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I saw a lot of that stuff on the Chinese internet. Yes, it’s disturbing, but after 2939944 posts with the same four images over and over again it tends to get tedious. Also I think it was a teacher, not a student.

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

ding ding ding

guys what if the german tanks were actually the good guys
The more I think about it, the more I realize they must've been sabotaging their fascist masters on purpose so the Soviet Union could win.

I have a similar storyline, except eu retreated to America rather than the other way around.

I love the bots on that site. I was once forced to lead a clone army of communist maids.

I’m afraid they’ve beaten us at our own game… how embarrassing… I’m sure we’ll surpass them once the next episode of the spoon wars comes out.

It would be pretty funny if there was some kind of scifi movie which shows north america from space and it’s all dirty and polluted, and it turns to the other hemisphere and everything’s green.

I’m so glad we’ll get to see a real moon base in our lifetime. Thank you Xi and all the hardworking Chinese engineers!

what if me give you stone in head?

my computer is lenovo, 2+ years and still working fine.

even though it looks like it’s the future… it’s really a long, long time ago

more info on Chinese Lunar program?
As someone who loves space exploration, any new info would be appreciated. Thanks!

“NO LIKE DOKTER”---- American patriotic anti-communist song
Dokter bad, covid fake throw dokter into a lake medisin is such a skam healthkaar werkers ar a sham dokter bad, very sus throw dokter under a bus dokter wiif no very hot methinks dokter should be shot wake up sheeple time to rize dokter hed ken be yer prize

That lady near the bottom left looks like mon mothma

Absolute fucking genius. Every other scientist in the century following can only stand on his shoulders.

He also invented quantum physics, not opposed it, btw.

RIP. Glad he got to die seeing a strong China.

saw some of graineater’s cousins at the zoo the other day
I tried to get their attention but they just kept chewing grass.

reminds me of coruscant, but with more trees

Korean war: the wackiest timeline, part 2
This story was originally made by me two years ago as a sort of girls und panzer x forklift driver klaus thing. Needless to say, it was not very well written. Over the years, I got rid of all the gore, expanded on the timeline, and this is what I came up with: Following the American Revolution in 1984, the old American government fled to Europe, where a section of the continent was carved out for the ex-politicians. Joseph McCarthy was so mad he lost that he died, and Hillary Al-Assad took his place as the Supreme-interim all-knowing dictator for life and thereafter. She declared that she stood against "Progressivism, Socialism, and everything that is anti-America." After launching several failed assaults on North America, she resigned and Juan Guaido declared himself temporary Supreme-interim all-knowing dictator for life and thereafter. A year later, while Juan was on a walk, the Capitol lost all power because the USSR refused to sell Europe any more gas. Afterwards a bunch of boring crap happened, like a bunch more (failed) invasions. Eventually the Europeans just sort of gave up, and the counterrevolutionary forces just kind of melted away because every time one of their leaders died, Juan Guaido would just declare himself their leader.

American politicians acting like little kids: the fanfiction

In my defense, that was only one part of it

Korean war: the wackiest timeline
disclaimer: I came up with this timeline a week ago during lunch. I did not do any research and is entirely whimsical. It's very, very weird. in 1956, General McArthur was very dissatisfied with President Truman's unwillingness to nuke China. So he staged a military coup and sent a b-29 loaded with an h-bomb to destroy Beijing. unfortunately, a communist 9-year old poked a hole in the gas tank and the plane crashed in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, President McArthur was not in the white house during the capital's nuclear annihilation. Joseph McCarthy immediately accused McArthur of secretly being a communist and staging the accident, and managed to get himself voted president. Every election year after that, he just said all the people who voted against him were communists and that their votes didn't count. In 1976 he decided to end the Korean War once and for all, so he ordered the construction of a naval battle station loaded with soldiers. He hoped this would allow him to take over Korea. However, the battle station was discovered by a soviet aircraft carrier. A plane from the said carrier then fired a rocket into the station's vent, destroying it. By this point Americans had gotten fed up with McArthur's shenanigans. Under the command of the same 9-year old who had destroyed Washington D.C over 20 years ago, the revolutionaries gathered an army and headed for the new captial...

what is redsails?
I saw a few links to that site and read the articles provided, and also recently read another article on the same site about the origin of mama/papa words, which proved to be very in-depth and thought-provoking. So, what exactly is the site about and for?

lmao have you never heard of 弹幕?

title prompt: soviet starship stalingrad ![]( prompt: impaled capitalist pig ![]( prompt: Soviet liberation of washington d.c I could do this all day! ![](

author recommendation: wang shuzeng
this person is a chinese author (he actually works at the pla I think) who writes about various events in chinese history, which no one here really knows about, to the point where the last post remotely related to the sino japanese war was a year ago. I do not know if an english translation of his works is available, but ifyou can read chinese his content is a must.

can someone tellme more about the sino vietnamese war?
all I know is that vietnam was doing border raids or something and that the pla took over vietnam in like a month then left and withdrew all their technical assistance. more information would be appreciated.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll try my best to ignore them all and do my own thing.

I can’t take it anymore
A bunch of people in my school discord were shaming me for wearing a mask, and when I argued about it they said I was just ugly and wanted to hide it and also that covid was just a cold. The worst part is that one of them was a comrade. I feel like I can't trust anyone I know anymore, just a few close friends.

I heard someone discuss this earlier, it was more because Einstein was a pacifist than anticom I think.

How to talk to fascists
Like little children, it's generally hard to communicate with fascists. However, with careful wording and a proper attitude, you can make it work! Here are some example conversation starters: - Say, that wall looks nice today, don't you think? - I think you'd look a lot nicer if there were some bullet holes in your head. - Have you ever heard of the Foibe massacres? Do you want to experience it interactively? - Is there something behind you? Why don't you take a look? - I'd hate it if your last wishes weren't respected. Can I have your will for a moment?

“Smoking is bad for your health”–Dr. Livesey

surprisingly based for a quote said by a white colonist.(John Smith or smth)

I liked the look of the towers, but then again I enjoy soviet 1950 tank aesthetics.

Haven’t had it yet, hope it stays that way. But I got the vaccine and haven’t been tested, so I might’ve got it once without noticing.

I highly doubt it. There was an offensive where they took a lot of land, but all the soldiers are still in ukraine.

I’m going to create a Lemmy account.
I've stayed in this safe harbor for too long, and it's about time I deal with liberals firsthand. please don't get too sad if I come back to lemmygrad in a box.

how much do you guys know about the brain?
I've seen some pretty weird posts regarding psychology in certain places here, so I'm wondering how much people around here know about the brain.

dude, China is like, actually authoritarian
source: trust me bro Like, don't you know anything about the tuna man massacre of 1984?