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Some capitalist asswipe who’s about to admire that beautiful wall

God fucking damnit… Rationally there’s no reason why NATO should allow this, not least of all because of that rule about not having active territorial disputes, but when has NATO ever been rational

Honestly though, that was pretty based what the Queen’s body did, just die like that

Don’t forget delivering Lenin to Russia in 1917, accidentally based

Stalin was such a chad, it wouldn’t surprise me if this approach had worked for him

The KPÖ is the reason we are neutral, unfortunately they bacame kinda revisionist in the 90s, but still a better choice than all the others. They do good work, especially in Graz.

They did oppose EU-membership iirc when we had the referendum on it

Russia never held the city of Kharkiv so the Nazis can hardly retake it. I’ve also seen a funny video of the Ukrops carrying a border post around and then engaging in photo shoots with it for Propaganda purposes. They haven’t reached the border

Comrades, on this glorious day I am once again confronted with a rather common anti-soviet sentiment (at least it’s common where I live).
It's the thought that the Red Army raped its way through Europe. It feels like Nazi apologia, but I would like some hard historical evidence to disprove it. Can somebody help me with this? Thank you for your time, and have a nice Victory Day!