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Ublock Origin seem to actually block a lot of stuff. I tried to open this on Tor which is more vanilla setup, then I can actually get into this monstrosity

I don’t know why all the bad stuff happening in recent years be the reason of the trend.

But I know that during the Battlefield 2043 release (2021), one of the trailer popularize the phrase “what a time to be alive”, to hype up the game, then I saw a lot of people saying it on twitter or making memes with that phrase.

I think the trailer is trying to say about what a time to be alive during this supposedly a great Battlefield instalment. The memes however, sometimes they also say it to mock silly stuff happening during the BF2043 lifetime, the game isn’t doing very well.

The “What a time to be alive” BF 2043 trailer:

I was bullied, but never physical. If I ever attack them back in physical way/punch, they would get physical too. Most are just insults in front of other people and making other people hate me.