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Nice, wonder if there are localised versions in other places

I would ask them for proof since it’s their argument. If they can’t prove it, don’t bother with them

The reason behind the deportations were that the Tatars were thought to collaborate with the Nazis. I understand that there were some that did and that something had to be done but I disagree with the way the deportations went. I don’t think that all the Tatars had to be displaced. I don’t understand why women, children and red army soldiers had to be relocated as well. And it doesn’t sit well with me that they couldn’t return until the 80s. I see it as a learning moment. To me, this doesn’t change much about Stalin, he had a positive influence on the world

Damn that’s a shame, even if she’s not an ML content like hers is essential to drive people to the left.

Dedollarisation is one of the few things that give me hope nowadays

Aren’t Pandabears in the wild rising in numbers again?

It’s funny they have an animal as a national pride that they are not even trying to protect.

There’s no proof of that yet, but wouldn’t rule that out

There were some weird comments on that post for sure, but most people were supporting Russia. They were just suspicious of people who uncritically support Putin

The sub is overrun by socialdemocrats and anarchists. I try to educate them but it’s so frustrating.

One thing I’ve seen is that even though the German government are liberals who are allied to the US, sometimes they seem to have glimpses of mistrust of this alliance.

I think the youtube trending page shows that most people on youtube are really young and watch content that they like. But sadly a lot of this content is questionable and they can’t watch it with a critical view. I believe people under 13 shouldn’t have social media accounts, own smart phones or computers because it’s just not safe for them and it’s not good for their development. After that they are free to do what they want as long as parents check up on them once in a while until they are like 15

I should’ve known Žižek was a lib, when people who call themselves leftist are popular with the media it’s always suspicious

Damn, I knew he was a lib, but I never knew it went so deep. Especially didn’t know about his opposition in Yugoslavia

I remember having a similar thought proces to this about AES states when I was close to being a tankie

I’m not even from North America, but my thought is an independent Quebec will divide North America further which will weaken capitalist and imperialist hegemony, especially if independent Quebec turns socialist. So I’m in favor

Definitely Costa Rica, the white stripes are too wide and the blue dot in the middle is meant to resemble the Costa Rican emblem

IF you vote, vote third party. Don’t give in to the two party establishment system

It’s terrible the fascists can take control without a strong left to challenge them

It’s just so sad that the communists didn’t win the revolution

The thing is that the people’s anger in Iran is completely justified, but sadly regime change would be a bad thing since the alternative is worse

The most important part is if the demographics of the sample are proportional, sample size is also important but secondary

What are some good YouTube alternatives that aren’t supporting Alt Right creators?
I want to upload my videos on another site as backup I've looked into Odysee but the owner has expressed joy on Twitter about Alex Jones and BabylonBee joining the platform. I don't know enough about StoryFire but a lot of questionable YouTubers like Keemstar are on there, but I will be open to this site if the owners are cool. Dailymotion's UX sucks so I won't use them again. If there's any other sites, let me know

That subreddit is filled with people who think the subreddit is making fun OF communists

Check out Liberation Theology. Not that the pope is part of that, since he isn’t that radical, but it’s Christianity interpreted to have an anti-discriminatory leftist perspective.

‘As long as the country wages war on its own inhabitants, it’s okay’

Lika ancient China was a bastion of free speech

Seriously, McDonalds burgers are terrible. I don’t know why people order burgers there. Burger King’s are better

And of course they see Saudi Arabia as democratic lol