, if wolfballs was something else, please correct me )

I think it could make for an interesting community. Not sure on copyright, but I see others have explained it earlier.

Instagram’s been given a slow death by Facebook. Logging into my old account, all it is is just videos and sponsored posts. Maybe 1 actual picture.

“but nobody can figure out how to make money off of them.”

Good. Let home automation and voice assistants live on only in the free-and-open source world.

I think this is close to the real answer. Russia is a “threat” to world domination by the U.S.('s culture). Russia has important, critical resources and isn’t in the “american sphere of influence”. Russia also can’t be ignored or invaded like many other countries.