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My reddit account was so well established and I was banned from reddit for something I had said a million times before during the gzd ban festival.

The Ukraine has been dumping 10s of thousands of lives into defending this city, it is clear to everyone on both sides of battle that if Artyomovsk falls, the war shifts aggressively into Russian hands. The Ukraine has spilled far to much blood to lose.

Cuba is too hardened to foreign interference at this point I think. 50 years of constant attempted failed colour revs and coups makes people strong and firm in their convictions.

It’s always gotta be a conspiracy, when in reality, history has demonstrated that socdems are shit and evil enough without being secret sleeper agents lol now Pete Buttigieg, that guy is a fucking op.

I’ve probably shit talked him in the comments on there

I hate how well shot and scored that fucking show is, God I hate it.

Serious battle there and in Prechistovka, described as stubborn and rough fighting

My mother would have murdered me if I flew a fucking ROC flag anywhere when I was in college, this shit is lucky he’s still alive.

Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!

For The Homeland! For Stalin!

What a legend Seymour Hersh is, calling the US out on so much bullshit for like 60 years.

I know it’s about nukes but the Dead Kennedys song kill the poor always comes into my head around this stuff

The sun beams down on a brand new day

No more welfare tax to pay

Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light

Jobless millions whisked away

At last we have more room to play

All systems go to kill the poor tonight

Gonna kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the poor

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the poor

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the poor tonight

Behold the sparkly of champagne

The crime rate’s gone, feel free again

Oh life’s a dream with you, Miss Lily White

Jane Fonda on the screen today

Convinced the liberals it’s okay

So let’s get dressed and dance away the night

I have lived in two countries in the last three years and traveled 20k total miles and just got Covid for the first time late last week. Bummer.

I think this is fake, only source I could find is a single Twitter post.

Russians do propaganda as well, This is definitely fake. The source is some veteran guy.

No I do not think China is moving fast enough with energy transition, it my main criticism of Chinese energy planning.

I think I might propose to my partner, we’ve been together for 3 years, she loves living in different countries with me as I move around for work a lot, we have similar energy and are both Marxists, I love her dearly and think I’m ready to show that level of love to her.

Otherwise, I am writing a lot more, my therapist was right that it would help my depressive slump, been unmotivated and want to get back on track before I move to a new city.

Cheap ThinkPads sucks, all cheap laptops are garbage, it sucks, I worked in computer repair for a couple years out of secondary and 90% of the computers I fixed were cheap low-end, computers.

I only buy Lenovo, ThinkPads are the powerhouse of every company I have worked for. I love my Yoga at home and my Thinkpad at work.

He also was the guy that made richard nixon president

Realizing anarchism doesnt work in real time:

We’re all in local orgs and things like SRA, but national organizing around leaderless consensus was a terrible idea.

Leaderless organizing turns into popularity contests. The guy with buddies gets control. If it hadn’t fallen apart like this, we were still absolute fedbait and honestly this might have all been COINTELPRO shit anyway. Organize around ideals, theory, and use accountable committees

I have never wanted to meet a british man before.

its interesting seeing the widespread support on US twotter for an unautorized strike by the rail workers.
First time i have ever seen anything remotely like this, even on reddit there is a large group of people supporting a wildcat strike.

I'm not gonna say anything at all about the context behind this creation

Made a mistake
I made a mistake and went on /r/Ukraine today, they are literally all openly calling Russians "Orcs". Feels like WW2 propaganda from the NYT

The drones are apparently rumored to be copied USian drones. The Iranians may have managed to reverse engineer the US drones. Not 100% but

3 year old account with 45k karma, very specifically avoided doing anything bannable, haven't been on reddit in two weeks, came back to this this morning.