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You’ve heard of “China Before Communism”, get ready for “The Southern United States Before The Civil War”, as well as other hits like “South Africa Before The 1980s”, or “France Before The Revolution”, or “The Congo Under Belgian Control”, or “India Before Decolonization”

“We’d lose our privileges”

Motherfucker, the collapse of the USSR literally caused one of the greatest peacetime humanitarian crises. Children were going into prostitution to survive, and oligarchs were selling the country out and robbing it blind.

If anything, people under socialism had more privileges than they did under the contemporary Russian government, and especially than under 90’s Russia.

Exactly, western “environmentalism” is nothing more than them telling everyone else “fuck you, I got mine.”

They had their industrialization and wreaked havoc on the Earth with their consumerism and imperialism, and now they don’t want to face the consequences, so they’re trying to pin it on the rest of the world.

Even within the West, the narrative is always “normal people should live in pods, give up all their luxuries, eat bugs, and have less kids” and never “let’s do something about those billionaires and corporations who are the biggest polluters, emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than entire countries.”

The western imperialist bourgeoisie want reduction in population and living standards so badly? Why don’t they lead by example?

In my baby socialist phase, I still also opposed the DPRK, then some soon-to-be-comrades in SLS showed me some material that made me realize just how much bullshit the West says about this country.

One of the first things I learned was that the DPRK was not some textbook military/personalist dictatorship, but that it was actually a democratic society, and that the power of the Kim family is massively exaggerated, and I also learned about all the atrocities Occupied Korea and the U.S. committed against the Northerners.

When I think about it, it’s sad how we’re programmed to have such a visceral hatred and aversion to a small country that literally just minds its own business all because they dared to survive after the U.S. tried to wipe it off the face of the Earth.

My journey to becoming a socialist began with learning about Thomas Sankara— when I did, I learned that it wasn’t true that socialism “only works in theory” and that it always results in instability and poverty.

Leftists who call Russia or China “imperialist” use such an oversimplified or vague notion of imperialism (usually “muh militarism!” or “they’re not a hermit kingdom and do stuff outside their own borders!”) that would make literally any group of humans bigger than a neighborhood block to exist “imperialist”.


The moderate wing of fascism moment

That’s the Catholic Church for you— a completely reactionary, hypocritical, malignant institution since it became the religion of Rome, causing poverty and destruction and engaging in evil acts with its left hand, and supposedly alleviating them with its right hand.

I’d much rather be this imaginary “right-winger” supporting the USSR and not buying the completely manufactured pro-Ukraine narrative than any of these imperialist “leftists”

Side note, one thing I fucking hate is how these people claim we have a hate boner for the U.S. and that our ideology is entirely that, or sometimes smugly tell us “two things can be bad at once.”

Liberals and fake socialists don’t actually understand the scale of American/Atlanticist imperialism— ever since the fall of Nazi Germany, the U.S. has basically occupied its place as the number one shit-stirrer in the world and as the most “evil” (so to say) entity in the world today.

These people will often claim to acknowledge that the U.S. is bad— reducing hundreds of years of slavery which is still ongoing, possibly history’s greatest genocide, a record of almost continuous warmongering since its founding, and doing things beyond the Axis’ wildest dreams, to “yes, America bad, but…”— but then trivialize how bad it is by saying [insert U.S. geopolitical enemy] is worse because [insert U.S. propaganda about said enemy].

“Whataboutism” is a thought-stopping cliché for liberals so they don’t ever see themselves and their organizations, their countries, and their ideology for what they are, so that they don’t realize that they are not the good guys, and haven’t been so for a long time.

It’s just more self-righteous colonialist thinking. “Our hands may be dirty, but those uncivilized barbarians/savages are worse! They sacrifice humans, so of course that means that we should also commit atrocities against them to stop them from committing atrocities!”

That’s what I think— not a lot of people irl give a shit about this kind of stuff. At most, they may take the predominant narrative at face value or agree with it, but rarely to the extent that online shitlibs do, or maybe they do, but they act differently irl because eye contact is one of the last things that keeps us civilized.

“Imagine thinking the DPRK is socialist. Read theory liberal”

Holy fuck, the lack of self-awareness is almost impressive

I find it weird how white nationalists and other right-wing radicals denounce the U.S. and other imperialist entities in the current era like NATO or the EU for being multicultural, “decadent/degenerate” and whatever else, but then go on to worship empires that had a lot of the things they hate about the current West.

Imagine a fascist in a far future or some alternate universe saying that Oceania or the Galactic Empire or the Imperium of Man have become degenerate and that we should instead emulate the greats of the past like NATO.

“We have as of late seen a resurgence of imperialism from authoritarian (mostly communist) countries like Russia”

Most self-aware western ideologue

Fuck that, I’m not dying over some shit that NATO stirred 8 years ago and that its fascist chihuahuas in Eastern Europe want to escalate.

So much for “muh Russian bots!” or “muh Russian trolls!”. Projection really is one of the Western propagandist’s favorite pastimes.

Ah, but you see, it’s a Russian resolution, so it’s okay to enable Nazism in order to own the untermenschen orcs 😎😎😎


“We have too much on the line”

Do they mean the issues that Democrats have done fuck all to address and only use as a carrot on a stick for votes?

People who still believe in American democracy or electoralism at this point are straight up delusional.

That’s 19,283,737 more victims of communism and Uyghurs genocided by the Cici’s Pizza right there… What an evil ideology 😔😔😔

The U.S. isn’t the Fourth Reich— if anything, it was the original, and later the update.

The difference between the NSDAP and the Founding Fathers is that the former failed in what the latter and their successors accomplished.

“They were not as deadly as they could’ve been”

God fucking damn it, if only those Russians did exactly what we do and just indiscriminately bombed the entire place back to the Bronze Age, that would’ve made for some great propaganda… /s

I think this isolationist or just less hawkish stance that right-wingers are beginning to take is just them realizing that imperialism is coming back to bite them in the ass.

What else other than a “globalist elite” or whatever were you gonna get out of the colonialist aristocrats and capitalists seeking to conquer as much of the world as possible?

What else other than “multiculturalism” or whatever were you gonna get from forcibly bringing other nations/cultures under your influence or authority, or from promoting your land as a city on a hill?

What else were you gonna get besides greed and gluttony from adventuring to other lands merely to plunder riches?

The far-right has seemingly switched from white supremacy, from the will to conquer and rule all with themselves at the top, to white separatism, a will for global apartheid.

Peak western liberal chauvinism; Don’t support the fascists that will commit atrocities where you can see, hear, or read about them, support the fascists that will only do that across the border.

I won’t, because you’re completely right. Social democracy is just imperialism that just gives more loot to the metropole’s lower classes.

Is it really any different from other bourgeois or paternalistic “socialisms”?

Someone didn’t learn about 19th century America and the labor movement, because this is exactly how you create labor radicals.

“Haven of anti-Uyghur racism”

When I saw this, it made me so fucking mad because it’s complete, utterly unfounded bullshit— at the absolute most, we would make satire comments using the term “Yogurts” but only to make fun of liberals who would misspell Uyghur.

Also, GenZedong was literally one of the chillest and most open-minded subs on that absolute shithole of a website.

Scrolling there for 5 seconds would’ve been more than enough to disprove everything that libs and reactionaries said about us.

The Venn Diagram between fascism and liberalism is a circle

No, you see, if China does something good or something good happens in China, it’s because of its market economy and thus capitalism.

If something bad happens in China or if we say China did something bad that we do all the time tenfold, it’s because of evil communist totalitarianism.

So in the end, capitalism still equals good, and communism still equals bad.

Exactly, fascism brought the chickens home to roost, not to mention it tried to imitate, and thus rival the imperialist powers and that’s why it’s vilified.

Western liberals denounce fascism like how the British and Americans in the Colonial Era condemned Spanish colonialism, as if they themselves weren’t or aren’t just as brutal and power-hungry as those they criticize.

Oh god, same. I remember when the sub was still alive and growing at what I thought was a pretty good pace, until the fucking neoliberal Ukraine circlejerk began and they couldn’t have anyone question the narrative around zaddy Zelensky and the “relatively civilized, relatively European” post-Maidan regime.

The Wikipedia page for the Barbara Pit fucking disgusts me— it tries so hard to make you sympathize with the people killed in it and mentions shit about it being turned into a memorial, as if these weren’t genocidal fucks who literally made concentration camps specifically for children.

There is no punishment that fits the crimes of those fuckers

Exactly, way too many people see Nazi Germany as the epitome of evil when other Western powers committed atrocities on the same level as them or worse, over the course of centuries, and not only did they get away with their atrocities, most of them succeeded in their evil.

I saw the news on CNN, and the reporter asks some woman what the queen meant to her personally, to which she doesn’t respond anything, and then he just says “that’s ok” and I thought it was funny as hell.

They don’t actually describe anything she did, they all just said shit along the lines of “she was the only queen I’ve known in my life”. She was literally nothing more than just a symbol of the status quo.

Fascists and the far-right often actually support Palestine over Israel due to nationalistic or anti-Western sympathies, but their hatred of Israel is ultimately mostly driven by anti-semitism.

I’m pretty damn confident in saying the only reason these fascists don’t support Israel like they support other Western settler-colonial regimes such as Rhodesia or apartheid South Africa is because the colonizers are Jews.

If it was named the Kingdom of Jerusalem 2.0 or if it was like a crusader state, you bet they’d be supporting it.

That’s 30 million more innocent victims of communism right there— what an evil ideology.

We fought the wrong enemy during WWII— uhhh, I mean, uhh, at least Hitler cared about Germany /s

Atheism is simply a lack of belief in deities, nothing more, nothing less. I personally think that to say someone is an atheist is like saying that someone is a not-a-football player.

What people mean by “Reddit atheism” or “New Atheism” or whatever other similar term is a particular brand of liberal, individualist atheists who make their bitterness toward religions their entire personality.

They treat religion as the root of all evil— instead of seeing class as the main perpetrator of conflict and driving force in history, they see religion as that, even though religion is but one aspect (one that is ultimately inferior to class and surprisingly to a few others) of human societies and civilizations.

The reason they get shit on so much is that they tend to be smug, sanctimonious, wannabe intellectual debatebros, and I’ve noticed that much of what characterizes the “Reddit atheist” also characterizes internet liberals.

The liberal obsession used to be “Free Hong Kong!” a while back, but today?

Not a word about HK ever since China stopped their color revolution attempt without a fraction of the violence American police used against BLM protestors.

The same thing with Uyghurs— y’all remember when the big narrative was the supposed Uyghur genocide? Not a word on that accusation in a while either.

When their imperialist ventures in Ukraine fail, these people will immediately forget about Ukraine, which will likely lose its “relatively civilized, relatively European” status in the mind of brainwashed neoliberals, and the news will just choose another set of keys to jingle in front of them.

From the looks of it, the next set of keys to be jingled are Taiwan, ever since the whole Nancy-Pelosi-trip-to-Taiwan debacle.

On the bright side, though, at least that I’ve seen, normal people don’t give too much of a shit about stuff like this. I think that with the right amount of education, we could push people the right way, and it’s happening.

We saw the outrage the 2008 financial crisis caused, we saw the outrage that police brutality against black people caused. I think that’s why pseudo-Left politics are on the rise.

“Progressivism”— liberal idpol and shit— is just the contemporary version of the “Anti-Stalinist” or “Non-Communist Left” which the U.S. used during the Cold War to combat actual, principled Marxists and other socialists.