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Forget food for a moment, my damn garbage bill went up 25% for this year.

Feels like utilities almost tripled over the past 1.5 years. 20% for food also seems way too low. I track my shopping cost fairly well and on average I’m paying like 50% more than before the war.

“I think the 3% offer is sign of respect to the public sector workers.”

It’s effectively a paycut of at least 5% lol. But I guess succdems being succdems.

most large unions striking and asking for a 10% raise to cover inflation (haha as if)

This is based as though. At least verdi is becoming much more combative compared to most unions docile stance last year. And even 10% is effectively just to balance out inflation, not a real raise.

God damn that G7 trajectory is wild. How did they fuck up their win in the Cold War that much?

Just listening to some good ol’ Creedence and it’s wild anti-war songs at those times of contradictions were ever allowed to get that big. Even wilder is capitalism’s ability to rob things like protest art of all their meaning via commodification and even twist their original meaning into their exact antithesis. Fortunate Son is a literal war song now lol

Still, says something about even liberal democracy and society that we haven’t even gotten that over the past 2 decades

Luckily the West, Europe in particular, has an unending supply of refugees that could, will and are used to undercut the domestic labour market to offset losses from insourcing.

Ok honestly the Yanks have totally lost the plot. Like wtf are they even trying to do at this point?

It is, but I think it’s highly unlikely to find people keen for war in any conflict past a certain early euphoria. As propagandized as the Ukrainian people have been these past months and years, I still doubt your average Ukrainian is keen to die a miserable, horrible death in some trench somewhere in Donbass if they can avoid it - no more than the average Russian is.

Them being pulled of the streets could be an indicator of waning morale, but imo it’s plausible that it’s mostly for logistical reasons. It’s just easier to grab someone from the gym, than for some central authority to reach them via their postal address.

Only 30% of German army’s Leopard tanks ready for combat
[Original interview](https://m.bild.de/politik/inland/politik/bundeswehrverband-chef-stellt-deutschland-auf-mega-konflikt-ein-kriegsjahrzehnt-83024962.bildMobile.html)

RWA had some interesting perspective on this recently that goes a bit against the narrative of “Ukraine is pulling people off the streets, because there’s nobody left”. Essentially what they said was that Ukraine is such a poorly centralized and governed state with a weak bureaucracy nobody knows how many people live in the country and where, the war and refugee situation only exaggerated this. Estimates of Ukrainian population before the war ranged between 30 and 40 mio, because afaik they haven’t been able to administer a census this century.

So the problem according to that isn’t so much that there’s nobody left physically, but that they’re struggling heavily to reach the people that are or should be there, if they even know these people exist. Hence the pulling people off the streets - they just can’t reach them any other way.

Who’s making these maps? They seem to be based on geolocations, but they also always seem to be way ahead of other Russian and Western maps.

in this case, the most critical possible) and that one would extend the grace that suc

But that’s not happening in this case, is it? It’s just unironically and uncritically spreading Russian nationalist propaganda. Even in the most generous reading of this, how exactly is it a communists job ever in any way to post shit like this?

without investigating

What’s there to investigate? Self styled communists and edgelords licking RAF boots, because that’s somehow critical support?

And that’s ignoring all the other reactionary shit on that nazbol pipeline

Yeah definitely nothing more based to a communist than unironically licking the boots of a capitalist countrys army. Mega based and principled and 100% the way to raise class consciousness and agitate for peace among the Western working class.

This was posted with clear motive of trolling leftoids

lmao I swear bro it’s just trolling bro just heckin irony looool triggered much leftoid

Literally the same type of nonsense Vaushites push.

What you posted is based though

It’s terminally online cringe garbage. How any self respecting communist can repost stuff like this or take it seriously in any way at all is beyond me.

There’s a clear difference between analyzing the reasons for this war, the benefits a Russian victory might have and the terror a Russian defeat would bring and whatever abomination this bs is and the reddit brain needed to celebrate this or “z post”.

Not been usind reddit much for the past month, but the shit I see on that sub recently is wild

with F-35s and whatnot constantly circling it

lmao the picture of these billion dollar planes circling this balloon while an entire nation of 350mio is coping and seething below is just too hysterical. It’s such a beautiful, absurd allegory for the US as a state

I mean…fair point lol. At least people are calling it a weather balloon now if you can believe it

It’s only Feb, but this already has to be the dumbest story of the year

Do you have some of them at hand per chance? I was pretty busy this week and this one is the first I’ve read so far.

Certainly seems that way though. With the mega panicky giant aid packages, every red line crossed within days and the developments on the ground it seems like the UAF might not have that much more left. I still don’t believe in some spectacular Russian offensive to smash it all, but they’re obviously preparing and shaping the line on every important front and are creating opportunities of multiple encirlcements. Marinka, Ugledar, Seversk, Bakhmut and even Avdeevka and Niu York all look precarious.

Would be the turnaround of the century though after 2022, if they really start preparing the public for a collapse like this.

Surprising article tbh

But here’s the truly bitter truth: In broad brush strokes at least, the most-likely post-war settlement is pretty much the same as the settlement that was on offer before the bloodletting began in earnest on Feb. 24. While Putin was the one who pulled the trigger that fateful day, and thus bears full moral responsibility for all that has happened since, there are many others who could have made different choices in the run-up to the war. Different choices could have resulted in a pre-war settlement that would have been almost indistinguishable from the most likely post-war settlement, minus only the untold death and destruction visited on Ukraine these past weeks and months. In that sense, and only in that limited sense, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Not that wrong

Sure, but here the superstructure is actively destroying its base. Unless we count eg the supposed German superstructural elements in government more as shaped by and maintaining the US base, not their domestic bourgeoisie. Given that eg Baerbock is a German Marshall Fund and Young Global Leaders creature, that wouldn’t be too far off the mark I guess.

Funny in a cynical way, I just don’t get why European capitalists and arms manufacturers go along with this. They’re both getting fucked by high production costs and actively pushed out of the market, because all the Europeans are giving away their European arms and restocking with US supplys. Makes no sense to Rheinmetall and the rest as far as I can see

Rheinmetall is also pushing to build HIMARS under license in Germany, so they’re turning the European MIC into a subsidiary in a way. Double profits for US producers.

Idk I find that argument a bit strange. Is Ukraine better off without tanks than with them? Not having any tanks on the front would ease Russian logistics in a massive way too, but nobody would say tanks are a detriment to Russia because of this.

Sure, Ukraine’s AF are a messy ass hodgepodge and a logistical nightmare. But a logistical nightmare with armor is still better than one without armor I’d say. These weapons will just be less effective because of the logistics not ineffective. They’ll still kill Russians and prolong the war and that’s their purpose after all.

spew dumb shit

heaps of people call you out on this dumb shit


Why capitalism like this isn’t working anymore - and how it can be renewed/reinvigorated

Subtitle really says it all already

'Cus they’re hella cute and funny based comrades obviously.

But honestly I think it’s mostly just because they’re so damn common and a lot harder to get than other pets. Like I’ve grown up with cats and I understand their mannerisms fairly well, but then sometimes they just leave you like “??? what the hell is going on in that little brain” which makes people interpret and anthropomorphise their behaviour in funny ways.

Also imo there’s plenty of other cute animals like dogs, cows, otters, even snakes, etc on r/awww and others" just most people don’t have a snake or find them that cute/appealing.

Ultras in absolute shambles.

Interesting read, comrade. The need for theory to adapt especially in these times of severely hightened contradictions has become more than obvious and it’s great to see something come out of it

When I was learning how to program, I did so as a means to an end, not for the sake of learning. I’ve found that learning for the sake of learning never works, I have to learn in order to do something specific that I am interested in.

Had the same experience. Back in highschool I wanted to make a website, so I needed HTML. Then that website expanded, so I eventually got into PHP, dabbled a bit in SQL and JS too. It was all self taught and probably horrible style- and security-wise, but it was effective as heck.

I’ve seen had uni classes, done tutorials and whatever in Python, C, C++ and some more, but never got any further than the tasks/exercises from those classes, because I never had a real need for any programs myself. Thing is, I kinda need to learn this stuff for my career. Any tips how to get out of this when you don’t have any concrete problems or projects to use as a driver for learning?

It was a joke lol

People have implied Uyghurs having mandatory Mandarin classes is evidence of cultural genocide, even though it’s a benign policy used everywhere all the time

For example, if you chose to permanently immigrate here you’d have to take an “integration course,” which condescendingly teaches you western values and the supposed principles of liberal democracy.

It’s so funny seeing libs screeching about muh detention centers and reeducation/brainwashing, but then hold up Germany as a beacon of freedom, democracy and tolerance. People have to take “integration-courses” here, where they’re taught about le western values and how not to be a raping savage. Learning the language is mandatory too (cultural genocide much). Not saying language courses, familiarity with local law and customs isn’t useful or even necessary. Just if this happened in China or other ‘badcountry’ it would be the grossest human rights violation to them.

pull out Lenin’s Imperialism for a re-read

3 sentences in he’s already dunking on Kautsky

Idk why this is so funny, but it had me wheezing

The gardeners have to go to the jungle.

I can just see this line over a picture of one-handed Congolese slaves on a Belgian colonial estate. Fucking vile

The old, ill and compromised, those most in need of help from society were literally killed of by the hundreds of thousands over the last 2 years. This winter is just going to be round 3. Everyone that can’t produce profits for capital is superfluous at best. The rest has to struggle to make the bare minimum and once they’ve been squeezed dry, capitalism will spit them out to be sacrificed on the altar of neoliberalism too.

Jesus Christ that top comment alone. This whole Ukraine business has changed people. Before I could watch mainstream news and read threads like that and some of it would irritate me, most of it I’d disagree with, but it was still tolerable. It was chauvinistic, often racist and ignorant, but often relatively bening. Since 24th Feb it’s pure, unhinged racism, imperialism and stuff like this is bordering on ethno-nationalism.

Mainstream left and right seem to agree now that our free, social and prosperous European way of life is to be cherished.

Literal third way fascist rhetoric. Mainstream libs are getting scary man

Don’t mind the units of Belarusian neonazis fighting in Ukraine currenty. Definitely trust this genuine Western backed exile leader 👀

Great point and definitely needs to be pointed out much more. People are still so confused how the US couldn’t ‘win’ in Afghanistan in 20 years, despite the trillions spent. It isn’t despite the trillions, it fought because of those trillions spent. In that sense it did ‘win’. Additionally Keeping the domestic population shocked and distracted in a permanent state of war makes neoliberal reforms there easier too.

But what does it mean to ‘win’ a modern war?

Weirdly imo in Ukraine US’ goals are much more clear than in previous wars and also clearer than Russia’s. For the US I can make out a win condition, for Russia I really can’t.

You’re 100% correct. The military isn’t free from neoliberal attacks and privatization efforts any more than other government institutions. Rumsfeld in a speech on 10th September 2001 explicitly announced this push to privatize it, to attack its “bureaucracy with its 5 year central plans”, etc. This new doctrine directly led to the most famous of the privateers profiting from this - Halliburton and Blackwater. Combined with a private MIC this creates the same bloat we see everywhere today.

Despite this the military still remains one of the core functions of the modern US state that isn’t quite privatized (as opposed to eg healthcare), meaning whoever supplies that military necessarily controls the largest remaining function of the state. Thus the MIC has an inbuilt control over the state as it ensures one of its core functions. And the state has a vested interest in keeping that MIC going.

The “defence industry” having this control and contractors with their mono-/oligopol position do what they always do - rack up prizes. Combined with high production costs in Western countries you get absurd costs.

Examples are the mentioned F35 project, but even HIMARS, the M777, US drones. Compare the prices of these to those of comparable capabilities produced elsewhere. Iranian drones or even Bayraktars cost a fraction. Russian artillery also likely costs a fraction of the extremely overteched US stuff. Germany eg has similar problems. Its defence budget is one of the largest in the world, it has one of the largest arms industries and yet the Bundeswehr is barely able to function at all. Not exaggerating either. They have almost no functional tanks, helicopters or aircraft. The government has had multiple debacles procuring arms contracts. From the G36, its successor, transport planes, the Eurohawk, modernization of the navy’s officer training ship, etc. All of them financial disasters.

Same with the current conflict. That’s why all of NATO combined can’t even supply a proxy properly for a year, they’re just too depleted.

That said, for the US specifically it doesn’t mean it’s a papertiger. Its budget is so high because it is used that much. As @Drstrange2love said, sending a soldier abroad for even a day is incredibly expensive and the US has hundreds of bases, constantly deployed aircraft carriers groups, etc. Just compare the size of the US airforce and its navy, especially its carrier fleet, to that of any country in the world. The difference is staggering and that is real stuff. I still doubt it could sustain a prolonged conventional war for long.

What can we expect from the new Italian gov?
I've heard people say Meloni's a Pro-EU, Pro-NATO hawk, some rightwingers are convinced she'll push through Italexit and start rapprochement with Russia and whatever else they dream about. What's actually a reasonable expectation for this government's behaviour, especially in regards to foreign policy?

Thanks comrade Obvious, we know about the Nazi battalions and the rascism of the Ukrainian state. What more's there to discuss? Well, we're scientific socialists and thus our understanding of fascism and our analysis of the state of capitalism in any one moment should be based on materialism. We can't reduce our use of the word "fascism" to that of liberals using it as a generic swear-word hauled at people they don't agree with, even reactionaries. It isn't simply "when rascism", it isn't simply "when nationalism" and it also isn't "when authoritarianism". If we decide to use this word it should be based on a clear assessment of the material conditions and whether they fit the criteria of fascism. Fascism, to keep this short, is a state of capitalism in crisis advanced by the forces of finance capital which is characterized by a total destruction of organized labour brought about by a merging of private and public property. On the ideological side it is naturally and necessarily accompanied by and gives rise to violent anti-communism, racism, sexism and ultra-nationalism. Enter Ukraine. It is ostensibly a capitalist state in deep crisis. Its pretense of seperation between private and public interest, already a sham before the war, has been destroyed in its entirety. Zelensky is a billionaire's puppet, one by the broader bourgeoisie and at this point a comprador for US finance capital. All forms of organized labour have been destroyed and outlawed. Collective bargaining is abolished. Any form of proletarian participation in its fake democracy has been ruled out. The press is gleichgeschaltet. It has opened its gates for the plunder by international finance capital, because the interest of the state and that of finance capital in Ukraine have become synonymous. Symbolically Zelensky himself opened the NY stock exchange a couple weeks ago, inviting the robber barons on wall street to "invest" in the limitless opportunities of exploitation of the wealth of his country with the guarantee of a docile and defenceless working class. [He also wrote an ad-ed in the Wall Street Journal](https://www.wsj.com/articles/invest-in-the-future-of-ukraine-volodymyr-zelensky-stem-graduates-business-technology-sector-billions-partnerships-11662404585), emphasizing this invitation. That's what fascism means. Fascism isn't some metaphysical quality seperate from all this, it is per definition this state of capitalism. The ideological components should be obvious by now. Zelensky is a fascist, but more importantly Ukraine is a fascist state. Crucially this is an assessment we can now confidently make independent from Russia's narrative, however justified that may be. It is also undoubtedly a victim of US imperialism. Ukraine is also clear evidence that imperialism with its manufacturing of crisis and its exploitation of them via shock therapy measures neccessarily demands and brings about those forces and those conditions we call fascism. This is important, because it increasingly looks like the natural next target of US imperialism, the next crisis it needs to exploit is currently arising and being manufactured in all of Europe. This means the conditions for European fascism are developing as we speak. Being cold is the acute threat we're facing within the next months. But we're at risk of being so literally frozen in shock we'll be missing the neoliberal therapy that's coming for us. Finance capital will not leave this crisis unexploited. This will lead to conditions ever closer to fascism if we don't fight back. I highly recommend [Ben Norton's interview with Michael Hudson](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEZBOaPKWjw) on the topic and [Multipolarista's reporting on it in general](https://multipolarista.com/2022/09/09/zelensky-selling-ukraine-wall-street/).

Good geopolitical context for the current flare-up in relation to Russia and US interests. Shocking how blatant it all is really. Also everyone has to read the 2019 RAND report which he constantly quotes. It's essential reading at this point to understand US behaviour in regards to Russia and its frontiers since 2020.

What’s going on in Baghdad/Iraq?
There's fighting going on in the city that started after Shia militas stormed the Green Zone and the presidential palace. Combat footage is all over twitter right now, talks of civil war is coming up, neighbors are closing their borders, but honestly I don't really get what's going on. Pro-Iran vs Anti-Iran militias and interests are playing a role from what I've gathered, but that's about it. Anyone more familiar with Iraq and today's events?

[Source](https://twitter.com/JavierBlas/status/1562725207118594048) Bro I don't even know how I'll be able to use my PC let alone heat my house this winter lol

From a Trot-paper, still a decent summary of the speech and some explanations and context for non-Germans I reckon. If anyone's interested I can put up her speech in full as well. # **Baerbock's New York war speech** The foreign-policy keynote address, which German foreign minister and Green-politician Annalena Baerbock held in the New School in New York on 2. August, demands a reply. Some lies are so outrageous they can develop a devastating momentum if they stay unchallenged. Embedded in phrases about freedom, democracy and human rights and reminiscences about Hannah Arendt, who as a Jew fled Germany from the Nazis and taught from 1967-1975 at New School, Baerbock created the vision of a world dominated by the USA and Germany. She not only declared to fight Russia but China as well and justified this imperialistic great-power fantasy with breathtaking falsifications, omissions and distortions. In 1989 US-president George Bush had made Germany the famous offer of a "joint partnership in leadership", claimed Baerbock. But then Germany had been to busy with reunification to accept the offer. Today this has changed: "Now is the moment that we have to create it: a joint partnership in leadership." Such a partnership in leadership would be "no romantic project to bring back good old transatlantic times", Baerbock continued. By good old romantic times she meant the Cold War, over the course of which the world teethered on the edge of nuclear annihilation multiple times. Back then the Greens had still protested against nuclear weapons. But meanwhile Baerbock has - like Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubricks famous movie - learned to love the Bomb and thinks about using it herself. In a particularily bizarre part of her speech she describes children asking at breakfast: "Mum, what are nuclear weapons?", to then assure: "I really do like NATO" These children's grandparents had taken to the streets in the 80s to protest against rearmament. "Now these grandparents, mothers, fathers and their childrens discuss rearmament at breakfast." Baerbock here is obviously talking about herself and about the well-off clientele of the Greens, not about the large majority of the population that doesn't have the slightest inclination to be turned to ashes for German great-power fantasies. Over the entire course of her speech Baerbock repeatedly makes the point that the desired "partnership in leadership" has to be understood militarily. "In Germany we have given up on the long cherished German conviction of 'change by trade'", she said. It seems change by military force has taken its place. Russia's war against Ukraine has prompted the German government to "question some long cherished sercurity-policy positions: Germany has set up a special budget of €100bn with which we want to strengthen our Bundeswehr. We have revised principles of arms exports that were established for decades so that Germany now counts to Ukraines strongest military and financial supporters. And we have increased our contribution to NATO." But this is only the beginning: "It's our goal to strengthen the European pillar of NATO further...and for the long term." The EU has to be aligned strategically - "as a union which is capable to act eye to eye with the United States: in a partnership in leadership". And one that has to "become a stronger security-political actor", integrate its arms industries further and be "capable of carrying out military missions to stabilize regions in its neighborhood". **Brazen lies** After its barbaric crimes in two world wars German militarism had to measure itself. Now Baerbock is chaining one brazen lie after the other to justify its resurgence. This starts with the claim 24. February - the day of the Russian attack on Ukraine - has "changed our world": "President Putin wants a world in which might makes right rules, not the might of rights, in which great powers can consume smaller states at will." "I'm 40 years old, have been born in West-Germany and have luckily never experienced war or dictatorship", Baerbock continues. But now president Putin is supposedly assaulting "the European peace order, the international order not theoretically - his atttack is brutal reality". Baerbock may be relatively young (in truth she's 41). Yet the claim she has "never experienced war or dictatorship", is plainly absurd. Since her 10th birthday the USA, with which she's striving for a "partnership in leadership", is parctically continuously at war. Not only is it following "might makes right" in that and ignoring all the rules of international law, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya and Syria it has destroyed entire societies, killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. By now it's openly preparing for war against its economic rival China. Baerbock was 18 when then Green foreign minister Joschka Fischer gave green light for the involvement of the Bundeswehr in the illegal NATO-war against Yugoslavia. And she was 33, MoP and member of the leadership of the Greens, when they played an active role in the right-wing coup in Kiew, which laid the foundation for todays war. Elected president Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown with the aid of fascistic militias and replaced by a pro-Western puppet. Already then the German government announced it wanted to become a political and military great-power again. Just before the coup in Kiew three high-ranking officials of the state and government - president Joachim Gauck, foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) - had declared this in almost identical speeches at the Munich security conference. Baerbock's claim the massive rearmament of the Bundeswehr is a reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine is thus an obvious lie. Rather the war has been a welcome pretext to realize the rearmament plans, which the population strongly disaproves, at break-neck speed. Since the coup in 2014 NATO has armed Ukraine systematically, promised NATO-membership and sabotaged all efforts for a peaceful solution. Russian president Putin reacted as expected of a right-wing nationalist and a representative of the Russian oligarchy and as hoped by NATO: He struck militarily. Ever since NATO has exploited this reactionary attack ruthelessly. It's waging a proxy war against Russia on the back of the Ukrainian population and is doing everything to continue it to the defeat of the Russian army - even if it costs a massive amount of human lives. Its goal: Neutralize Russia as geopolitical rival, unhindered access to its enormous resources and splitting up of its enormous territory. Domestically, in the USA as in Europe, the war against Russia and the offensive against China are destractions from increasing social tensions. Against this background Baerbock's invocation of "transatlantic community of values" and "irrevocable transatlantic partnership" - she uses the word "transatlantic" no less than 30 times over the course of her speech - can only cause nausea. It's a partnership of bandits. Baerbock wants the "transatlantic partnership in leadership" explicitly to extend to the conflict with China. "It can not be in our interest that China creates excessive economic dependencies", she declares and announces a new "China strategy" in her ministry "which is to be released next year and which comprehensively takes into account the strategic considerations here in the United States". Baerbock meanders about the daily fight for "peace, freedom and security" and the "irrevocable human dignity", while she's really preparing another explosion of German militarism. Yet she's markedly selective when it comes to human dignity and human rights. Violations - real and alledged - are always invoked when they harm a geopolitical rival, as in the case of the Uyghurs in China. They are ignored and minimized when they're committed by allies. Baerbock just three weeks ago greeted Egyptian dictator and butcher of Kairo, Abdelfattah al-Sisi, in Germany as ally in the fight against climate change. Al-Sisi's police has killed thousands of protesters, tortured tens of thousands in its dungeons and executes hundreds every year. **Leading party of German militarism** The Greens have become the leading party of German militarism. For it they're even sacrificing their political core topic, environment politics. To continue the war in Ukraine they're now for longer runtimes for nuclear- and coal-powerplants, for the suspension of renaturation of agricultural land and for the abolition of other environmental protection measures they've been fighting for for decades. Spiegel-reporter Dirk Kurbjuweit recently attested the Greens they've replaced the conservative CDU "as German state-party". "They are for arms deliveries, despite having pacifistic roots, they are temporarily for coal, despite it harming the climate, they are open for a debate about nuclear power, despite emerging from the anti-nuclear-power movement." They're supposedly doing all of this not to increase their chances of winning elections, but "so that Germany and Europe manage the crisis better. Thus the Greens, former protest-party, have become the German state-party, a title which so far has been claimed by the CDU." 1/2

Russian MOD to hold first “International Anti-Fascist Congress” inviting 74 countries
Don't know what to say to this honestly. Modern Russia with its history in the USSR, the devastation of the 90s and its current place in the world is just such a uniquely interesting and weird player.

China's tech independence advancing despite heavy sanctions. Should be great news for Russia too, because tech sanctions have been a big blow. Curious timing of this news though with the CHIPS bill up for voting.

And, don't be fooled at all, people will take this. But hey, at least we're cutting off Russian coal in August and oil in December

Resources on IMF debt trapping
Sup comrades, Does anyone have a comprehensive writeup about IMF debt trapping over the past decades? It comes up every single time I talk to libs about 'Chinese debt trapping' when they equate it to IMF activity. There are 2 great examples in Sri Lanka and Pakistan right at this moment and famous ones like Argentina in the past, but I'd still like to have a few more ready at hand to debunk this false equivalency and show people just how damn often this has happened over the decades and how it is nothing like Chinese development programs. Much appreciated, cheers

My god listening to libs talking about history is fckn infuriating. It's a shame too, because Wrath of the Khans is so so much better than this. "Was Genghis Khan evil or was he a progressive" Just end me.

Literally posted a 2 parter on tinyman square days before it too lol

Thoughts? Don't agree with his assessment at all pretty much, but still interested what yous think about that stance, because really I've not seen much theory based discussion on the topic since the early days of the conflict.

Good WW2 podcast?
Are there any decent WW2 podcasts out there? Was keen to refresh my memory of the Stalingrad campaign, started a random WW2 podcast and like half an hour in (out of 1:45h runtime) the guy has spent about 20mins solid just harping on about evil, paranoid, incompetent dictator Stalin while mentioning SS atrocities once in passing. Briefly started another one and that started similarly, going on and on about Stalin and Hitler just having some personal beef there. Are there even any good ones out there focusing on actual material military aspects not just anti-communist Great-Man drivel?

Just took them years of pseudoscience, fascist and conspiracy pandering and him telling people concerned about abortion to shut the fuck up and work. Still funny watching them scratch their heads at "what happened to him".

Apartheid forces attacking Shireen Abu Aklehs coffin bearers
[Tear gassing them, making them drop the coffin](https://mobile.twitter.com/khadljasays/status/1525068306251644930) And we all knew how MSM would report it [CBS: Shireen Abu Akleh funeral sees *clashes* between Israeli forces and Palestinian mourners](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/shireen-abu-akleh-al-jazeera-journalist-funeral-jerusalem-clashes-israel/) [BBC: Violence breaks out at funeral of reporter Shireen Abu Aqla in East Jerusalem. Her coffin was jostled as Israeli police and Palestinians clashed as it left hospital](https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1525107671430471684)

Generally overlooked by most analysts and commenters or simply taken for granted, despite being a crucial part and doing much of the heavy lifting in almost all theaters and major battles of this war. Praise to the militias - these guys are everything the West wants the UAF to be.

Revisionism marching on City's governed by a red-red-green coalition (SPD-Left-Greens) too

What’s up with Afghanistan?
So with all the Ukraine fuss the last 2 months I couldn't really keep up with events there the last couple of weeks. Suddenly there's Iranian tanks moving towards the border to engage the Taliban and Pakistan has shelled Afghan territory on their shared border. What's up with this? What drove those escalations with their neighbors?

New German PolSci race-science just dropped
Transcript/translation: >Her: I believe we mustn't forget that, even though Russians look European, they are not Europeans, that in a cultural sense they have a different relationship to violence, a different relationship to death... > >Interviewer: That they're more capable/tolerant of enduring suffering or what do you mean? > >Her: Well...there they don't have this liberal, postmodern approach to life, life as a project that everyone shapes for themselves individually, but that life can just end rather quickly with death. I mean eg Russia has a relatively low life-expectancy, I believe 70 for men. That's just...then one just deals differently with people dying there [Ukraine], right? This was on Lanz, Germanys biggest political talk-show on German state television. This woman, [Florence Gaub](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Gaub), is a political scientist and Deputy Director at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) in Paris. This is the institutional racism guiding current European politics. Literally just the old dehumanizing, orientalist, racist "Russians are just barely human violent hordes that don't care about their own lives" bs used to justify WW2 and to legitimize the suffering and mass deaths of Russians in the 90s.

>**Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War to the government and the people of Germany** > >Today, because the German government has decided to deliver deadly weapons to Ukraine, the world has changed - the outlines of a new world war are more than clearly visible. And again it's Germany! But there are honest people in Germany, antifascists, and we hope that this message reaches you. People, who were born between 1927 and 1945, have the status of "war children" in Russia. This letter can be signed by all those, who survived this war. > >**The tragedy in Ukraine** > >We, the last veterans and all of the peoples of Russia, who survived this great and terrible war, are now on the brink of death. Our time is running out. The largest part of our lives we hoped it would end in peace - without the all-destroying hatred. After the Second World War we painstakingly overcame, over the course of long decades, our righteous wrath. We were longing for vengeance for the countless physical and mental wounds, that we're still carrying in our bodies and our hearts. But most of us have forgiven! > >In the end this happened not least for the reason, that for many years Germany demonstrated its regret, its understanding of what happened. And we didn't just overcome ourselves, but too the voice of the blood of our barbarically exterminated relatives. Exterminated by whom? By the Germans, by the fascists! We have forgiven - corresponding to the laws of human coexistence. Such it was - till 2014. > >**Streams of blood** > >Then, in 2014, when everything started in Ukraine, we looked to Germany with hope and to then chancellor Angela Merkel. We could not have imagined that the Germans, after everything they've done in Ukraine - after Babi Jar, after the mountains of mutilated corpses -, would still longingly look to the Ukrainian fields, that can still feed Europe today. Or that they, the Germans, who once drenched Crimea, which was promised to them, in blood, still have an interest in turning Crimea into an American and general NATO-base - ideal for attacks on Russia. This would've openly aimed for a future war. Because only fools don't understand reason and purpose of the coup in Ukraine, to which Russia reacted in the only possible way! > >But the Germans, they aren't fools. We Russians know them first hand. Their psychology as "blood brothers" - our blood, that they "calculatingly" shed in streams. We remember their "systematic" methods of "population reduction". Our population! To this day we're discovering hidden mass graves of our peaceful citizens in different corners of our once united fatherland where the boot of German fascism fell: In the region Nowgorod, in Kuban, in the region Rostow, in Karelia. In 2021 on the grounds of the Jewish ghetto in Brest in Belarus the remains of hundreds of peaceful citizens were found. The concentration camp Trostenez near Minsk - place of a terrible tragedy - has uncovered the mystery of tens of thousands more tortured and murdered people. We're speaking of tens of thousands newly discovered victims of Nazism! This blood is still screaming for vengence, while for decades now the memory of barbarically murdered Russian people and the monuments for Russian soldiers, liberators, have been desecrated with impunity. New Nazis are marching in the Baltics and in Ukraine infront of the eyes of the whole "civilized" world. > >**And Germany, again** > >But in 2014 we really were convinced that the Germans, in the face of these new Nazi-marches, would be our allies in preventing these atrocities. We were hoping that the Germans would - guided by an elementary consciousness - not take part in the openly fascistic coup in Ukraine. Because the following catastrophy in todays Ukraine was caused by the direct decendents of those that were a special rabble in the German army. Openly, unapologetic! The US-Americans and Canadians just concealed and conserved this devilish legacy, raised its decendents, but the breeding ground of this evil is - Germany! Hitler-Germany! We couldn't dare believe, that it was Germany which would show these monsters the way again. But we were wrong! Germany has again allowed this fasistic scum to enter the world. > >The support of todays Germany - in the face of the new government of Ukraine - for the Bandera-people, for the heirs of the SS division "Galicia", for UPA- and OUN-thugs and all the other atrocities were just unthinkable for us. > >That's beyond anything human! But you, Germany, have done it and continue to do it! You're again aiming for the slavic world and this scum - it's blood of the blood of German Nazism! And again against Russia! Just more inisidous: Our closest brothers, the Ukrainians, are stired up against us. And you know it! You know it as much as we know it! You have murdered a people in this Great War! Yes, we are a people! Your Steinmeier [President and former foreign minister of Germany (SPD)] often writes and says the truth, he who was simultaneously involved in the Kiev-Putsch of 2014 - an essentially fascistic putsch. For the Americans this might not be obvious, but for you it's more than obvious! > >And it's your pupils that were able to march with torches through Kiev. The living shadow of Nazi-Germany is standing behind all of this. This was just temporarily covered up by a sly diplomacy - "helmets instead of rifles". But this is it, the "masks have slipped". That you're currently delivering German weapons to Ukraine is logical, it follows the logic of your policy of the past decades. Today she's openly pro-fascistic again. You've made this step: German weapons will kill Russians again. The killing continues. > >**Preparing for world war** > >In the years of the conflict in Donbass your professional murderers have already killed Russians, at least taught "how to kill them properly". Now it's even more despicable - you're teaching it to blood brothers. The Donbass is on your conscience! Thousands of lives of its peaceful citizens - that is your work again. We're not concerned about the role the Americans are playing in all of this: There, money is god! > >Our veterans of this war, its children, are concerned about the role of the Germans. Because they are the ones who know exactly who makes up the Ukrainian "Nazi-battalions" and who could've prevented and stopped this new fascism. But that's not what you did! Because of this alone you're again responsible before history. You're unequivocally part of the preparation of Ukraine for war against Russia. You can't get around understanding the purpose of everything that happened: from the unconsitutional coup in Kiev to the bloodshed in Donbass. > >Essentially it's about preparation for a third world war. And again about you, the Germans...Germany. From the high German stage in Berlin we're hearing today: "Russia will pay a high price!!!" A speech of the chancellor of Germany! Unthinkable! We have paid the price already: 27 million of our lives. Is that not enough for you? About what price are you still talking? There's no house(hold) in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in which "this price" wasn't paid. And there's no house(hold) in Germany that didn't take part in this terrible, bloody barbarity! Horrible! Beastly! > >Today more than 13.000 Russians have already died at the hands of the new Nazis. The public mockery of the genocide of the Russians in Donbass by the German chancellor himself is itself a crime. To such an extent can the lessons of history be neglected and defiled! The most terrible history of the world! Do you want something even worse? This new "Drive to the east" can make it so no second Nuremberg-trials will be held against you, because there just won't be a humanity. You will not be there! > >But a special court, a universal court for you, Germans, is inevitable. For all aggressors, but for you especially. The world will have justice! And we, the last veterans of this terrible war, are leaving this world as witnesses. As witnesses of the prosecution! And today victory will be ours, but those, who died yesterday, or those of us, who're dying today, are bearing witness to the role of the German people in the history of humankind - the bloody history. German weapons are again in the hands of young Nazis! > >Stop! [Source](https://www.jungewelt.de/artikel/423619.gro%C3%9Fer-vaterl%C3%A4ndischer-krieg-wir-haben-mit-27-millionen-menschenleben-bezahlt.html) Letter is from the 27th of February. It was published by the »Spiritual center St. Johannes of Kronstadt« based in Moscow, following the German chancellors declaration of historic German rearmament and deliveries of German weapons to Ukraine on the same day. On the 6th of March the Russian Veterans Union posted a link to the article on its website stating they're signing "every word" of the letter.

So days after Victoria Nuland visits Sri Lanka, a possible colour revolution attempt launches there and a soft coup with alledged assassination attempt in Pakistan happens.