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I use Jami personally, it seems to tick all the boxes

Parabola is very based, now i dont use an nvidia gpu i might switch, currently on vanilla arch

Focus on the present day and the country you two live in. Defending people who are dead and countries that are not your own is pointless with someone who is already anti-communist. Focus on pointing out the hypocrasies of your own country and the events and people that are around today. It’s easier to convince someone when it applies directly to them .i.e. look how bad our government is and why, rather than look how good stalin and the USSR is.

This way you can be more productive with your political discussions, and there’s less to disagree on because ultimately their opinion on stalin doesnt matter much, their opinion on the country you live in though and the system there is much more important, and you say they’re already anti-capitalist which is most important